About Cross + Roads

Cross + Roads is an online Christian community dedicated to spreading the news about God, Jesus, and all the awesome blessings we've been given by God! We believe in the saving power of Jesus' death on the cross 2,000 years ago, that through his sacrifice we have been given the change to have new life in Heaven. We believe that by confessing our sins to God and asking him to forgive us through Jesus, that we can be saved. We believe that, once we believe, the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, changing our lives and helping us to live according to God's plan.

About the Webmaster

So who is the kooky kid in charge of this site, you ask? My name is Beth, and I am a graduate student in education. I love to read and write (fiction, poetry...websites...), and one of my biggest passions, aside from God, is animals. I love animals deeply and can't see myself living without at least 2 or 3 animals in my life! Currently, I am the proud "mom" to two lovely rabbits.

But how did you become a Christian? you may ask. Ah, so that's what you're curious about. Here's my story!

Most Christians talk about being "born again" and can remember exactly when and how they dedicated their life to Christ. I'm a bit different than that. I have always had the church in my life. I was raised a Catholic by two decent if not devoutly religious parents. We went to church every Sunday and on holidays and feast days. I was an altar server there for several years. I believed in Jesus, I believed in His dying and rising for us, but I never really got it.

When I got to high school, I discovered the internet. I saw how much information was there at my fingertips and was amazed. One day out of the blue I decided to search for "witchcraft," expecting to find information about the Salem Witch Trials. I was astonished to find that the results showed not only information about the Trials, but also that witchcraft as a religion is still alive and being practiced today. Intrigued, I visited many of the sites and was excited to find that magic was real. I grew up ready fantasy books and praying that unicorns existed, so I was attracted by the fact that modern-day witches use wands and broomsticks and other "magical" tools.

I'm sure you can predict where my initial interest took me. I became determined to join the "wiccans," a sect of witchcraft, and to worship the mother goddess. I'm not sure if I ever truly believed in the pagan deities; I do know that the element of wicca which interested me most was simply the act of conducting rituals and using all the tools. It was"cool."

However, the whole time I was practicing witchcraft, I was thinking about Jesus. I was scared of Him, because I knew I was disobeying Him. I was afraid that He would appear to me and condemn me. After a while, I decided that I wasn't cut out to be a wiccan, so I rededicated my life to God. Unfortunately, this wasn't permanent. My Christian faith was weak, despite attending church and Catholic school. I reverted to wicca seriously two more times, the most recent being this summer. I think that every time I slide back into it is when I'm getting bored. But every time I turned to wicca, I felt Jesus' call on my heart.

The past three years have contained both my best and worst spirtual times. After turning again to the false religion of wicca in July of 2002, I somehow found my way back to the Lord yet again. I am so grateful for His mercy in that. When I returned to school for the semester I began to get more into church and reading the Bible. However, towards the end of the semester I began to despair and turned to reading pornographic texts. I would say that this thankfully short period was my lowest spiritual point in life.

There was one Sunday when I had told a friend that I would meet her for church as usual. I woke up early that morning and decided to read some of my sinful book. Feeling disgusted with myself, I decided I wouldn't go to church. However, I eventually decided to put the book down and go. I am eternally grateful that I went to church that morning because I think that if I hadn't, I might never have gone again. That's a scary thought! After that day I threw away my book and got porn out of my life, except for one slip during the winter.

After that, I was off to New Zealand to study. On the first Sunday that I was established in my flat, I found a church that looked promising. I and a friend went (the same friend that I mentioned above). I never looked back! This church is hands down the biggest blessing in my life!! I have grown in the Lord so much since I first started attending 3 months ago. I love the way we worship there, and I love the music, and the people -- but most of all the church has led me to be a better Christian than I ever was before. It is because of this church that this website even exists, because through its revival of my dedication to God, God has placed a desire on my heart to call people to Jesus.

This church is alive for Christ as I have never seen any other church! The members of this church speak in tongues, prophesy, and faint in ecstasy when the Lord prompts them to. The Lord has even spoken to me through the pastor and a visitor one night when they were prophesying. Me! After how terrible I have been, after all my gross sins! I am so blessed and joyful in this church! The Lord even healed a man's elbow through myself and another! How amazing is that!! The Lord truly blessed me by leading me to this church.

Now I've been back in the U.S. for nearly a year, and my life has changed quite radically, and my faith has undergone some serious testing. When I returned to school in the fall, a silly misunderstanding with my two best friends (one of them being the girl who went to New Zealand with me) led to the dissolution of our friendships. I was devastated and plunged into months of depression. I felt disconnected from God and gave up on praying and reading the Bible. I tried everything I could think of to mend our relationships, but to no avail -- the relationship is over, seemingly for good.

Then I started going to church again. It wasn't the best church, but it was enough to start to get my spiritual life back on track. I became friends with many of my neighbors, and their humor and amazing attitudes helped me immensely. Since then, I've had spiritual peaks and vallyes -- currently, I'm at a low point, but all Christians go through them. I'm trying to get myself back into a prayer and study routine, and I go to church consistently. Most of all, though, I try to remember that it's not my trying that will save my soul, but God's mercy alone. Praise him for that, because without God's mercy, we would all be doomed. God is awesome!

Thank you for ready my testimony, and enjoy browsing through this site!