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Ufology Research of Manitoba

Image from video taken of a daylight disc near Lockport, Manitoba in 1995

Canadian UFO Research
Among the activities of UFOROM is the compilation of an annual survey of Canadian UFO sightings. This is done with the cooperation of UFO researchers, investigators and groups across the country and represents a major project to understand how the UFO phenomenon is perceived and experienced by the general population. Furthermore, it should be noted this project forms the basis for all speculative works in ufology ranging from alien autopsies, abductions, crash/retrievals and contact stories. It is my contention that if studies of basic UFO reports are not undertaken in an objective and scientific manner, then all the other, more elaborate and speculative efforts are of little value.

With this in mind, in the late 1980s, I began working with all known, active Canadian UFO researchers and investigators in the collection of UFO sighting data, producing an annual national survey of UFO sightings.

The main page for these annual surveys is here. Data, tables and the text reports are available thanks to the hard work of UFOROM associate Geoff Dittman.

Finally, I have added this link to an experimental survey we attempted in 1997. Since Roper and Gallup charge such astronomical fees for their services, I wondered if we could get volunteers in UFO groups across Canada to use a standard series of questions about belief in UFOs to poll people in their own cities or towns and then tabulate the data ourselves. The theory was that 20 people could do 50 respondents each and we could get a sample of 1000, in the ballpark for a good survey. (Or 10 people each doing 100 respondents.) Unfortunately, despite an enthusiastic endorsement by the entire Canadian ufological community, and great assent to help out and do the surveying, only one group - UFO*BC - actually participated in the survey with UFOROM, and we only got a fraction of the needed respondents for a scientific survey. Still, it was an interesting experience and we gained some good test data.

UFO Sightings Elsewhere Around the World:
Where are all the UFOs? Often, I get questions from UFO buffs and from media who say they haven't heard of any new UFO sightings. Well, here's a site that archives worldwide news stories about UFO sightings and reports: UFO Roundup
There are even UFOs in Russia

The Swamp Gas BLOG
Yes, after a long absence, the Swamp Gas Journal has returned, in a slightly different format. This is a pseudoBLOG, where I'll write about my views of ufology, drawing on personal experience, my almost 30 years of investigation and research, and also current cases and commentary: The Swamp Gas BLOG
An archive of issues of the original Swamp Gas Journal available online can be found here.

The Top 10 UFO Movies (and then some)
Here is a list of the best (and worst) UFO movies I developed at the request of a few people. Is your favourite in this list or its addenda? Top 10 UFO Movies

Other UFO-related Sites:
I can't include all my favourite sites or those which you might find especially useful, but here are a sampling:

Brian Vike's Houston, BC, UFO site that has become international in scope and contents
Alberta UFO Study Group
Haunted Hamilton (and elsewhere!)
Project Hessdalen
UFO*BC Index Page
Information (including photos and videos) about the results of UFO skywatches along Lake Ontario, and Orbwatch
UFO Phenomena in the Northwest Territories
How the "Alien Autopsy" Film was hoaxed
MUFON Minnesota
Saucer Smear (a ufozine for cynics)

Want to report your UFO sighting? I created a newsgroup called alt.ufo.reports for people to post their experiences and receive feedback. Unfortunately, idiots who don't read the mini-FAQ or the name of the group still tend to post their nonsense about channelled alien messages and argue about the reality of Roswell, chupas and other stuff. However, the traffic is still much less than other groups and you stand a better chance of actually having a UFO investigator read it! Most reports posted here are added to the ftp archive (see above).

If you are in Manitoba, you are invited to report your UFO sighting via e-mail here.
Anonymity will be respected.

Finally, you can find me occasionally on the UFO-related channels on IRC. Follow this link for information about the undernet #UFO channel.

If you want to know a bit more about me, click here.

If you want to know a bit more about UFOROM, click here.

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