Carola Cemetery of Butler County

Larry and Wilma Daniels compiled this information in 1999 to aid anyone who might be searching for ancestors in this small rural cemetery. Their work included researching the cemetery itself, local records of the cemetery, newspapers and funeral home information. We are presenting the book that they put together on the following pages in its entirety.

We have taken the liberty to add links to all names in the cemetery listing which will open to a page on which the obituary of that person is located .These obituaries are written as found in local newspapers or other information as may have been found in the sources listed above. Keep in mind that this information is being repeated exactly as is. Some of the information in the obituaries and records is incorrect, but we have made no changes from the originals.

Larry and Wilma updates the information as it becomes available, and we will update this website as time permits.

Thank you for visiting, and may your search bear fruit.

Jack and Theresa Daniels

Carola Community History

Cemetery Listing A-J

Cemetery Listing K-Z


The information on this page is available for private use, any commercial use of this information without written consent of the authors is forbidden. Copyright 1999,2001 Larry and Wilma Daniels.