The Customer's Story
Have you ever felt like a nameless, faceless person in a crowd?  Then this is the site for you.  We want to turn you from just one of many customers into the person who is finally heard!
They say that the customer's always right. But how often is that really true?  Hmmm . . . maybe five times out of never.  Here's your chance to have people listen to your side of the story.

We want to hear your personal tale of woe and dissatisfaction as a customer.  We are gathering stories for a new book on how companies have truly failed the customer.  From rude customer service agents to checkers who won't listen, from callcenters that never connect you to the right person to store representatives that make you feel like the idiot, we want all of your stories.

We want . . . The Customer's Story!
Please contact us with your story!
Jim Reeder
Please send all stories both in the body of the e-mail and as an attachment.  Also, please include your contact information, so that if we choose to include your story in the book, we can contact you.
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