When  Love is a four letter word, went to air in February 2001,  I was  mesmerized and captured. Here was another shining example of   ABC drama that was intelligent, witty, trendy and had a message. 

In episode 12, I was so freaked out by what was happening I had to talk  to someone about it.
I looked for bulletin boards, fan sites, mailing lists, and I found very little. There was no fan sites at all for this show. I was surprised and a little shocked. There must be thousands of pages devoted to other TV series, so why not this one?

So in March 2001 I founded this site, it's accompanying bulletin board ( which has now moved) and mailing list. It was a labor of love that took some time,  but I have finally  come up with  something to fill  the void for fans of the series. This is a fan site- it is not the official site , or a stats site . There are a  few sites with details of the show, you will find more details on the page. I would like to thank the webmasters of these site for their commitment and hard work, without their information, there would be a lot less for us to look on . 

This site focuses on the story of the series, the characters and the actors that play them. It takes a brief look at the music that was an integral part of the series and the accompanying soundtrack. There are links to related sites and news articles and reviews about the series. 

 There are a few pics on the pics page- but I would love some more contributions. I am currently running a mailing list called pokie  kicking publican for those who would like to chat about the series. To help fans communicate I have also set up a bulletin board to talk about the current episodes. 

I have also included a fan section. At the moment it only houses my Leanna Walsman Worship page, but it has the potential for other profiles of LIAFLW actors, fan fic or anything else. 

Have a look around- and let me know what you think on the guest book. 


This site has no affiliation with, nor is endorsed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 
This is purely a fan site with no other purpose than to bring together those that love Love is a four letter word. 
Designed by Bronwyn Goodrich 2001

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