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To my humble photography place.
I dedicated this page to my photography portfolio. I display some of my portfolio here for pleasure viewing. Please find the links to the online photo pages. 

If you have comments or enquiries please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail.

Gears List:

  • D1x - 5.5m Pixel Digital Body

  • AFS 17-35 ED f2.8

  • AF 60 f2.8D Micro 

  • AFS 70-200 ED f2.8 VR

  • AF 50 f1.4D

  • TC-20E II Extender

  • SB 80DX

  • SB 50DX

Last Update on Online Portfolio:

SACA Road Race 6 - 13/12/2003


Self Portrait
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Name: Thedi David