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The Decrepits are from Augusta Ga, blah blah blah,  yackety, smackety.If you would like  The Decrepits to come play for you and yours, or if you want to be on our mailing list,  just e-mail us at:

Some Links (more to come)
Red Virus
Check out the intro.Hmmm, wonder who those hicks from mars are.
Punk in Belgium
Punk on the other side of the Atlantic.Can we stay at your house if we come over?
Inksters Body Art
Hands down the best tatoo shop in Augusta GA.Home of Allen, Tammy, and Chance, the bass player from The Decrepits.Check out their work before you let some goon screw you up.Ask about the painless Tattoo.
The American Pit Bull Terrier FAQ
A must read if you are considering becoming an owner.Everything you ever wanted to know about one of the greatest breeds
Adam's Pizza
Who knew Ethiopians made pizza this damn good.Oh, and his name isn't Adam.Confusing isn't it.
In Full Effect
Georgia Hardcore.Run The Capri Cinema.Don't mess with Big Chris.
If you have broadband, go for the new flash site.
The Independents
"All I need is a beer and a bucket."
The Unseen
Part of the UnixPunx orginization.Damn good live.
Site is back up.Great deals for you DIY bands if you donate.Site hosting, etc.
The Capri Cinema
Once a porn theater, now a great  place to play.
Entertainment from the darkside.Might we suggest Star Wars Gangsta Rap, under games and downloads.
The Georgia Music Hall of Fame
Ray Charles, Otis Redding, James Brown (Augusta's own),  Little Richard, The Allman  Brothers, Jerry Reed, and more.
Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles
Another Georgia band your mom will love
Reverend Horton Heat
Rock and roll at it's finest.One of the best live shows you will ever see.All meat, no filler.
The Firehouse Bar
Got to be a great place, because they sure put up with allot of our shit.Ask about the Eric Runyon theme song.
The Soul Bar
Don't think of them as the competition.Think of them as the people with 40's at the bar.