Gardening is my hobby.  I do not claim to be a professional or a master gardener.
The information on my webpages is from my personal gardening experience.
I live in zone 5b Canada

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Welcome to Country Roads Gardens & Crafts

Gardening - it soothes your soul, but makes your back and muscles ache.
©Crafty Gardener


~  Crafty Gardener's garden projects ~

hosepipe wreath
garden twirlers
wind chimes

~ watch for a new twirler pattern coming soon ~

marbles and wire ornaments
window danglers
mosaic stepping stones

living picture
living wreath

toad abode
fish mobile
gnome home


mini gazing ball plant poke
a gazing ball


a teacup feeder
tipsy pots 
retired tools

grape vine obelisk

flower press - so you can preserve your flowers

bootrack - to store those muddy boots


I belong to our local Freecyle group and have acquired many items that have been turned into garden art.
If you haven't tried the Freecycle network, check it out and find a group in your area.

Old items made into "garden architecture"

wheelbarrow planter
boot planters
tea thyme planters
recycled containers
old mailboxes - made into feeders
step ladder planter

Country Roads Gardens - my version of an Inukshuk

I created my own version of an Inukshuk from some old bricks left over from a brick pathway.



~ Crafty Gardener's needlework ideas ~

braided coathangers
covered coathangers
crochet covered coathangers

pot holder towel
towel holder ring

knitted sachets
stress bag
a round tuit

Guiding coaster
Guiding keychain
Guiding bookmark


Survival Kits fun to make and give

make a rainbow
a weather forecaster
a mini flyswatter

friendship tea
a grocery bag holder
 water bottle cover
stitch a trillium coaster


It's never too early to start Christmas crafting

~ Country Roads Garden enjoyment ~

Find out about ladybugs and how they can help your garden.

See the bluejays pick up their "peanut mail".

Lots of birds visit the summer garden.


Grow some upside down tomatoes.

Companion gardening What plants will help keep the bugs away?

Read a collection of thoughts and sayings.

Relief for sore, aching muscles after a hard day in the garden.

Composting - a wonderful way to get more soil for the garden.

Don't forget a survival kit for the gardener you know.

Friends are the flowers in the garden of life.


There was plenty of snow to make lots of snowpeople.


Lots of birds visit our  winter garden.

Winter pot


Gardeners know all the best dirt!


~ Plant profiles, seed pods, seeds ~

Many of the plants have printable seed packets and/or seed labels.

Saving seeds and seedpods will give you many seeds to plant in your garden next year.  Trading seeds with other gardeners provides you with new plants for the cost of a postage stamp.

The pictures on these pages will help you identify various seedpods and seeds and some tuber roots from flowers.  The plants are in no particular order.

Although plants need to be deadheaded to ensure continual bloom through the season you can always leave the odd flower to develop into a seedpod.  At the end of the season I leave all the flowers to dry out and produce seedpods.

Be sure all seeds are dry before you package them.  Store seeds in a cool location over the winter. Some seeds need to be stored in the fridge before germination.   When mailing seeds it is best to use a bubble envelope to protect the seeds as they go through the various postal machines.   You can buy packets of 100 mini zip lock bags from dollar stores to package and send your seeds in.

For a limited time I am offering free seeds to residents of Canada only.

~ Annuals and Bienniels ~

Apple of Peru
aka Shoofly

long blooming annual

Castor Bean
a tall annual

tall annual

colourful  annuals

4 o'clocks
colourful annual

a very pretty annual

a biennial plant

Hyacinth Bean Vine
annual vine

colourful annual plants

Money Plant
a biennial plant

Morning Glory
annual vines

 edible annual

colourful annual

a colourful spring plant

Scarlett Runner Beans
edible vine

tall annual

colourful annuals


~ Perennials ~

perennial spring plant

long blooming perennial

the friendship flower

beautiful blooms

magnificent tall plants

purple and white

shade loving perennials

beautiful tall perennial

perennial blooms

perennial plant

Rose Campion
perennial plants

long, lasting perennials


~ Bulbs, Tubers, Corms ~

grown from bulbs

beautiful annual plants

regular and garlic

Egyptian Walking Onions

Jerusalem Artichokes
see how tall it gets.

The parrot tulips
 spring flowers



~ Please sign or view the guestbook. ~

Sorry for the inconvenience of not showing an email address on my website.  I was getting lots of junk emails and unwanted emails.  If you would like to contact me, please leave a message or question in my guestbook and leave a valid email address.  I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Gardening ... just another day at the plant.



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