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Over the years I have started collecting pictures of championship rings. Some of the rings I have found are beautiful, some are gaudy, and some are just plain horrible. Also some of the rings are replicas and do not look as good as the original, so don't e-mail me saying "hey you have a bunch of fake rings on your site, can't you tell real from fake".
I have had some e-mails about the number of pop-ups that people are getting while at my site. I can help you out... go to and type in "pop-up program", this will give you a list of sites that have pop-up eliminator programs.
This update I just want to thank everyone who has helped me through the years with my web site... you all know who you are, everyone helps me out greatly by sending me pictures and encouragement. I usually don’t name names in a thank you because well… some people don’t want their name on the internet. One person who said it was ok to put his name on was Jeff. I can’t remember how many Arena Bowl and Arena Cup ring pictures he has sent me. So thank you Jeff and his wife Elise as well as everyone else that contributes to making my web site a great resource for championship ring pictures.
If anyone wants to find out more about me go HERE pages

Sept,27/03 National Wrestling Hall of Fame / Kurt Angle Tribute
Mar.23/05 Canadian Football League
Mar.23/05 Arena Football League
Mar.23/05 Arena Football 2
Jan,27/03 Xterme Football League
Oct,4/03 World Football League
Oct,19/03 United States Football League
Oct.17/04 World League of American Football
Oct.17/04 NFL Europe
Jan,27/03 CIAU / CIS pages

Sept.24/07 National Basketball Association
Sept.24/07 Womens National Basketball Association
Sept.24/07 American Basketball Association pages

Dec.31/04 National Football League
Mar.23/05 National Hockey League
Dec.31/04 World Hockey Association
Mar.23/05 Major League Baseball

If anyone ever finds photos of rings I don't have please send them to me.


I would like to thank these web sites for helping me find all the championship rings I have now. If it weren�t for them I would probably have like five rings all together. Also if you want to buy championship rings there are three good places to go, E-bay, T J�s Collectibles and Scott Welkowsky�s Sports Treasure Chest

Jostens (USA)
Jostens (Canada)
Intergold Ltd.
Tiffany Co.
Masters of Design
DCI � Diamond Cutters International
Sports Treasure Chest (Scott Welkowsky's Championship Rings)
TJ's Collectibles Inc.
JTP Jewelers
Awards Concepts rings
SOS AFC champs rings (Buffalo Bills) (United Kingdome)
Gordon International
J Jenkins Sons Co.

... to be continued

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