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Who Was I

I was once known as the eighth child, aka the mystery girl to most fans and I was much of a mystery. At first I was just one of those innocent bystanders, you know just standing there, and doing nothing apart from just living out my life like a normal girl would then watching my brother and his friends fight against such evil with their partners but my life changed when I found out that I was going to have a change in destiny, one that I had to be well prepared for.

My destiny was clear, I got my own partner Gatomon, and I helped to save the world, although my way of doing it made me a bit unusual. I used the light with inside of me as a guide to fight against the darkness, and I was able to make contact with spirits whereas the others could not. So I had the most unusual of abilities, but you have to admit, it was well worth it, not to mention fun. I made a vow to meet Gatomon again soon, and she was surprised when I said "Yep, till the next time". After that, I returned to my normal life, for a few years.

Who I Am Now

Today, I am a lot older and more wiser than I was back then. Gatomon and I are still together as partners, although I have changed greatly. I now have a boyfriend, who is older than me by a few years, but I love him deeply and he loves me so much he goes to great lengths to prove it. One of my best friends, Saria and I are really close, in more ways than one. We were both surprised when we were able to become one together, but that's another story which would take too long to explain. I still go to school but I am trying my very best to get into college; I don't know what career I'll take, but with what I've been through, I have one already.

Hi, I'm Kari, or Hikari if you were in Japan as that's my Japanese name.

Things that I have accomplished in my life so far.

  1. Been able to save the world several times.
  2. Got to travel to many exotic places and get lots of pictures too.
  3. I have found true love.
  4. I was able to become one with one of my best friends.(We call this DE, but it's basically a fusion)
  5. Was able to finish my schooling and still able to move to the next grade despite all that was going on.
  6. Having a great personality.
  7. Lastly, finally understanding what my powers really are. I owe a lot to my friends and my brother for showing me this, especially Saria.

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