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WARNING: Please Do not Enter this Site If one of the following applies to you :WARNING
1. You like any boybands such as N'sync
2. You can not say your ABC's without singing the song
3. If you Sereously think that Blink 182 did not sell out
4. If you find the picture bellow to be Attractive
5. If you Cheat on your signifigant other phyisically or Emotionally (B.K.R.)
6. If you think Green Day turned Wussie (Cause they didn't)
7. If your looking for good grammer and spelling in a website
8. If your looking for a useful website
9. If you don't like the first Nintendo Entertanment system
10. If you own a shirt that says Princess or Angel
11. If your a Racist
12. If you label yourself at all like "I am Punk Rock"
13. If you don't like good music
15. If you don't like bad music such as "The Devoted"
16. If you didn't notice that there is no Number 14
17. If you are still reading these