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I am the Design King
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Welcome to my internet multi-media web page.  i am the design king and I have worked with the largest companies on the planet.  All of my work is still used and the companies I do work for always increase sales and prosper.  Graphics design is my tool. I will soon showcase my finest work (which is all of it) on this site.  stay tuned for updates...

I was talking to True is True the other day and he was goin off on some map shit and I was like whoah!  Slow down dog! My work has been all around the world and back, I'll school you.

So, I met this other designer last week to talk about our work.  I told him that I was into multi media graphics and he was like, yah man!  And That's going to be my first commercial multi media graphics job for this company. I think he said their name was eyekia or something.  I will be glad to do another thing than posters and brochures.

I look at graphics from a different angle than most other people on the interweb.  they say my pages look ugly sometimes, but I know that they are wrong because my advanced neurons know which connections to make, you know?
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Name: Kyle Ofsin
Email: thekingofdesign@yahoo.com
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