This site is for those that enjoy roleplaying games such as Dungeons and dragons, it contains drawings/maps/ideas etc of my own work, most of which relates to a IRC games I play.

it uses various sources trademarked by TSR, wizards, or whomever has taken over the company in the meantime, blah blah blah, copyright bad etc..

gnome wizard eye barmy Sigil bar
castle on cliff
stone bridge* circle maze tower trap
dragon fountain*
random dungeon level 2
random dungeon level 1 random dungeon level 3
rock ledge*
prison red dungeon
yellow dungeon
white dungeon
bar map (fireplace)* bar map (stage)* bar map (counter)*
stone bridge dragon fountain rock ledge maze wall ribcage
bar pic (counter) bar pic (stage)
bar pic (fireplace)
Dungeon tower
Slaadi prince
hopefully in time I'll add things like NPC's and quick scenes to drop into a game,
with plot hooks etc..

thats the plan anyway.  :)

I'd really like to put out game aids that could be printed out and used as floorplans for minatures, let me know what you think, what you like/dislike or would like to see..