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This site is provided as a service to friends and family. It has links to numerous stores that are professionally managed. Please click on the store links below or see more information below. If you aren't sure about buying from these stores, just try a link and you will be amazed.

All profits go to charity. We will set up polls quarterly to vote on which charity should get the proceeds.
Travel Related Products (luggage, cameras, converters, portable audio/video, binoculars, travel books/videos)
Gifts (Books, movies, music, flowers, magazine subscriptions, frangrances, fuit/gift baskets, watches, gourmet (OmahaSteaks), executive, home & garden, children's, electronics, collectibles)
Books/Movies/Music (video games, books, movies, music, electronics)
Electronics (TVs, VCRs, DVD players, Camcorders, home audio, portable audio/video, phones, cameras, car/mobile, computers, home appliances, home office, A/V accessories)
Wellness (medicines, fragrances, nutrition center, beauty aids, personal care, magnetic therapy, home medical, fitness, sports medicine, books/movies/music)
Sports (baseball/softball, golf, camping, boating, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, fitness, entertainment, medicine)
Toys (arts & crafts, beanie babies, creative learning, games & puzzles, classics, infant/toddler, video games, musical instruments)
Simply click on one of the categories above and it will link you to that store. You may notice some overlap, this is because you can shop one store at a time only.

Why should you buy from here? Well, this site is managed by me and the fact that you are here means that I know you or a friend or family member knows you. Thus, you can be assured I'm doing all I can to make sure your purchases are secure and most importantly, a great value. Plus, all the commissions from sales of the products will be donated to charity. Finally, a place to buy what you like, at low prices, and help a cause you believe in (we'll vote on them quarterly).

I find most of the products here to be at an exceptional price. You will find brand names so don't worry about generic items. In fact, try clicking on one of the links - you'll be impressed - really.

Another factor to lend credibility to this venture... although I manage the stores and make sure you see the products you are interested in, etc, these stores are professionally managed by another company. You will notice "Fulfilled by VSTORE" in several sections of the stores - so you can be assured there is an entire company behind these purchases.

Still need more assurance? Contact me via email at:

I will post comments of buyers on the site so you can identify someone you know and perhaps that will also help in making this a truly FRIENDS AND FAMILY PURCHASING CENTER. That's all the goal is. Enjoy.

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