The company Minds@Work is no longer in business.

This site contains no information on Minds@Work company and is not run by them.

This site was created so that the current owners of the DigitalWallet and MindStor can gain access to the latest drivers, firmware and manuals. All of the  manuals have been moved to a Yahoo Group. You will also find the Mac format drivers there as well.

This has been done because this site can not support the number of downloads without going off line for up to a hour at a time.

A Yahoo User group for users to help each other is now up.

Links: DigitalWallet Files:
TheDigitalWallet Yahoo Group
Firmware 2.11 (zip file)
MindStor Files:
Windows Drivers
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Firmware 2.41 (zip file)
Series 1700 Manual
Series 1800 Manual
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Email: thedigitalwallet@yahoo.com
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