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Posted By: Smitty -----------------------------------------12 August, 2003
Welcome to da homepage o' da Corsairs o' da Red Tide!  Hope ye enjoy yer stay!

Dis here be Smitty!  I'm da one dat Commodore Gallows and Cap'n Hench put in charge o' keepin' ye red-bottomed scalleywags in line!

Make sure ye meet da
Crew and stop by at de ol' Siren's Lair Tavern, der's sure ta be someone der!... Well, dat may be a bit o' an exageration... But stop by anyway, ye blue-breasted sea turtle! 'Fore I throw ye to da sharks...

                                                                - Smitty
Da Charter!
Meet da crew!
Kick back an' have some ale!
If yer here, ye'd best be followin' da code...
Paintin's recovered from a shipwreck...
Tall tales on da High Seas!
Message in a Bottle
Any port in da storm... Dat is unless yer at dis port.... In dat case, you'd be at da best port in da storm.
Want to join?  We'll see....
Set sail to some other ports
Posted By: Smitty --------------------------------------2 September, 2003
Commodore Gallows has jus' announced an alliance between ourselves an' Clan  Blutige Steine.  We'll be protectin' dem (the Silberne Hexe Shipping Company specifically) and der shipments on da seas in exchange fer a share in da cargo!

Da Commodore's left de announement on da bulletin board at da
Siren's Lair Tavern.  So take a look at it, ye drunken' sea mongrels!