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The Corrs

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This a homepage about the irish band named The Corrs. The Corrs are:

Andrea Corr: voice; tin whistle
Sharon Corr: violin; background voice
Caroline Corr : drums; bodrhan; background voice
and Jim Corr: guitar; (sometimes) background voice

you could count Keith Duffy as well as an Corrs member! :o)

The Corrs grown up in Dundalk in Ireland.Typicly "Irish" is that every member of the group sings, plays and composes the songs.As the Corrs do too. The parents of the four were musicians so the Corrs grow up with a lots of music around them!Andrea explains:I suppose it was always our intention to become a band. I dont think there was ever anything else that we really wanted to do.

After Jim and Sharon (the older ones) sang as a duo in Ireland they took their two little sisters (Andrea and Caroline) in the group for acting in a movie in 1991

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