Ah, the Corrs. Where every day is a Robert Palmer video. Four foppy siblings glaming it up to the masses and assaulting those less than fortunate non deaf people with their blend of contemperary slash traditional Irish music. Oh yes. We all need to hear that. The Corrs suck. The Corrs fucking suck. Why do I care, you ask? Try working in a drug store and being forced to listen to a particular muzac station (bound by contract) who just happen to belt the popular "We are so Young Now" song out approximately seventeen times a day for the entire duration of your shift. Teetering on a ladder stacking cans of Chef Boyarde listening to three women and their gay brother warble "We are soooo young now, we are sooo young, soooo young now" is just about enough to push one over the edge. First of all, you fucking people are in no way young. You're pushing forty. So shut up. Second of all, so what? Who gives if you're "sooo young"? Go fuck yourselves! Please!

Too many of the world's Corrs suffer the debilitating effects of poverty and violence. The Corrs have the right to experience life with as much joy and hope as humanly possible. For just pennies a day, you can feed a Corr.

If you would like to talk amongst yourselves about how great The so young Corrs are, you may do so.
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