Click to see the Dallas Street Team bull ride!
anyone up for a bull ride?
meeting Eddie and his family
hanging out with Jeff before the show
meeting Jeff's wife and siser, Michelle and Joey
hanging out with the guys after the show
Tesla fans were crawling outta the wood was great to see so many fans there for Tesla. And even better meeting them. Most of the Dallas Street Team hung out the entire day. We had a blast and worked our asses off early in the day. We were handing out the flyers and stickers that we had made to people in line, to cars trying to park, and putting them on cars. When we went inside, we put them at the concession stands and T-shirt stands. The response was great!  It was an all day concert with eight or nine bands playing, so we got there early to promote our favorite band. Of course, that wasn't the ONLY reason we got there early...LOL. The day was miserable at the beginning, pouring down rain. But before we really even got started handing out the promo's it had stopped raining and the sun started shining.
more live shots
What can I say? This show was incredible as you will see from all the awesome pics here. There are pics here by Shane and Tracey....AKA SweetParadise and MakinMagic on the boards.  There are many pages for this event since the day was so full of activity.  I will add a little info to some of the pics when you click on the thumbnail. It was so damn cool meeting as many of you as I did. I hope I got your picture if we met. If not, and you have some you'd like to add or if you see yourself and I don't have your name there, e-mail me and I'll add them.
Now, THE EXPERIENCE!!             
We already had a little head start on the fun in the parking lot while we waited for the rain to stop and got our things together. But this was only the beginning. After we handed out as much as we could in the parking lot, we headed for the bar that's to the left of the will call window at Smirnoff Music Centre killing time while we waited for our passes  to get there. 
There was a mechanical bull where we were hanging out. This I thought was rather funny. My boyfriend, and I had recently talked about how people that aren't from here have such a funny image of what it's like in the "BigD" they expect to see us all wearing a cowboy hat and boots. It's not like that at all. Then I walk in and see this bull. I'm not sure if it's always there, but I have never noticed it before and I have been to many shows there. Someone had the idea of us all sitting on the bull and taking pics. That spurred on even more fun when Linzi decided to ride it! She did pretty good...and it looked so damn fun. How could I resist? I couldn't and I didn't.  So then it's my turn. I didn't do too bad myself. I don't think she ever rode one before and I know I hadn't. I was almost embarressed to admit how much fun this was! If I ever get the chance, I will surely go for it again. And if you ever get the chance, DO IT!
Finally our wait for our tickets is over, or so we think....
The Dallas Street Team had 10,000  flyers made that we handed out at the show. Shane really came thru for us on this one.
Street Team badges....our shirts weren't ready yet since the team
was still so new....
Tesla made an appearance at the KEGL stage. They sat and talked, signed a few more autographs and took more pictures. The guys at KEGL that I met were also really cool. When we were there, I asked him to ask the photographer on the stage to scoot over just a little so I could get a better shot where I was squeezing in thanks to a lot of kick ass fans who let me in front of them. They did me one better when the photographer took my camera and took a couple shots for me. How cool is that?
We were short one ticket. We were told at will call to go try to find Tesla's tour manager and talk to him. I thought, yeah right, ok. So we went where he told us not expecting to get anywhere like that. And much to our pleasure and surprise, we found him! I ran up to him, he not even knowing who I am, trying to tell him the story. He must have thought I was an absolute freak for running up to him like that when it wasn't even my ticket. But he actually listened to me and fixed the problem. For that I thank him from the bottom of my heart. And from here, the day begins to explode into a frenzy of fun.

While I am trying to tell him my story, none other than
Jeff Kieth comes strolling out from the backstage area where they load all their equipment. I'm looking back at everyone else to see if they see him and try to get their attention. Here I am trying to tell this story about being short a ticket, wanting to yank out a camera not knowing that JK isn't just passing by. He walks past me and goes over to where everyone is hanging out just across the parking lot street. He ended up hanging out with us for I'm not sure how long really, 30 minutes or an hour. He was really cool, laid back, and happy to take all the pics and autographs we could throw at him. What a great guy.
Shortly after,
JK's wife Michelle came out there. She was incredibly nice. I can't say enough about her ease with all of us out there. She seemed as into it all as we were. She didn't mind us taking pics of her either. It was really cool to have the oportunity to meet her.
Eddie, aka the TESLAWEB GOD, makes an appearance. He had his wife with him too. She was very friendly, and seemed kinda shy. Maybe we overwhelmed her. Hell, I certainly was overwhelmed by this point! Eddie's sister and her husband and children were also there. It was so cool to see how much support Tesla has behind the scenes.
the tic and the guest pass that JK signed....
After they leave the stage, we got to go hang out back stage. We waited for a while til they got out there, but not long. The first one to come back was Brian Wheat. He was really cool too. He stood there talking to us and doing the usual pics and autographs for us. And shortly after, the rest of the guys came out. They all were great to us and we were really taken care of considering they had to get to the airport about an hour after they left the stage. It was really cool that despite the major time crunch they were in that they still had time for us all. Troy was almost invisible, but not completly. We got one or two pics of him and I tried to get shots of him onstage, but it's hard to get a good one behind his drums. I got a few off to the side, but they look a little further away than I was hoping for. 
Tesla had to get to the friendly skies, JK's sister Joey came back there to see him too. She was the nicest person. I guess it must run in the family. She had her two precious children with her. Oh they were adorable. Her and JK look so much alike other than hair color. We got some really cute pics of them too. I'm sure it was hard seeing her brother drive off and not having more time to spend with him. And we were all there til the very last moment even after they left.
Tesla adventure for the day was done now, but never ever forgotten. I am so glad that Tesla is back together and doing so well. Just think, they are doing this well now and are just getting it back together...and there is no limit! I can't wait to see them again! Hope my wait isn't too long....
Tracey Moeller
Finally! Tesla is about to hit the stage. It's around five o'clock the end of June in Texas and Hotter Than Hell. My level of excitment now at it's peak, I'm ready for a show! Just like in February, Tesla rocked my world. Of course they opened with Comin' Atcha Live and added Freedom Slaves to the set list. It was somewhere in the middle of the set. Man, that song kicks ass anyway, but live it's awesome! And they performed it so damn good; like we'd expect anything different. The only thing that would have made the show any better would be to have them play longer. One of my favorite qualities about Tesla is their uncanny ability to sound just like they sound on the CD or even better. I thrive on the energy that Tesla produces at a show! Already I can't wait for the next show.
While the tickets they gave us were great seats, I  already purchased PITT PASSES!
The Dallas Street Team had 3,000 stickers printed....Tami, AKA NutBuster, was the person at work behind the scenes so to speak
Eddie, AKA the Teslaweb God signed this one....
The whole band signed this one....
Jeff signed this one....
Shane Reed
Introduction to the Dallas Street Team
Tesla on the KEGL stage and a few extras