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Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all! Welcome to my little website. "You have come and we hope that all is well." I don't have much time at all to update this website, but there are quite a few pages to amuse you. If you've already exhausted the fun of these pages, please check back another time. Also, I would be interested in any feedback or points of a decent and constructive nature. Please use my e-mail address or the guestbook on this page.

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My Geography Information web page
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Read about my great interest in cycling and my cycling achievements.

See what films I like and read some personal film 'reviews'

Karate-Do Shotokai
Information about the karate style I trained in for four years.

Language learning
Check out sections on my language interests and learning languages.

My interests in Chinese and Japanese music.

Read some of the poems I have written.

Read about my interest in videogames and some of my favourite games.

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The special area for most of the amusing, fun, strange stuff! Bon apetite!
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A famous view of the earth from the moon- currently filling a space for me!
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