27 August 01- Our computer is down so I will make this as brief as possible. I have been wanting to make this page for a while just to keep everyone informed of my status, I have been borrowing time on others computers to answer my mail as often as I can, so please be patient with me. We should be getting our "new" computer very soon now. I will keep updating and posting here. Hey Beth, give me a call, it has been ages. School will be starting soon so expect more updates then. Bye for now.
21 December 01- As many of you still know that we still have no computer at home. I have been using libraries and school as much as possible just to do regular stuff on line. I can nto wait untill Dad gets home sometime in Feburary. Mom will not get a computer without him dispite the fact that her teenage daughter would love one for her room as a Christmas present. (I can dream right?)  Well just a few updates for those interested, Field Hockey went well this year dispite a twisted ankle that keep me out for a week and a half. I am fine, that was 2 months ago already! We got digital cable and about 200 channels, what is a girl to watch. Time is short so I got to keep it brief once again. For all those poon hounds out there look for a new "secret" link on my page for a suprise. Huggs and Kisses
28 March 02- Wow I just realized how long it has been since I updated this page. Sorry for that people, I know that you are just dieing to know what's up with me, so here goes. First of all my grandmother passed away this Febuary and we went home for about 3 weeks for the funeral and a good visit with family. You don't get to be really close with your family when you move around every couple of years. Sometimes it takes circumstances like a death to get everyone together, kind of sad if you think about it. Second, I have a new man in my life. I will tell you all about him some other time. He is really great, lots of fun and for now it is pretty much just "casual sex" with no strings attached. That is a good thing for me right now. Next gor all those out there that have been looking for me on line (VQ and PU) I have started playing Everquest and hardly play any other RPG's now. Next month when I finally turn 18, and can get a credit card of my own I will open my own account so I don't have to share anymore. Graduation is just around the corner, and I have no big plans as of yet, which is typical for me, just a party gal. Well I think that is just about enough for you to digest for now. Love ya lots, Huggs and Kisses.
21 June 02- Ok, Ok I agree this page should be more properly titled Monthly Updates, or maybe even Quaterly. Obvious updates, I am a High School Graduate now and am over 18 years old, an official member of the next generation of the future leaders of this country. Ryan and I have become even more casual and see less of each other these days. We are both seeing other people and that is fine with both of us. (Although when neither of us have anything planed, the other is just a phone call away...) So with my current plans for the future I can now be offically called a "Freeloader". Waiting tables at 99 pays for things like gas and (soon to be) my own car insurance. Thank God for my Birthday last year, I don't think I could afford a car payment too. ther is usally enough mnoney left over for stuff like new shoes and that sexy pair of underwear every girl has to have. I am rambeling again, probably good for you that I don't update daily, you all would be bored to death!! Huggs and Kisses.