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It's tough times for Nintendo fans. The going was good a year ago when the Gameboy Advance launched successfully and the Gamecube was beating the X-Box worldwide. Things seemed to have returned to normal though with Gamecube in third place. A games drought three months into it's lifetime and killer titles taking a year to arrive contributed to low hardwear and softwear sales. Mario Sunshine didn't manage to capture an old enough audience to really boost sales at Christmas and by then the X-Box had caught up using the "cool" factor. Although Zelda made number 1 in the All Formats charts it fell to number 3 after two weeks due to it's cartoony graphics. As bad as it all may seem, Metroid Prime made a difference, especially in America and Europe! It is one title I always use to defend the Gamecube. E3 2003 showed strong promise for Nintendo with great games like Mario Kart, F-Zero GX, Star Wars: Rebel Srike, Resident Evil 4, etc, so we might just have some pride to look forward to. Until then, enjoy the site! (01/08/2003)
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REVIEWS: The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker
SPECIAL: Coming Soon is The Harry Potter Books. Watch this space...
All you need to know on what the Gamecube offers...
The Nintendo Gamecube
Tech Specs:
Clock Frequency- 485MHz (Gekko).
External Bus- 162MHz (Flipper).
Texture Read Bandwidth- 10.4 GB/second.
Main Memory Bandwidth- 2.6 GB/second.
Pixel Depth- 24-bit colour, 24-bit Z buffer.
Polygonal Graphics- 33 million/second (peak), 6-12 million/second including the actual game conditions with complex models, fully textured, fully lit, etc.
Graphical Effects- fog, anti-aliasing, 8 hardwear lights, alpha blending, virtual texture design, multi-texturing, bump mapping, enviroment mapping, MIP mapping, bilinear filtering, trilinear filtering, anisotropic filtering, real time hardware texture decompression (S3TC), real time decompression of display list, HW 3-line deflickering filter.
Sound Processor- custom Macronix 16-bit DSP.
Sound Clock Frequency- 81 MHz.
Channel Performence- 64 simultaneous channels, ADPCM encoding.
Sampling Frequency- 48 KHz.
System Memory- 40 MB.
Main Memory- 24 MB MoSys 1T-SRAM.
A- Memory- 16 MB (81 MHz DRAM).
Disc Drive- CAV System.
Average Access Time- 128 ms.
Data Transfer Speed- 16Mbps- 25Mbps.
Media (Disc Format)- 3 inch NINTENDO GAMECUBE Disc based on Panasonic's Optical Disc Technology, Appx 1.5 GB capacity.

The Games:
Nintendo have always been known for porducing some of the best in-house titles of all time. After all, what else could you expect from the company that produced some of the greatest gaming franchises known, such as, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, etc. The Gamecube doesn't disapoint either. Although still a relativly new console, the Gmaecube aready has many AAA quality titles such as Zelda: The Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, Starfox Adventures, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, the Resident Evil series, Eternal Darkness, etc. Plus the Gamecube also has many great titles coming on the future like Mario Kart: Double Dash, F-Zero GX, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Pokemon Colussium, Starfox 2, Soul Calibur 2, etc. The best part about the titles just listed is that they are all EXCLUSIVE to the Gamecube! Nintendo is also heavily supported by all the top 3rd party companies, for example, Electronic Arts (EA), Namco, Acclaim, Sega, Lucas Arts, Konami, Capcom, Squaresoft, Eidos, Activision, etc. This means that the Gamecube will recieve titles that are also avaliable on rival consoles (the Playstation 2 and X-Box) including the Tony Hawks games, FIFA games, Burnout, Timesplitters, Conflic: Desert Storm, Final Fantasy, Extreme G, James Bond, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, etc.
So to sum up, it is clear that the Gamecube has more than enough AAA titles to fight with agaist other consoles plus many of these are exclusive classics! On specially designed games, you can also link up the Gameboy Advance to the Gamecube so it can act as an additional hand controller, as an extra screen to play your game on and as a data transfer device between Gamecube games and Gameboy games! These points show why the Gamecube is the best console to own.
The Prices:
The console- 130 pounds (UK), includes the Gamecube, 1 controller pad, 1 AV cable, 1 SCART adaptor, 1 DC cable.
The Games- 40 pounds/game, 20 pounds/game on Player's Choice range (UK).
Memory Cards- Mem Card 59... 15 pounds, Mem Card 251... 30 pounds (UK).
Controllers- Standard... 30 pounds, Wavebird/Wireless... 50 pounds (UK).
Gamecube to Gameboy Advance Link Cable- 10 pounds (UK).