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Rachel's homepage





Welcome to my finally updated Geocities Website. Although I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Myspace, I figured that it was about time to return to one of the first places that I began to establish myself online. Therefore, it prides me in actually getting around to updating this site.


I hope that if you are viewing this Website, it is because you know me, and you would like to know a little more about me. On some sites, it is impossible to list everything that there is to know about me, so this will possibly be the definite guide to yours truly.


If you want to get inside my mind, the best place to do that is on Myspace, or at my Windows Live Space. I will admit that as of lately, I have not been updating the sites as much as I could have. For example, when I started on the latter in June 2005, I was regularly blogging several times a week. Now, unfortunately, I am down to once a month, just because I am finding it hard to blog. If you are unable to read my blogs, and you wish to, please request access.


There is not much else left to say, but to invite you to look around. The links to the left are self-explanatory as to what you will find on each individual page.


Thank you for checking the Website out, and for spending part of your day with me. I appreciate it.