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The Delta Group
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This site is dedicated to my fallen brother Michael J. Fortsakis. Michael was also a co founder of The Delta Group Paranormal Investigators. Michael and myself started The Delta Group in 2001 and we both have extensive backgrounds in investigating the living. Mike and myself are both skeptics and believers. We both have/had many questions about the paranormal that no one can answer. We both have had paranormal experiences ranging from a class one haunting to a class three haunting. Our investigations have taken us to many places and we have seen so many things that could not be explained! Michael passed on April 29,2002 and leaves behind two wonderful children and family and friends who love and miss him dearly! Michael will always be in our hearts. I will continue what we started to do! Continue our research on the paranormal.

Michael J. Fortsakis 1964-2002

The Delta Group is Back up and Hunting once again! Tony - 2007

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