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Hi, I've moved to, so please visit my updated site there.

Hi, I'm Ashwin and welcome to my place on the net -- The Coral Tree.

What's NEW!

[2002-03-10] Project pages of JMaya and TFTP are up.

[2002-03-09] A quick hack Linux How? is added to the Linux section. This is my personal collection of Linux FAQs, NSFAQs (Not So FAQs), tips, workarounds, solutions and such. I hope others also find it useful.

[2002-01-08] Started an activity log of my everyday doings. Abandoned the Tux log.

[2001-11-13] Cric Guru
A cricket player and team stats database

[2001-09-14] rLogin
Our 6th sem mini-project - a remote login implementation on Linux using socket programming.

[2001-09-14] Kala
A graphics editor Sachin and myself developed for our CG lab.

[2001-09-12] Stuff
A place to keep the stuff I've worked on.

[2001-08-29] Projects
Added a Projects page to keep all my college projects in one place.

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