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Lost Sounds Memphis is dead
This stuff sounds like background music for video games from the 80’s!

The Mistreaters Grab them cakes
Lo-fi, raw vocals probably thru some cheap amp or even a wah pedal or something or probably thru some Radio Shack mic! It kinda starts of as reminding me of The Hookers minus the cocaine-induced force of the rocknroll locomotion. Not too many guitar solos as I look for that kinda shit! Fuzzed out guitars and bass, but not too garagey, just rocked out lo-fi as you want ‘em!

Seven Hearts Mots de faux coeurs
Former members of the Richmond band, The Halfways. I’d recognized some of the names on the back! This stuff was recorded at Cybersounds which was the name prior to Steveland Studio in Chesapeake, Verginya! Lux Interior soundin’ vocals! It’s a mixture of different things on this cd! I don’t quite know how to describe the music and I don’t wanna like totally dog the shit outta it! It’s not Rock, because it doesn’t! It’s not punk, because, well, it just ain’t! It sounds like shit that comes outta Richmond! Ok, that’s safe to say, Richmond soundin’ shit!

Baseball Furies Greater than ever
As opposed to what? > ever! Yes, that’s what it means! More lo-fi garage rocknroll! Fast songs! Guitars probably played thru wah pedals to give a fuzzed out guitar sound! What the fuck does baseball have to do with Rocknroll? I don’t know why the fuck the back of the CD says ‘Side 2’?!?! What? Was I suppose to flip the fucker over and try to play this fucker like Austin Powers or something!?!?! WTF!?!?!

Sweet J.A.P. Virgin Vibe
Ok, after reading some shit on the cd, they are Japanese! Sweet Japanese American Princess! Fast Japanese Lo-fi rocknroll ala Guitar Wolf! Pretty much Guitar Wolf on a shittier label!

Radiobeat Compilation V. 1
24 bands of rocknroll, punk, with such bands as the B-Movie Rats, Stupor Stars, Nervous Shakedowns, and 21 more, do the fuckin’ math!

I actually got to see this band live! And if you pronounce the band’s name backwards, it spells, TUMS! That’s pretty much what I needed because I had enough of this crap! I left like 3 songs into the set!

The Blowtops Blackstatic
Geezus! I’m now convinced that anybody in this fuckin’ world can sound like shit and have a cd!

Trailerpark Tornados Mata al contacto
Lo-fi punk rock ala Spider Babies!

The 7-10 Splits Yard Sale
Starts off like The Offspring/NoFX! This should’ve been on a bigger label like Epitaph! A band that should or is probably on the Vans Warped Tour! I can see kids skatin’ to this or bowling for that fuckin’ matter!

Let’s have some God damn fun! Various artists
It’s a New York City 2005 compilation of various bands such as Andy G. & The Roller Kings, The Plungers, The Little Killers, ok, those are the only bands I know on the comp, but I’ve heard of the other bands here and there, somewheres! There are 16 bands this comp and it seems to flow pretty good! Not bad!

The B-Movie Rats I-94 LIVE
What happened to these guys? They fuckin’ rock! I’ve seen ‘em live and they put on a great show! This live recording is pretty good! Loud guitars and solos are awesome! Lotsa energy! Hey, there are 2 cds here! Nice! Live 98 and the other one is 10/17/99! I personally like the ’99 one better! I got to see ‘em in 2001!

The Candy Snatchers Ugly on the outside
A Roulette Records release outta Holland! A compilation of singles and shit! All I’ve gotta say is ‘Can someone give Serge a drum key?’ I’ve always had respect for his drum playing! Hey, he’s been on alotta Nightcaps and Snatchers releases that fuckin’ rock! Anyways, if you ain’t got the vinyl, some of it is captured here! And if you ain’t got a turntable, this will have to suffice!

Turbonegro Live Bizarre Festival August 17, 2002
This band is probably one of the best bands to come outta Scandinavia since ABBA! A cool live cd of mostly ‘Apocalypse Dudes’ on it! It’s great!

The Kids Living in the 20th century
Pretty cool to finally hear the original version of ‘Do you wanna know’! The Kids’ third album. The first 2 were very punk! This is more pop punk! Not bad from Belgium!

Nutley Brass The Misfits meet the Nutley Brass
This is when you know you’ve made it! The Nutley Brass doin’ yer songs by way of instrumentals. It’s like Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass doin’ these songs. When yer songs are converted to elevator/dental office tunes, then you’ve definitely made it in the music biz!

Yum Yums Singles ‘n’ Stuff
This is some powerpop with members of the Vikings and Turbonegro! Scandinavian powerpop, Norwegian style! The singer must’ve been the singer who sang some songs on the Vikings recordings. He has a good voice! This is a great collection on cd of the singles and shit that was never released before! This is great! Just never quite caught on to the US like Turbonegro. Still pretty damn cool!

Special thanks to Ritchie @ Screaming Apple, Jim @ Underground Medicine, Tim @ Sonico Records.
Yum Yums Blame it on the boogie
CHEAP TRICK! CHEAP TRICK! CHEAP TRICK! These guys have gotta be Cheap Trick fans! The Norwegian version of Cheap Trick! Awesome stuff! Morten Henriksen was the pop guy in The Vikings and proved it with the Yum Yums even more so! Great voice! Rubinoos sounding vocals! Great stuff! Powerpop Norwegian-style!

Sin City Six Tonight, tonight
This is pretty much a 45 with the Pleasure Fuckers minus Kike Turmix on vocals. Lo siento, Kike! Sin Ciudad Seis es mucho keeler! Just as I remembered them! I had the fortunate opportunity to play with these guys and Norah when they came to the US! They fuckin’ rocked as did this 45! It was good to hear them again! Even though this record was from ’99! Geez, I’m outta the loop! It rocks, baby! KIKE RIP!

En Espanol:
Sin Ciudad Seis Tonight, tonight
Es mucho 45 con Los Pleasure Fuckers minus Kike Turmix a la vox. Sorry, Kike! Sin City Six is very killer! Yo conocer los! Yo jugando con los y Norah en Estados Unidos. Los MOTHERFUCKERS rocked y la 45! Es bien escuchamas los! El disco es a la 1999! Yo estoy el loopo! Es ROCKS, nino!

Dean Dirg 26 kicks to make the whole world pay
This band outta Germany kinda reminds me of the band, The Crumbsuckers slash Supercharger! Sounds like a Fender Tele thru a Fender twin! It’s got that overdriven twang sound and quick songs! Not bad!

John Lee Hooker The Very Best of
C’mon! ‘Boogie Chillen’, ‘Boom, boom’, ‘Dimples’! Need I say more?!?!

Junior Walker & The All-stars The Ultimate Collection
He did songs I’ve heard all my life, but never knew who did the songs. The real R N B! Rhythm and blues! 50’s and 60’s style! This is the real shit! NOT R AND B! Steve Winwood tries very hard to sound like Mr. Walker!

Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom and you
Dictators ruled the 70’s! He needs to rock the afro!!!

The Mono Men Wrecker
Estrus Garage rock! It was cool in the 90’s!

Not the Same Old Blues Crap Various Artists - Blues - Modern/Electric
This is a comp with Fat Possum, whoever he is, GOOGLE! Along with other real bluesmen: R. L. Burnside, and others!

Paul Revere & The Raiders Greatest hits!
YES! ‘Just like me’, ‘Kicks’, and many others! Just listen!

The Quadrajets When I lay my burden down
I played with these guys back in the ‘90’s with the Candy Snatchers and the Phantom Creeps! Man was I drunk! I can’t even remember that show! But these guys have a garagey/rockabilly attitude from Alabama!

The Royal Pendletons Oh yeah, baby
New Awlins garage band! Kinda Cramps-y! They do a cover of the Downliners’ sect, ‘Glendora’!

The Sunday Drunks On the prowl
Texas garage rock! Ex-Mullens!

The Talking Heads Popular Favorites 1976-1992 Sand in the Vaseline 2 cds
< ‘Burning down the house’ and other songs I saw on the tv that I recognize! The rest is stuff that I don’t recognize!

The Bloody Tears Downhanded
Wow, who are these guys? Kinda like a modern day Wailers/Lyres! They do an Up cover! Another Tejas band! Wait, Tim is from Texas! Oh yeah! Not bad stuff!

The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968
The real Rhythm and Blues! Rhythm and blues before people got lazy and called it ‘R and B’! This is the real shit!

Wanda Jackson Queen of Rockabilly!
She is! No other chicks were! She was! She’s still alive, I think! Well, there were other chicks, but they weren’t that really known! Wanda was, I mean, is! Let’s have a party, motherfuckers!

The Resinators demo
These guys remind me of vocal sounds of Steve Miller from Electric Frankenstein! Pretty much a more rocknrolly EF! Pretty rockin’!

Murder Punk V. 1
Raw Aussie punk rock from the 70’s and 80’s with such bands as The Scientists, The Chosen Few, The Psycho Surgeons, etc! I had this compilation many years ago! I remembered that it rocked! As well as V. 2!

Murder Punk V. 2
Raw Aussie punk rock from the 70’s and 80’s I believe! Hot bands like The Fun Things, The Scientists, The Victims, etc!

Story of Sonico Records
Every single release by Sonico Records with Cheerleader666, The Drones, The Deloreans, Blowchunks and many more! Pretty cool stuff!

This Damn Town Demo
I think these guys are from Texas! They kinda remind me of a garagey Offspring!

Hotrails demo
I don’t know what to make of this Tejas band! They kinda remind me of Dgeneration with less of a glammy and gutsy guitar touch! That kinda stuff! It’s pretty cool!

Asteroid B-612
I got 2 tracks on this cd from Tim. I think these guys are from Australia. The 2 cuts that I’m reviewing are: ‘Straight back to you’ and ‘You know I’ll never be good’! The stuff reminds me sorta like the Sons of Hercules and the Sunday Drunks! They don’t really sound like an Aussie band I can think of! Good stuff

Bubblegum classics
Yes, ‘Yummy, yummy, yummy’! How can you go wrong?!?! I love this stuff! There’s also 1910 fruitgum co.’s ‘Indian Giver’! Crazy Elephant’s, ‘Gimme gimme good lovin’! ‘Chewy, chewy’! Yes!!! And The Sweet’s, ‘Funny, Funny’! There are more songs, but I don’t know who did the songs! We’ll I know some of them, but I don’t feel like writin’ about them! This is pretty cool!

Class of 69 recording session
These guys are from Texas! Tim’s band! They went into the studio and cut some covers and some originals! They are a 60’s garage rock band which did some songs like ‘Route 66’, ‘Time won’t let me’ and some others! Pretty cool sound!

Black Jax
Ok, the next 2 reviews are bands I never heard of due to the fact that they were from the west coast and I’m from the east coast. That’s not a bad thing. They had their scene and it was just in a different location. I’m gonna dissect this cd from each track so I can clearly understand what this band was all about.

Track 1: Hanging out. Starts off with guitar lead intro, kinda reminded me of some pop song, I don’t know and then it comes in with some Stiv Bators sounded vocals. Very raw sounding stuff.

Track 2: Wrong side of the tracks. Yer basic 50’s progression. This song kinda reminds me of The Cars, The Shoes, etc. with Stiv vocals of course!

Track 3: Mine all mine. More upbeat sounding song with a locomotive drum beat. The little guitar leads remind me of some UK sounding stuff and then it goes into a regular rock lead!

Track 4. Young blood. I thought this was a Billy Childish song at first. Or even a Coasters’ song. I love the guitar licks which are very simple and sound really cool.

Track 5. Fooled by a pretty face. Okay, these guys are reminding me more and more of a faster Ramonesy type/Victims (NYC) from the 70’s. I like this song!

Track 6. Summer sun. This kinda reminds me of the Clash, but faster.

Track 7. Holly. Yes! A song about a blow-up doll named Holly! ‘My blow-up dolly, Holly!’ Nice!

Track 8. Final ride. As I listen to this more and more, it reminds me more of the Clash with the backup vocals as well as the cool guitar licks.

Track 9. Growing pains. Lotsa drum rolls and 2 guitars! And the rawness of this recording! Very cool!

Track 10. Tuesday. From here on out, it’s bonus tracks! Even more rawer! Is that a word?!?

Track 11. Young blood. (alt) Kinda reminds me of Cheap Trick’s, ‘He’s a whore’! Pretty cool!

Track 12. Roaches (instrumental) Cool instrumental! Need vocals! Could’ve been a rocker!

I don’t know where Willy found this band, but it’s one of those that needed to be heard. I’m sure there are many other bands from the LA punk scene who just don’t have records at all. Check out! This is where I got this cd! All in all, I think this band is very cool with what I hear alotta early Clash/UK influences as well as 70’s US powerpop ala Boston and everywhere else as well as The Dead Boys/Ramones and NY punk!

Shock + The Silencers
The first 9 tracks are Shock and the next 7 songs are The Silencers. It’s a split cd with 2 bands and one member who just so happened to play in both bands. Pretty cool! The opening track reminds me of UK punk with the gang backup vocals. The stuff kinda reminds me a little of the Undertones, the Zeros, and in some ways via guitars, The Real Kids. That’s what I hear. Listening to these 9 tracks, I’m wondering if there’s more stuff out there.

The Silencers were a band by which the singer just so happened to be one of the band members’ girlfriend. She was like the last resort for lead singers and she workt out! This stuff reminds me of the X-ray Spex and the Avengers. I especially love the sharing of vocals between the lead singer and I’m sure, Steve Reina who was in both bands! I don’t know if either of these bands were on the DIY cd comps back in the early 90’s, but if not, they should’ve been!

Special Thanks to Willy@ for the review material!

Devil's Rumble: The Davie Allan & the Arrows Anthology ~ Davie Allan & the Arrows
Davie Allan RULES!, February 11, 2005
It's about gotdam time this came out on cd! Geez, it's 2005!!! Finally, I can hear this stuff on cd! I've had this material on vinyl, but not all of it! I've had friends who are collectors and only listened to this stuff! I've heard alot of their stuff in 60's movies usually in biker movies! It's great driving music when yer being chased down the street by the MAN! Go get it! Fuzzed out Ventures/Link Wray! It's like they are the Psychedelic Ventures playing Mosrites thru Mosrite fuzz pedals in the style of Link Wray! The Ventures on acid! This rules!

Shout!: Northwest Killers 1964- 65 (Vol. 2) ~ Various Artists
Pacific Northwest Killers!!!, February 11, 2005
I think this volume was alot better than Volume 1. This volume had more vocal songs, hence, SHOUT! Still, some great songs from some unknown bands of the mid-60's!

Electric ~ Cult
The only CULT album that mattered!, February 4, 2005
This is a rocker! Stealing riffs by the Stones sometimes sounding like 'Start me up' in so many ways! But with the driving guitar from the man, Billy Duffy and his sanded down Gibson Les Paul Custom! I saw them live and when they did cuts off this album, they were fawkin' great! This is a killer album! One of the best of the 80's!

Fully Unleashed: The Live Gigs ~ Cactus
Cactus LIVE!, February 4, 2005
How can you go wrong with the world's best rhythm section from Vanilla Fudge, Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert? And Jim McCarty on the gits from Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels? This is some great early 70's rock! Playin' some great covers of Little Richard, Ray Charles and other blues covers in their own rendition! This band had mucho energy!

All Shook Up ~ Otis Blackwell
Anybody named Otis has got to be cool!, February 4, 2005
How many Otis' do you know? How many Otis' do you know that rock? Otis Redding was the man! Did you know Otis Blackwell was the man, too? He helped write and co-write songs for Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis! Imagine that! Well, this cd contains all the hits that he wrote for these guys, but they are played like 20 years after the fact with a good backing band! Real great stuff!

Teenage Shutdown: Jump, Jive and Harmonize ~ Various Artists
OH MY GAWD!, February 4, 2005
60's garage rock is where it's at, was, is, yes, this rocks! Great blue-eyed soul and rhythm and blues before it became crap called 'r&b'! Garage punks unknown! I've only listened to the sound links provided, but I've been looking for these songs due to the fact that I've had the vinyl copies of reissues in Pebbles, Nuggets, Garage Punk Unknowns, etc. This is some raw rockin' stuff! This has to be one of the BEST COMPILATIONS on AMAZON!!!

Buzzcocks: Live DVD
The BUZZCOCKS RULE!, January 10, 2005
Alright, I'd seen this show on VHS back in the 90's! It was really good! And as you may have known at the time, the last show with the original lineup! Well, the first to go was the drummer, John Maher. One of my all-time favorite drummers! He looked really bored playing the drums on this show. But the show was really great! Good footage! If I remember correctly, somebody threw a roll of toilet paper on John Maher and he kept playing as he was tryin' to remove the paper! Great band!

Choad Blast EP ~ The Devil Dogs
Nu YAWK ROCKNROLL!, May 4, 2004
Rocknroll from the best of NYC has to offer! This is an EP of live songs that will rocknroll yer party, yer car, whatever you rocknroll with!!! This is what a Powertrio is all about! Radiobeat!!!

The Mullens Go where the action is
Someone said the Horehounds sound like these guys! I don’t hear it at all. I think these guys are the pre-Sunday Drunks from Texas. These guys are more of a garage rocknroll band! They remind me of a more garage-y Sons of Hercules! Wait, aren’t they both from Texas? Wait, aren’t they both on Get Hip! Amazing fuckin’ grace!!!

The Rolling Stones Just another mad, mad day 2 cd
I’ve never heard of this compilation, but it’s got live versions of their songs from the 60’s! Some good and some really bad! It’s cool to have though!

Angry Samoans Live At Rhino Records
Yes, finally some live material by these guys and they do ‘Commando’ a Ramones cover! Awesome!

Jack Starr
This guy played some rockin’ rocknroll/rockabilly from the 50’s in the vein of Hasil Adkins! Raw shit!

Husker Du The living end Live
I was never a big fan of these guys! I’ve always seen Husker Du T-shirts all throughout the 80’s and shit and I never knew what the fuck the band was all about! Not bad! Some live rockin’ stuff!

Yellow Payges V. 1
Some kick ass 60’s garage/psychedelic! Anybody who can effectively play some wah pedal is cool in my book!

Upper Crust The Decline and Fall of the Upper Crust
I don’t know what to make of this stuff! UK rock in the vein of glam and wanna be AC/DC! It was alright! The singer almost sounds like that chick from the Bellrays!

Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker The Best of Hooker 'n Heat
John Lee Hooker backed up by Canned Heat! This stuff was pretty good! I love the upbeat stuff! The bluesy slow stuff just kinda gets old! But it’s cool!

Various Artists: Teenage Shutdown: Howlin' for My Darlin'
These 60’s garage compilations fuckin’ rock! So does this! Why? Well, because I’ve heard so much of these songs by other bands of today and finally I can hear the original versions! They fuckin’ rock!!!

Sunset Bombers s/t
I’ve never heard of these guys! I guess this was a band from the 70’s! Punk rock! Kinda reminds me of the Hollywood brats!

Master's Apprentices Complete Recordings 1965-1968
I’ve never heard of these guys as well! Great rockin’ garage rock, then it gets psychedelic at times! Not bad!

New Colony Six Breakthrough
These guys are one of those bands you’ve seen on 60’s garage compilations such as Nuggets and Pebbles! Poppy-garage sound!

The Zeros 4-3-2-1
I don’t think this is the same Zeros I know, the ones who used to be called the Main street brats back in the 70’s! I think this is a totally different band! A glammy LA band, not to be confused with the 70’s punk band! I’ve seen this cd many times and always found it kinda confusing! The American Hanoi Rocks in my book!

New York Dolls Actress: Birth of the New York Dolls
Pre-Dolls! Pre-Johansen! Pre-Sylvain! Johnny Thunders on the vox and gits, Arthur Kane on bass, Rick Rivets on guitars, Billy Murcia on drums! Most of this stuff is very raw and recorded with one microphone! This is what the New York Dolls sounded before Billy Murcia died, well, he died when he was in the Dolls! But this is raw, unproduced, smacked out pre-Dolls rocknroll!

The Wildhearts Caffeine bomb
90’s glam band in the vein of Dgeneration in my opinion! I guess these guys are limeys! Kinda metal-ed out at times!

The Wildhearts Earth vs The Wildhearts
This album seems to be a bit more metal-ed out than ‘Caffeine bomb’!

The Wildhearts Fishing For Luckies
More slow songs on this album! A bit mellowed out than the other albums!

American Ruse Hard Junk Meat
A good friend of mine, Jeff, had turned me onto these guys telling me that they sound like Thunders, MC5, Dead boys, Stooges and I’d figured that I’d check it out! He got it in his store and played the fuck outta it and I knew I had to get it! I thought it was great! I’ve probably owned this cd 2x’s! I’m glad I got it back, thanks to my friend, Franck!!! American Ruse believe it or not are from the UK!

Jeff Dahl I kill me
This was the first Jeff Dahl cd I ever got and it instantly turned me into a Dahl fan! Go get it!

Various Artists Johnny Thunders tribute-I Only Wrote This Song For You
I had this when it first came out! I thought it was a great tribute! Many good performers on this one, The Ramones, Walter Lure, Michael Monroe, Wayne Kramer, Patti Palladin, David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain, wait, Michael Monroe’s on there twice, fancy that shit! Hey, Los Lobos made it on there!

Chesterfield Kings Let’s go get stoned
This is a cd of covers and some originals in the vein of the Rolling Stones! Good shit!

David Johansen Group Live
Great covers and Dolls songs done by David Johansen post NY dolls!

Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters Manhattan Babylon
The disciples of Johnny Thunders/New York rocknroll scene! Studio and live tracks Nu Yawk style, tuff guy!!!

Jeff Dahl Moonchild
I had this years ago too! The acoustic album! Like Johnny Thunders, Jeff Dahl puts on the more bang for yer buck with his electric act and then acoustic! This is some great stuff!

The Torpedos No refills!
These guys were from the Motor City! They formed in the late 60’s and rocked out in the 70’s! Good rocknroll!

The Wildhearts P.H.U.Q.
Sounds more like a 90’s radio band from the US!

The Ballbusters People's republic of rocknroll
More great rocknroll from these guys!

The Beat Angels Red Badge Of Discourage
I remember Jeff Dahl talkin’ about these guys! This stuff sounds more glam/pop than anything! Great stuff!

American Ruse Return Of The X......
I never had this album! More rockin’ songs from these guys! The guitar player sounds more Thunders’ out than any other guitar influence! Not bad!

Los Straitjackets Sing along with
Yep, finally there’s an album from an instrumental band with people singing along! This is really good!

The Dirtbombs Ultraglide in black
Great cd of covers, r&b covers that is, rhythm and blues from the 60’s and 70’s! These guys and girl do the songs justice with 2 basses, 2 drummers and one guitar/singer!

The Crybabys What Kind Of Rock 'N' Roll double cd
Reminds me of some Sylvain Sylvain/Criminals rocknroll!

Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters S/t
I think this is the first album including ‘Chinese Rocks’! More Thunders influenced rocknroll!

The Moneychangers 7"
Yeah, who the fuck are the Moneychangers? I don't know, I've never heard of 'em! I just get an email one day from Mark Death who I haven't heard from in like 8 years and he's alive and well and he's in the pacific northwest. Oh yeah, he tells me that he's got a record and wants to send it to me to check out. I'd figured, 'why not?' I haven't heard any of his stuff since the Halfways back in the 90's! It just seemed like when bands didn't have places to rehearse or when bars would shut down because they didn't wanna book rocknroll bands, these bands would just disappear and you didn't know if they were still around or not! Well, sorry for the long history lesson, but this shit has got to be told! It was back on one hot summer day in 19....fuck that, here's the fuckin' summarized story! Mark Death was in this band from Richmond, Verginya with some other guys who played rocknroll in the vein of the Candy Snatchers! Yeah, they wanted to be the Candy Snatchers before the Dirty Fingers did! Imagine that!?! Any fuckin' ways, I had heard that Mark moved down to my area and then all of a sudden there's a siting in Portland, Oregon and he's got a new band! Yep, you fuckin' guessed it, The Moneychangers!

Yeah, I hadn't heard of these guys and chicks band ever! I had heard only that Mark had a band! Now he's got a band and a rekkid! It was cool to hear that he was still doing something with rocknroll instead of deliverin' pizzas and playin' some gay-ass ska crap!

Oh yeah, back to the fuckin' rekkid! So I get the rekkid in the mail and it's probably the only rekkid I've gotten to review, EVER! Every band who sends me demos and cd's to my zine just don't fuckin' cut it for The DIRT! It's fuckin' pathetic! Some people just don't know what the fuckin' rocknroll is! The Moneychangers keep it going! And with the lyrics from Mark Death, I have started to realize just who probably had fueled most of the material for the Halfways! The same fuel that was written about burning down a bar called Friar Tucks! Well, that bar is gone, it wasn’t burnt down, but it was demolished as well as the rathole apartment complex I lived in!

Amazingly enough, Mark Death sings on this rekkid and does some guitar leads! This rekkid has 4 songs, so it's an EP and it reminds me of the Mummies, something you'd hear on Estrus! Mark Death seems to keep the rocknroll with a twist of 60's garage with the farfisa sound! So you have the 2 guitars with vocals, bass, organ and drums! I think there are 2 chicks in the band as well! I take it Hotrod Diamonds is one of the chicks because I can see any fuckin' straight guy with that name, well at least on the East coast! 2 chicks, 3 guys, sounds like one guy ain't gettin' laid! What is this, ABBA? Just kidding! No, the music is far from it and is pretty much the attitude of the Halfways dropped down a notch with some Mummies and 60's garage sound! That's all I've gotta say about that!

The Hellacopters Goodnight Cleveland DVD
I think most of this material was taken from their 2002 US tour! I used to be into these guys for a while. I don’t know! It just kinda pisses me off that Scandinavia is doing what Americans should be doing! And what’s that? American ROCKNROLL! Americans don’t play rocknroll! Americans HATE rocknroll! It’s pretty bad when other countries try and sometimes play rocknroll better than Americans do! It’s sad! These guys are all trucker hat fitted, long-haired, tight pants, MC5 wanna-be, Deep Purpled-out, rocknroll! The footage here was pretty anti-climactic! Is that a fuckin’ word?!?! I don’t know, it just didn’t’ do anything for me! There was just too much roadie material which left out alotta rock which should’ve been shown! If I wanna see the MC5 or Deep Purple, I’ll get an MC5 or Deep Purple DVD!

The Ramones Raw DVD
The Ramones, what can I say! Home videos of the band on tour! Great stuff! The only American Punk band that mattered in my book! I miss these guys!

Deep Purple: New, Live and Rare DVD
Mostly material from the 80’s and 90’s with Ian Gillan, the only Deep Purple that mattered in my book! 80’s videos I never tuned into or ever seen anywhere! Good Blackmore material!

Buzzcocks - Auf Widersehen (1981) DVD
Editorial Reviews
This 60 minute DVD from the UK, playable on USA systems features the last gig of original lineup, live on German TV, 1981. (Filming was marred when one cameraman was stabbed!) There are 12 tracks, including Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore, Harmony In My Head, Airwaves Dream.

Alright, I’d seen this show on VHS back in the 90’s! It was really good! And as you may have known at the time, the last show with the original lineup! Well, the first to go was the drummer, John Maher. One of my all-time favorite drummers! He looked really bored playing the drums on this show. But the show was really great! Good footage! If I remember correctly, somebody threw a roll of toilet paper on John Maher and he kept playing as he was tryin’ to remove the paper! Great band!

This is Spinal Tap DVD
Great fuckin’ movie! I’ve seen this a couple of times! Hilarious! Some added scenes as well! 3 hours worth of Spinal Tap!

The Who - Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
4 of the best musicians in rock history all in one band! John Entwistle wearing the skeleton outfit before someone else could make it cool! Gotdam right, ahead of his time!

Adolescents Live @ House of Blues
I never got into these guys, but I knew they were around! West coast punk!

Throw Rag Live @ House of Blues
I don’t know about this band! They played some cool rocknroll, but they had this disturbing guy on stage playing a washboard with spoons, then he busted out a mini-keytar! And they had this sailor theme going! I don’t know about that! I guess that’s their schtick!

Deep Reduction
Deniz Tek’s band! There were only like 3 rockin’ song on this album for me! It was more of an 80’s sounding experimental rock! I don’t know! Not yer Radio Birdman sound because, yep, you guessed it, it’s NOT Radio Birdman! Oh well! Hey, they did the Vibrators, ‘Whips and furs’!

Deep Reduction 2
This had more songs I liked! More of the songs actually rocked to me! More of the Deniz Tek I know!

Various Artists Born Bad Volume 6
50’s and 60’s rocknroll from one hit wonders and some well known bands such as The Sonics and the Wailers! It’s pretty cool driving music! Bands the Cramps and other rockabilly bands ripped off!

Various Artists Beach Blvd.
West Coast punk bands from the 70’s! F-word doin’ their song, ‘Do the nihil’! I’ve always wanted to hear the original version, but this is a live version! Other bands such as Rik L. Rik, The Crowd, and the Simpletons! This is what West Coast Punk was all about!

The Rolling Stones 40 licks
Songs picked which were hits, pretty much a greatest hits on 2 cd’s!

Mott The Hoople The ballad of Mott: A retrospective
This is a 2 cd set of the best of Mott! Good stuff!

The New Christs We got this
What do you get when you have Rob Younger on the vocals? The next best thing to Radio Birdman!!! And the closest you’ll ever get! We’ll, of course, the guitars and other people in the band are gonna try and sound like Radio Birdman! Kinda reminds me of outtakes from Radio Birdman’s ‘Living Eyes’ sessions!

The Bellrays Raw Collection
The singer reminds me of a female version of Rob Tyner! Good stuff for 90’s and now rock!

Preacher’s kids Wild emotion
Some of this kinda reminds me of the Sons of Hercules! Wait, this album is on Get Hip and so was the Sons of Hercules album as well! Fuckin’ fancy that!!! It goes from kinda Stonesy/Chesterfield kingsy to garage and back! Not bad!

Nine Pound Hammer Kentucky Breakdown
More redneck punk rock from these redneck punk rockers from Kentucky! It’s true that bands don’t necessarily have to break up to keep recording good albums!

Little Richard The Specialty Sessions Disc 3
Rocknroll piano! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Bama lama bama loo, Good golly miss molly, Good morning little schoolgirl, Jenny, Jenny, Keep a knockin’, Miss Ann, and many more!

Gene Vincent and his blue caps Bluejean bop
Gene was the man! 1st 2 albums on one cd! Great stuff!

Eddie Cochran Box Set
Damn, I didn’t know he recorded all these songs! Well, back in the day, these early rocknrollers usually had a string of hits and B-sides just never got played! He had many songs in the can and they are here for you in this box set!

The Creation The best of
BIFF, BANG, POW! What can I say! These garage rockers rocked! I think they did some shows recently as well! 60’s garage at it’s best!

Crime San Francisco’s still doomed
Raw, punk rock from the mid to late 70’s from this West coast band! I’ve always heard about this band, but never heard them or was able to find shit by them! Definitely some raw punk rock! Sounds like they recorded all their songs on a boom box!

Supercharger goes way out
I had this cd years ago and never had a chance to review it! This is some raw garage rock, lo-fi sounding stuff! I got this back in 1996 and remembered this kinda stuff was like that of the pacific northwest/west coast garage bands such as the Mummies, Go nuts, Estrus bands, etc! Greg Lowery is the man!

The Knockout Pills S/t
This is some high energy garage/pop rock from Arizona of all places!! It fuckin’ rocks in my book! Lotsa energy! Kinda reminds me of the Swinging Neckbreakers!

Johnny Winter Nothin' but the blues CD
Pretty much that's all it is! Bluesy blues! Jammin' blues! Nothin' special! Just pretty much the albino playin' the texas blues he was born to do!

The Vibrators Pure Mania CD
I'm gonna review all of my UK 70's punk rock cd's! I'll start with this one because it was on top! A very great album! Has one of my favorite songs, 'Baby, baby'! Also, 'Whips and Furs'! 'Yeah, yeah, yeah', what a song! I think the brits perfected the gang choruses! I think it brought about more gang choruses in all of the UK and it continued onto the music scene for many years to come! The angry gang choruses! 'Sweet sweet heart' is a good song! Who could forget, 'I need a slave'!

The Clash Give 'em enough rope CD
I was never a big Clash fan! I used to own Clash on Broadway many years ago! I found out that this album was produced by the guy who produced Blue Oyster Cult and The Dictators, so it's gotta be good! I don't recognize any of the songs except for 'Tommy Gun'! You can't go wrong with 2 singers/guitar players! That's the recipe for great punk rock! It worked for the Heartbreakers! 'English Civil War' is a good tune! 'Guns on the roof' starts off like The Who's 'I can't explain'! I like how 'Drug-Stabbing time' goes! Great structural song! Great second album for The Clash!

The Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch CD ep

The first Buzzcocks song I ever heard was 'Boredom' and I thought it was the coolest song! I even thought it was the Pistols! I heard it on a tape of a tape of a tape of the tape compilation of Burning Ambitions, The History of British Punk tape! I was forever on the search for this song and what album it was on! Come to find out that it wasn't on an album, it was on an ep and it was the original singer who ended up leaving! He was the singer/guitar player, I'm not sure if he played guitar, so that meant that the bass player became the second guitar player and then they got a new bass player! Any fuckin' who, I thought he was a great singer! The whole band was awesome, wait, I think they're still around!?! I know the drummer is one of my favorite drummers! 'Breakdown' is a killer song! 'Time's up' is a killer! 'Friends of mine'another fuckin' gem! This ep is short and to the point! The best of the Buzzcocks with the original singer!!!

The Buzzcocks Singles going steady CD
'Orgasm Addict'probably one of my favorite Buzzcocks' tunes! The story of my life!!! "sneakin' in the backdoor with yer dirty magazines and your mother wants to know about the stains on yer jeans!" one of the best lines! Very clever song!! 'What do I get', another killer song! The singles marked the point in time when Pete Shelley had to step up and sing all or even most of the songs! He made the songs more poppy but not in a cheese poppy way! That's the Buzzcocks I've ever known! I still love this band!!! If you didn't know any Buzzcocks songs or own any of their albums, this one would be the one to get! You'll listen to it a couple of times and then you'll end up singing the songs and know the Buzzcocks!

The Rezillos Can't stand the Rezillos CD
Good shit! Most notable bass playing! Really good bass playing! Another band that didn't get promoted by Sire records! It seemed like Sire signed alotta bands, but just didn't promote them worth a damn! Here you have a female lead and male lead vocals and a kick ass back up band! This cd contains the album and a live show I believe they opened for the Ramones back in the late 70's! Great shit!

The Sex Pistols The Great Rocknroll Swindle CD
This is basically some outtakes of songs and songs that the Pistols probably never wanted to release and songs that weren't even the done by the Pistols! Even some disco versions of these songs!

The Clash Combat Rock CD
Big ska sound! Probably was one of the originators of the Ska movement or influenced many followers! 'Should I stay or should I go' and 'Rock the Casbah' probably their 2 biggest hits! I think they even tried to make this album as radio friendly as possible!

Eddie and the Hot Rods Teenage Depression CD
Pub-rock! During the punk rock era in the UK, there were other bands who were too rocknroll for punk, too punk for pop and too pubby for rocknroll! It was the UK's answer to the US'rocknroll boogie! 'Teenage Depression' a killer tune! All the songs rock! It keeps flowin' like a train!

The Clash Super Black Market Clash CD
Contains the Black Market Clash ep and singles and remixes! I liked that song, 'Jail Guitar Doors'! This is a great collection of songs! I was never a big fan of the music, but I'm now more informed of the band and like it more!

The Clash Cd
'Janie Jones', 'White Riot', 'Career Opportunities' are the highlights or the songs I recognize on this album! Great first album! I didn't know they did the song, 'Protex Blue'! Awesome!!!!

The Damned Damned, Damned, Damned CD

Their first album! Fuckin' rocks! 'Neat, neat, neat'rocks and I think the only song I don't really care for is 'Feel the pain' other than that, the whole album is killer!!!

The Clash Sandinista CD's

This is like experimental tracks that they wanted to do and it sounds to me like pre-Big Audio Dynamite material for Mick Jones and pre-cursors to the whole UK new wave/pop/ska generations to come.

The Clash London Calling
Just like all the bands of the punk movement, the bands either broke up, people went their separate ways, changed their sound and kept going with the name and kept up with the times. The Clash did just that. They stayed together when the punk movement was dissolving. They kept it going and experimented with new types of music. You can see this with this album.

Generation X s/t CD
I've always liked this band. Billy Idol before the solo career and motorcycle accident! Great guitar sound! Love it! This whole album is killer! Pre-'dancing with myself' material!

Slaughter and the Dogs the Best of 2 CD's
I've always loved this band! This band had a couple of lead singers! The guitar player was probably one of the first punk rockers to effectively use a wah pedal! You didn't hear much wah-wah effects in the punk movement. I think the Supersuckers had a couple of Slaughter and the dogs cd's!!?!? 'Situations', one of my all time favorite songs! The 1st cd contains many studio tracks I've never heard until like 20 years after it actually came out on vinyl! The 2nd cd contains the 'Bite back' album.

The Vibrators Yeah, Yeah, Yeah CD
I think this is the 1st and 2nd albums on one cd! I hadn't heard the 2nd album in years! I've always been used to hearing the 1st album!

Generation X KMD Sweet Revenge LP
'Dancing with myself' is on this one! Material after the first album! Not as fast and rockin' as the first, but still good songs!

Teenage Head s/t CD
Not only will I review the UK 70's punk cd's I own, but I will review the non US 70's punk cd's! First up, Teenage Head from Canada! The only band I'll ever talk aboot from Canada and this is probably the only album to own buy them. All the other ones didn't quite capture the rawness of this one and probably never will! This one rocks! Post Dolls/pre-Humpers!!!

Radio Birdman Ritualism CD
This is the reunion live cd probably 20 years after the fact and it fuckin' rocks! There are a couple of new songs! In all it's glory of probably one of the only oz bands that matter!

The Kids 1st and 2nd album CD
2 albums on one cd from the band from Belgium playin' some punk rock! 'This is rocknroll'damn right! 'Bloody Belgium', yep!

The Saints I'm Stranded CD
Their first album! Title song was the song I've always heard back in the day. 'Kissin' cousins' was another song that the Devil Dogs covered! Good rockin' punk rock from Australia!

The Saints Eternally yours CD
Their second album! 'Know your product', I heard the Lazy Cowgirls do this and I've always wanted to her the original version. The Candy Snatchers did a version of 'Lost and Found' as well.

The Count Bishops Speedball + 1 CD
British Pub rockers! Actually, they weren't all brits! The singer and guitar player were Yanks, I think one guy was from Australia and 2 brits! Awesome covers! Rocknroll and rhythm and blues covers! Great fuckin' album!

Radio Birdman Under the Ashes 2cd

The very best of double cd! Rare and outta print and mucho dinero on eBay! 1st 2 albums and some singles! The only thing missing is 'Death by the gun'!!!!

Radio Birdman Rocknroll War LP

This is a collection of studio outtakes and live material! Kinda reminds me of those tapes onto cd versions of MC5 and Stooges CD's which sounded like ass! Not a good representation of the band!

Screaming Tribesmen     Bones and Flowers
Okay, this is the bass player, Chris Masuak from the almighty Radio Birdman from Australia who produced and plays bass in this band.  This was recorded in 1987 and it shows very much so.  Not really what I expected due to the fact that Masuak wrote the best song that Radio Birdman did (in my opinion!) Death by the Gun!!!  Sounds total 80's a la The Church.  Not bad stuff in yer into stuff like the Church!  I did like one sound that started off like yer typical Chuck Berry/Johnny B. Goode intro, the song, Living Vampyre.  Years ago when I was lookin' for stuff by this band, I could never find it in any store.  And years later, I'm sorta glad I didn't!  With no disrespect to the man who wrote 'Death by the gun'!!! 

Zodiac Mindwarp and the love reaction        Tattooed Beat Messiah
Say what?  What the hell is this?  Where the hell did you dig this shit up?  Sounds like some 60's psychedelic/acid band that got lost in a cut-out bargain bin at Skinnies!  No, that's not true, it's a band actually from the 80's!  Oh boy!!!  And it's not psychedelia at all, it's like hair metal wanna be Motley Crue soundin' like background music to Rocky IV!  Yer typical 80's hair metal band with loud drums amplified like Tommy Lee spinning upside down for no fawkin' reason at all!!!  When yer band is so fawkin' popular that yer drumkit gets to spin around and around, it doesn't make you a great drummer, it just makes you look like an idiot!!!  Oh, sorry, back to Zodiac dot, dot, dot!  Yeah, like I said, this music is perfect background music for most 80's movies, actually B-movies you'd see on USA's Up all night with Gilbert Godfried!  Usually, starring someone like one of the Coreys, Corey Feldman or that other Corey!  At least, Corey Feldman got to fuck Ginger Lynn, but who in L.A. didn't?!?!?!

The Fuses  I wanna burn (1998)    Are lies  (1998-1999)
Ok, I never heard of these guys, but I do think they are from the Delmarva area!  Whoo hoo!  Well, I was listening to 'I wanna burn' and it sounded like the recordings were overproduced in my book.  Sounds like they're going for the pop-punk/NOFX political punk rock sound that I don't particularly like!  I have to admit, the guitarist has a great guitar tone!  Sounds like a single coil pickup, overdriven thru a fender amp!  Whatever!?!  Well, 'Are Lies' was kinda diffrent due to the fact that it's like a year later and it sounds worse and the production was underproduced!  Doesn't really make any sense to me!  Oh well!

The Humpers   Positively Sick on 4th street (SFTRI)
I was in the local record store about 8 years ago when Jeff Clites played this cd for me!  He was blastin� out this cd and all I could hear was this guy on the guitar wailing out some licks that were outta control and it made me a big fan of the band as well as the man himself, Jeff Fieldhouse!  He�s a bad motherfucker!  He has become one of my all-time favorite guitarists!  My band at the time actually used to cover a Humpers� tune, �Up yer heart�!  I couldn�t do the Jeff Fieldhouse guitar licks any justice, but the song ruled and still rules and you can�t go wrong with this album!  This will forever be one of my all time favs!  They have the killer 2 guitar attack led by Jeff Fieldhouse and Billy Burks, who became the lead guitar player after Jeff left and became a born-again Christian as I was told when The Humpers came to town and played the Kings Head Inn back in 1994!  Great fawkin� show!  They even played an extended version of �Up yer heart�!  The early stuff before this album rock as well, the Mighty Humpers with Scott Deluxe Drake singing and playin� some guitars as well!  Even earlier on they rocked with the Suicide Kings!  I totally recommend getting� all the early shit these guys did and possibly, �Journey to the center of you wallet� which is also on Sympathy!  As for the latter stuff, I kinda tuned out when they were on that other label and pretty much the band, disbanded!  For what it�s worth, �Positively sick� is a fuckin� awesome album and every rocknroller should have this album!!!

Humble Pie Millenium edition
Post Small Faces Steve Marriot stuff!  Pretty cool, bluesy/rhythm and bluesy rocknroll!  3 stars***

Kiss Alive II
Another live Kiss album from the seventies plus some unreleased studio tracks!  Pretty cool live stuff as well as the studio stuff!  4 stars****

I take it that this cd was his first album with the
black cover with the skull! The only song I liked was
'Mother'! Pretty much the rest of it was boring! 2

Nuggets box set
I guess this is the American version with just
American bands from 1965-1968! Great one hit wonders
and other bands I've heard of but never heard! 4 cd's
in all! Stuff from The Outsiders, The Seeds, The
Standells, and many more! 4 stars****

New York Dolls Lookin' for a kiss Video
This was a borrowed video and it had some behind the
scenes footage, backstage, and some live footage as
well! Great material! 4 stars****

New York Dolls Video
I borrowed this from a friend and wanted to pretty
much see Thunders in action beforehand,
pre-Heartbreakers, pre-solo, pre-death, pretty much!
It was fuckin' cool footage. Some live shit from
europe! 4 stars****

The Stooges Funhouse outtakes CD box set
This is something that was pretty much cool to have!
These are the studio outtakes of the tracks on the
Stooges' second album on Elektra, Funhouse. It was
like 6 cd's long! It's just pretty much cool to have!
4 stars****

The Real Kids    single   DUI records
This record has 2 live tracks recorded in 1999.  Hey, what can I say, The Real Kids still have it!
4 stars****

Rude Boy                      The Clash Video
I caught this movie a couple of years ago.  Pretty violent and lots of Clash!  Pretty cool!  3 stars***

The Punk Rock Movie                   Video
I saw this movie many years ago!  Dude, I had it on Beta!  It was cool to see it again!  Most of the footage revolved around the british punk scene with some Heartbreakers footage due to the fact that they were on the Anarchy tour in '77!  Great movie!   4 stars****

Black Oak Arkansas  Best of
Southern rock by a guy Axl Rose listened to back in the day!  The lead singer probably heard some Roky Erickson records as well!  Southern rock, I guess from Arkansas, you do the math!  3 stars***

Nuggets   Golden State
Alrighty, this is some 60's garage from the Golden State area!  Pretty cool stuff from bands who did covers and bands who had their one hit wonders!  3 stars***

Jeff Dahl  Bliss
Another Jeff Dahl recording!  This guy puts out records like all the fuckin' time!  Very prolific man!  Hey, he's Jeff Dahl!  There's a cover of 'Gimme Danger'!
Lotsa energy from this man!   4 stars****

Jeff Dahl   French Cough Syrup
This was a good album as well!  I think he does another Stooges cover, 'Pinpoint eyes'!   4 stars****

The Gears
Songs like, 'Let's go to the beach', 'High School girls', you can't go wrong!   West coast punk rocknroll!  4 stars****

Silver star and the Jukebox angels
These guys had a Marc Bolan dildo shoved straight up there asses, because it's a more up to date version of T-rex!  3 stars***

The Boys    Sick on you
British punk/pop!  More like the punk turned pop!  Great stuff!  They do a beatles cover!    'First time' one of my all time favs!  4 stars****

Teenage Head              Frantic city/Some kinda fun
A double cd with 2 albums!  I always loved there 70's stuff!  This is I think early 80's!  NOt bad, but the 70's ruled!  Not bad for Canada!  3 stars***

New Christs
Rob Younger's band post-Radio Birdman!  Well, when I hear him sing, that's what I usually expect!  Not bad!  More of a produced Radio Birdman!  4 stars****

Electric Eels
Ohio's garagey punk rock from the 70's!  Not bad, very fuzzy and dirty!  Kinda reminds me of Rocket from the tombs, also from Ohio, imagine that!!!   3 stars***

British punk turned pop, or pop punk!  Not bad, Song I've always known was 'Lock it up'!   3 stars***

Easy Living
What happens when you combine the drummer of the M-80's and 2 of the Morning Shakes, you get a garagey-rock band from NYC!  Good stuff!  Fuzzy!  3 stars***

The hives   VVV
This is an album before they became famous!  A more garagey New Bomb Turks!  3 stars***

Hellacopters w/Scott Morgan     Single
Okay, Scott Morgan played in Sonic's Rendezvous band and had a band called, Scots Pirates, I believe!  Well, he played with the Hellacopters on this single!  It's alright!  Kinda mellowed out rock music!  Pretty much the direction the Hellacopters seem to be going in in my opinion!  Sonic's Rendezvous band rules!   3 stars***

Hellacopters            Single
These guys did a cover of the Dead Boys', 'Ain't nothin' to do'!  It was pretty cool!  I forget what was on the other side!  3 stars***

Sonic's Rendezvous Band         12 inch
I don't know what this record is called, but it rules!  The more rocknrollin' side of the MC5 has come out with Fred 'Sonic' Smith!  This record rocks!  I need to hear more!  4 stars****

Skull Control          CD
This is a cd I hear from a friend!  It's pretty much a combo of a band called the Skulls and the Controllers!  The only song I really liked was 'Hot Stumps'!     3 stars***

Aerosmith                   CD's
I borrowed some early 70's Aerosmith cd's from a friend!  I wasn't really impressed with all of it!  I like the real early stuff from the early 70's that was pretty much rockin'!  My favorite song's gotta be 'Mama kin' that they do!  3 stars***

KISS     CD's
I'll admit, I was never a big KISS fan, but I didn't really get to appreciate them until fairly recently!  When I got hooked, I actually had the opportunity to buy an Ace Frehley guitar for cheap!  I love the early 70's albums I borrowed and my all time favorite songs have got to be 'Nothin' to lose', 'Room Service', and many more I really can't think of right now!  They were pretty consistant in the 70's and very prolific!  4 stars****

Ramones        reissued albums CD's
Now this is cool!  There were many songs that just didn't make it on any albums!  And some big record company has decided to release those songs and outtakes and live shit to cash in on the dead ramones as well as the living ramones!  Cool stuff!  4 stars****

Ramones    We're outta here box set/video
This is pretty much footage from the last show and some behind the scenes stuff taken while they were out on the road!  It comes with a live cd as well!  Pretty cool!  4 stars****

The Mummies  single
This one single has the song, 'You must fight to live' which is one of my favorite songs by these guys!  Pretty much, you must fight to live on the planet of the apes!   The b side has a surf song!   4 stars****

The Mummies    video
This is a video of some live footage of the Mummies on a cable access channel and some live footage!  Pretty cool stuff!  The Mummies rule!   4 stars****

Big Bobby and the Nightcaps  Big Bobby Rocks and the Nightcaps Roll LP
Alright, I played on this album and I thought it was great!  I did feel kinda rushed in the studio, but after finally getting to listen to it, it came out really good!  Paul Johnson, the engineer/ producer did a great job up there in Flatbush, NYC!  I knew I could�ve done better on the solos!  The only thing I have a complaint on would be the multitude of covers on the album!  But all in all, the album was great!

Big Bobby and the Nightcaps   EP
Hey, I played on this too!  4 songs that rock, 3 originals and one cover!  Has the Chuck Berry influenced song, �My first car� which was about Sambone drivin� a VW back in the 80�s!  �Bad taste� was a great song as well!  And you can�t go wrong with the evil sounds of �Yer not the same�!  The �Bloodhound� cover was a great pick for the ep!  Great record and great cover art!

Trash on Demand Volume 2 CD
This comp was put out by the one man band, Jeff Dahl himself!  It has many bands on it such as the Cynics, Snap her, The Nightcaps, ADZ and many other bands from Europe who play Stones influenced rnr!  It�s a good comp and I think Jeff has a couple more on his web page!

Big Bobby and the Nightcaps/Thee Apostles Split 45
I played on this one as well, but I think this recording of the song, �Alcoholic Suicide� was during the �Witt Drawls� years!  I can tell by this guitar sound!  Great guitar player!  But I did play on the Groovies� cover, �Have you seen my baby?� which is a cover of Randy Newman!  On the B-side, we have Norfolk�s own, Thee Apostles!  Their songs rocked as well!  You can barely see the drummer, Greg on the cover though!

The Horehounds   No time for you  45
Okay, I play in this band too!  Well, this is my first attempt at rocknroll since I left the Nightcaps!   Well, all three songs are about my ex- and 1 was written while I was in the Nightcaps!  But I had Steve Baise play piano on �No time for you� because we had many people tryin� to figure out the piano in the studio!  What a mess!  But the songs rock and it�s on wax, so check it the fuck out!!!

Steveland Compilation Vol. 1
This is a great compilation of bands from all over the world which have come to Steveland Studios in Chesapeake, Verginya to record some songs and one was chosen from each band!  You have many of the local bands from the Virginia Hampton roads area on a track or 2 such as Thee Apostles doing a cover of Elvis� �Suspicious Minds�, The Nightcaps with �Silky says�, The band, the Shunts, from Norfolk, with �Sympathetic love�, The Hillbilly Werewolf from Charlottesville as well!  Altogether, this is a great compilation for what�s out there in the rocknroll scene who�s recording at Steveland and puttin� records across this country and world for that matter!!!

Steveland Compilation Vol. 2
This is a compilation with more bands such as the Tinglers from Michigan, The Jet Boys from Japan, The Horehounds from Norfolk, The Dirty Fingers from Charlottesville, Virginia, and many more!!!  Check it out!

Andy G. and the Roller Kings 10�/CD
Hey, this is what happens when the Devildogs break up!  Ya hook up with some hot chick who plays bass, get some horns and you keep rockin� and rollin�!  They do a version of Andy G�s song, �My GTO� which Teengenerate does, I mean, did back in the 90�s!  All I can say is it�s not the Devildogs, but a slowed down rocked up version with a wailing sax or 2!  Stuff that kinda reminded me of the Devildogs last album, Stereodrive!

Johnny Burnette Rock 'n' Roll Trio/Tear It Up
ROCKABILLY ROOTS!  Before Elvis, there was Johnny Burnette and his brother, Dorsey and the man with the Fender Telecaster, Paul Burlison. Rockabilly at it's best from Memphis, Tennessee and what Rockabilly should be!  They got rejected at Sun Studios because Johnny sounded too much like Elvis!  Who cares!!!  Go get this cd, if you know what's good for you!

The Bomp Pops   45
I caught these guys last year in Virginia Beach!  They put on a great show!  With Mighty Joe Vincent on Drums and Stevie on Bass!  �Livin� on a memory� is a killer song!  Go get this single!

The Devil Dogs �No requests tonight� CD
This alone rocked, but the best part about it is the in-between the songs dialogue, it was fuckin� great!  This was probably around the time or at least the year the Devil dogs recorded, �Stereodrive� and decided to call it quits!  Too bad because I never got to see them live and they rock!!!

The Rattlers   �Rattled�  tape
Hey, what can I say, it�s Joey Ramone�s brother�s band, The Rattlers!  I wasn�t too into this band at all!  They did do a version of the Nightcrawlers song, �Little Black egg�!  Hey, what�d you expect, it was a tape!

The Only Ones   �Special View� CD
These guys came about during the late 70�s punk scene and weren�t really quite punk, more of a poppy sounding band much like that of the Undertones!  They have a great song and probably their only real hit, �Another girl, another planet�!

Ram Jam  �Golden Classics� CD
These guys sound like the Rolling Stones did in the 70�s, well, they are from the 70�s, imagine that!?!  I think their only big hit was �Black Betty�!,  Other songs that caught my ear were: �All for the love of rnr�, �keep your hands on the wheel�,  �too bad on your birthday�!  Great stuff!

Slade  �Slayed�   CD
These guys came outta the British glam era in the early 70�s and had the monster hit song, �Cum on feel the noise�!  Ok, it wasn�t a monster hit when they did it, but Quiet Riot made them some coin!!!  This album, �Slayed� was pretty good!  They are rocknroll band and remind me of an arena rock band!  Great songs such as �g�buy t� jane�, �Mama Weer All Crazee Now�

The Raspberries  Power Pop, Vol. 1
Alright, I�ve always heard of these guys, but I never knew that they did the songs, �Go All the Way�, and �I Wanna Be with You�!  Two of my favorite Raspberries songs, I must add!  But Power pop, Volume 1 covers the Raspberries 1st 2 albums!  This is a great collection!  Eric Carmen at his best and Wally Bryson of the 60�s garage band, The Choir, who did �It�s cold outside�, plays guitar on this!

The Raspberries  Power Pop, Vol. 2
The sequel to volume one, actually, it�s the last 2 albums from the Raspberries!  Has many cool songs, but ones I remember the most are �Tonight�, �Making It Easy�, �Hard to Get over a Heartbreak�, �Ecstasy�, and �I Don't Know What I Want�!  This was a great band in the 70�s!  You hear much of the WHO in this!  It Rocks!!!

Rose Tattoo CD
An ozzie band who sounds sorta like AC/DC, but what�d you expect coming outta the land down unda!  Hey, I love the song, �Nice boys�!  Great rocknroll from the land down unda!

The Sonics  �The Savage Young Sonics� CD
Alrighty, this band started out very young and they were either brothers or friends or both with the other band from the Pacific Northwest, The Wailers!  This is some very raw early recordings of the band before they made it big with their many hits with their white boy rhythm and blues influenced music!!!  Upon reading the liner notes on the shitter, one of the guys in the band had his dad record the music and his mom play guitar on a couple of the songs!  They do a version of �Wailers House Party� which totally kicks ass and Little Richard�s, �Keep A-Knockin' which is cool!  Sonics fans will not be disappointed with this cd!

Deep Purple  �Machine Head�  CD
This was a great album, it includes two of their big hits, �Smoke On The Water� and �Space Truckin'!  Ritchie Blackmore rules!!!

MUD    �The best of� CD
I think this was Britain�s answer to Sha na na!  I don�t know if the came before or after, but it some good stuff!  They do most of their song covers from the 50�s and 60�s kinda doo wop stuff and with a singer sound like Elvis!  They do songs such as �Diana�, �The end of the world�, and Elvis� �One night�!   I was not disappointed with this!  Sometimes when you get a cd, album or whatever, they can be hits or misses and you end up spendin� alotta coin!

Dave Edmunds   CD Anthology
This is a double cd which features material from the late 60�s to 1990.  Dave Edmunds produced many bands and only on comes to mind like the Flamin� Groovies!  I think the 1st cd was really good which covered the early Dave Edmunds!  The second one has some duets and some songs he did with other bands such as the Stray Cats!

The Who   Maximum R&B  4 cd�s
The Who?  Who else?  The WHO, that�s WHO!  Yeah, probably almost 40 years of Maximum rocknroll, I mean, R&B!  Great shit from the Keith Moon years!  And the later stuff ain�t too shabby!  Lotsa live cuts as well from the Leeds album!  This cd set is a must have!!!

The Ramones   Reissued albums
These things are good because they contain unreleased live and studio tracks never before heard!  The only thing bad about it is that it exploits the dead ramones and the ones living probably don�t see much cash!

The Candy Snatchers/Nashville Pussy split Black Lung
The Snatchers rock as they have been for years since I�ve been seeing this band rock!  The other side has the band, Nashville Pussy and it�s more arena rocked up as they are pretty much an arena band nowadays!  Great cover art by Creepy Scott!

The Mummies   Running on Empty  Vol. 1 + 2  LP
Hey this is a great collection of live and studio, probably a living room!?! Of the Mummies at their best!  You can�t go wrong with the songs they do, pretty much rocknroll from the past and probably a total combined wattage of 35 watts of electricity!

The Dirty Fingers   single   Black Lung
Only Perverts play rocknroll is one of my all time favorite Dirty Fingers songs!  Great debut single for the Dirty Fingers!

Teen Crud Combo   single   Black Lung
Loud, fast and hard rockers from Canaduh!  Must be good, it�s on Black Lung!

Adam West   Album  CD
I never got to see these guys play, but I caught them in the studio and they rock!  This is the cd which contains the Flowers�. Song and that one rocks!

The Halfways   single
This single was the band�s first one and I helped them out in the studio!  Pretty rockin� songs from these guys from Richmond and shit, pretty rockin� songs from these guys for Richmond!  Richmond sucks, but they guys rocked for some young dudes!!!

4 song with Cs Stevie/adam west
This came with the magazine, Carbon 14.  It has the Snatchers, Stevie and the Secrets, Adam West and twin six, whoever the fuck they are!  The first 3 bands pretty much rocked!

Fistful of rocknroll V1 & 2
I think these comps are put out by the guy from Electric Frankenstein!  Some of these comps are alright, but most shouldn�t be on ROCKNROLL Comps if you as me!  These are pretty much hit and miss comps, but the inner sleeves have cool pictures of naked chicks!!!

Radio Birdman  Rocknroll War
Okay, this is a bootleg record I had seen for many years and was finally able to get to listen to this! Pretty cool, but the recording wasn�t that great!  Mostly live cuts and very few studio songs!  The quality ain�t that great, but if yer a die hard Birdman fan, it�s a must have!

The Count Bishops     Speedball + 11  CD
These guys played, (now defunct) great rocknroll in the vein of the Stones and Pretty things!  Actually, this whole cd is covers of great tunes such as a Bobby Troup song,  �Route 66� which is a killer!  They also do some other songs such as Chuck Berry�s, �Beautiful Delilah�, �Reelin� and Rockin� and �Sweet Little Sixteen�!  They also do a great cover of �Teenage Letter�!  If you love great rocknroll from the 50�s and 60�s, this great band of the 70�s pull off these covers very well!

Eddie and the Hot Rods     Teenage Depression   CD
I had this cd many years ago until I sold it for crack, I mean gas money!It was a great album!  Most of the songs sounded the same, but you just can�t go wrong with the title track, �Teenage Depression�!  I first heard this song on the Ramones� Rocknroll High School� soundtrack!  And no, I�m not that old, I saw this movie in the 90�s!!!  And I�m not young either, I saw it on Beta, just kidding, VHS!!!  This is great pub rock!!!  Probably something you wouldn�t expect outta the 70�s british punk scene! 

The Ramones Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology
Alright, one of the last ditch efforts to expose the Ramones before the deaths of Joey and Dee Dee Ramone!  This is a 2 cd anthology of The Ramones at their best and it�s a pretty good anthology with a little book of pictures of the Ramones!  I would�ve not put certain songs on the anthology like what they did such as �I�m affected�, �Danny says�, �It�s not my place in the 9 to 5 world�, �Daytime Dilemma�, �I�m not afraid of life�!  I feel like they should�ve put more unreleased songs whether it would be live or studio or both!  That�s the stuff real Ramones fans want!  We don�t want to hear stuff that we already have on the albums and if yer a true Ramones fan, then you�d should have or at least heard all the Ramones albums and not just the song, �I wanna be sedated�!  Just knowing that song doesn�t make you a Ramones fan, just an idiot!  But for what it�s worth, it�s a cool collection!

Holly and the Italians     Right to be Italian   CD
The first track off this cd, �I wanna go home� sounds like an old 50�s tune ala �Runaround Sue� which I totally dig!!!  All these songs kinda remind me of early to late Blondie and a slower Nikki and the Corvettes!  You can�t go wrong with Talking Heads�, Jerry Harrison on the synthesizer!  And who could forget, �Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Schaeffer on the grand piano and organ!  Paul Schaeffer, ladies and gentlemen!�

Alice Cooper   The Best of Alice Cooper   CD
I was never a big fan of Alice Cooper but since I have an appreciation for rocknroll, I�ve been a fan ever since!  The first 6 cuts on this comp rock!  �I�m eighteen�, �Is it my body?�, �Desperado�, �Under my wheels�, �Be my lover�, �School�s out�!  �No more mister nice guy�and �Poison� are great tunes as well!

Great loud 70�s guitar rock! 

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs' Second album
I found this record in a thrift store recently and it had many songs I�ve never heard Sam the Sham do before.  Great songs!

Alice Cooper    Killer
This was a pretty cool album!  It had some cool songs such as �Under my wheels�, one of my all-time favorite Alice Cooper songs!  You could probably find this record in a thrift store!

Times Square Learn it
Okay, these guys + one hot chick singer with the legs that don't stop! are from Jersey and they have Bobby Steele from the Misfits on bass/vocals, the ex-drummer from the Devil Dogs and his wife and the movie star and the professor and Maryanne, here on....Fuck that shit! Well, anyways, this cd has about 8 songs that sound really poppy and what'd you expect with a hot long legged chick. The vocals reminded me of Niagra from Dark Carnival and Destroy all Monsters. For what it's worth, it's alright! Didn't really catch me! But the pics of the chicks legs did! Short skirts on hot chicks is always a good thing! Looks like her legs go a long way!!! 3 stars ***

The LaDonnas Rock you all night long
Alright, wild and crazy stuff, wild and wacky stuff! No, I played with these guys about 6 years ago when I was in that other band and we did 2 shows with 'em! Kids then and kids now, but great bunch of guys! They were really punk rock the last time I'd seen them and now with this new disc, they sound more rock! Not a bad thing! The vocals at times reminds me of Blaine from Nashville P. Great guitar work! The only thing I can't stand is when there is a song going and then the guy is just talking and there are no real lyrics, just talkin'! Hey, you ain't fuckin' Lou Fuckin' Reed! Other than that, the CD was pretty good! 3 stars ***

The Rubinoos Anthology
Yeah, I first heard these guys when Jonathan Richman covered some of their songs like 'Rocknroll is dead'! I needed to check them out and I did and I'm impressed with the band! Great poppy songs! The only real rocknroll song is 'Rocknroll is dead', figure that one out! Other than that, real poppy songs that I think were really good for that time period! Power pop sounding shit in the vein of The Bay City Rollers and the Raspberries! Great shit! 5 stars *****

Kevin K band
I don't know about this guy or any other Johnny Thunders wannabe losers in this world!!! Give it up! None of the stuff even really sounds like the Great one!!! Well, some of it, but he tries so hard to pick up where Johnny left off and it's a sad attempt!!! Sounds more like Jeff Dahl! Not a bad thing, but be yerself!!! It wasn't bad, but I just don't think I'll be playin' it much in my cd player! 1 star and it ain't Kevin K!!! *

Hollywood Hellcats Electric Mistress
Alright, this was sent to me by a Horehounds fan from France. Imagine that, Horehounds fans in Europe, right on! Well, he sent me this cd and it kinda reminds me of the vocals from the Sons of Hercules and the rhythm section of Hanoi Rocks! Great glammy rocknroll! Not bad from Sweden! I think this came out in 1999. Pretty cool! 4 stars! ****

The Riffs Underground Kicks
The band kinda reminds me of the typical Oi! band from the UK! With gang choruses! It opens up with them sayin' ,"we are the riffs, we are the riffs, .....!" I'm like, 'No shit, that's what it says on the fuckin' CD!' There's a song about Thunders called, 'Johnny won't get to heaven'! Musically, the band is alright, I could probably do without the vocals! Great guitar work! Most of the songs ran over 3 minutes! Too long for rocknroll, not unless yer playin' arenas everywhere and when there are football games, they're playin' yer song and yer makin' mucho dinero on Doritos or something!?! 3 stars ***

The Slash City Daggers Backstabber Blues
This band has the Thunders' influence going on! Kinda reminds me of the Joneses! The guitar solos just didn't seem loud enough on this recording to me! There's even a song about them called, 'The Daggers Rule!' I don't know! Songs are good and this song seems to be about the bands which have influenced them or they are mockin' like Georgia Satellites and Motley Crue! Pretty cool cd! I personally liked the song, 'Jackhammer'! 4 stars ****

The Road Vultures Fire it up
I think this is Kevin K's old band! Well, I heard much about these guys from Jeff Dahl! Not really what it's hype up to be! I don't know man! Some songs remind me of Cheap Trick and then he pulls out a Thunders cover! The voice kinda reminds me of Jeff Dahl/Joe Queer from the Queers! Seems like he sings about chicks who won't fuck him or something! I would probably put this up on the shelf with Dgeneration, the Bellrays, etc. Reminds me of a slower Jeff Dahl! 2 stars **

The Road Vultures Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride
This just reminds me more and more of Jeff Dahl! Not a bad thing, but probably a big Jeff Dahl fan! 2 stars **

London Cowboys Wow Wow Oui! Oui!
Total eighties drums man! Digital reverb on the snare effect! Much like that of a casio drum machine! The live stuff was alright featuring Jerry Nolan! I don't really know what to make of this cd!?! All I can say is that this'll probably never make it to my CD jukebox! Wait a minute! Ah shit, I already lost it! 1 star *

The Wanderers Only lovers left alive
I think this is Stiv Bators with Sham 69 backin' him up! I think Stiv's solo stuff was really good, but I don't quite know what to make of this stuff! This was recorded in the 80's and the first clue was the casio drum machine effect! Stiv is cool, but I don't know about the Wanderers! It didn't move me!!! Martha Quinn might've liked it! 1 star, for Stiv, RIP!!!! *

The Vice Principals After school with.....
Great attempt at rocknroll and keepin' the rocknroll tradition alive in Long Beach as Scott Deluxe Drake and Billy Burks of the Humpers have another band, this band! They do a Screamin' Lord Sutch cover, 'Jack the Ripper!' Great songs! They even cover a 'Suicide King' song, 'Switchblade'! It's great to hear Drake's voice again! Great cd! 5 stars *****

Motorcycle Boy Popsicle
I don't know about this cd! I just don't know have you have a kick-ass fuckin' song like 'Feel it' and the rest of the album just suckin' cock! Well, I guess with a title like Popsicle and some fag on the cover suckin' on a popsicle, 'nuff said!!!!' NO stars, well, one for 'Feel it!', but the star was pencilled in! *

Loose Lips Talkin' Trash
Total amped up Dolls sound! Another Dgeneration sounding band in my opinion! Not a bad thing! This cd is a rocker! I dig it! 4 stars! ****

The Lewd
Very angry songs! Hence, the name, lewd! 3 stars ***

Tuff Darts
Great pop and rocknroll! Love this band! Too bad Robert Gordon didn't sing in this band, OH Fuckin' well! 5 stars *****

Richard Hell and the Voidoids Live at CBGB's and Max's
Richard Hell, what can I say? Not much, I never liked his voice! Probably, the only stuff I liked was with the Neon Boys and the Heartbreakers! And I can't stand to have a bits and pieces of 2 shows here and there on the cd! Just gimme the whole show! 3 stars ***

Iggy Pop and James Williamson Kill City
In my opinion, what Iggy wanted to turn the Stooges into! Still, a great album! My favorite songs, 'Kill City' and 'I got nothin'! 4 stars ****

Richard Hell and the Voidoids Blank Generation
The man who helped write, 'Chinese Rocks' with the others to then wrote 'Love comes in spurts' and it later got ripped off to become 'One track mind'! Well anyways, this was a great album. Richard Hell was breakin' grounds with the new wave and pop in the 70's punk scene! Don't really care much for his voice, but the album was great! 4 stars ****

Richard Hell and the Voidoids Destiny Street
Songs like 'The Kid with the replaceable head' and 'I can only give you everything', a Them cover are great songs! This was recorded in the early 80's, 1982 to be exact and has the pop/new wave sound to it! It's a great album any way you look at it! 3 stars ***

Hello The Glam Rock Singles Collection
Alrighty, ever hear of this band? Not I, said me, but they do the song, 'New York Groove', so it's gotta be cool! Well, they remind me of very early Sweet/Bay City Rollers! I took a chance with this cd and there are many great songs on it! 4 stars ****

Kenny The Glam Rock Singles Collection
Ever hear of this band? Me neither! Well, they are a glam band from Britain, (who'd've guess that?!?) and they are in the same boat as Hello, but more on the lines of early Sweet! I took another chance with this one and got this disc the same time as Hello and they are cool, but not quite as cool as Hello! 3 stars ***

The Scientist Blood Red River 1982-84
This band is from Oz and they play stuff that's more in the vein of the Cramps, the Australian Cramps! It's pretty cool! I just can't really get into them! It's alright though! 3 stars ***

Stiv Bators L.A. L.A.
This cd had many demos that Stiv worked on such as 'Circumstantial Evidence', 'The Last Year', The Choir cover, 'It's cold outside', and more songs that pretty much made Stiv the 60's garage/pop man in the late 70's and early '80's post Dead Boys! Great stuff! 5 stars *****

Stiv Bators Disconnected
Disconnected had some songs like 'Evil Boy', I think an Electric Prunes song, 'Too much to dream', and also includes a live show with his solo stuff as well as Dead Boys songs! 5 stars *****

Stiv Bators Last Race
This disc included a Ramones cover, 'Poison Heart', a song Dee Dee Ramone wrote after he had quit the Ramones and still wrote for them! Great songs, more poppy! This was probably his last album before he died! 4 stars ****

Sylvain Sylvain and the Criminals Bowery Butterflies
This is So-vain So-vain's attempt at rocknroll after he suckin' Johansen's cock in many versions of the Dolls after Jerry and Johnny left! Great boogie piano! My favorite song, 'Teenage News' was a hit to me! The Dolls were doin' it before SS recorded it solo! Good album! 3 stars ***

RocknRoll War V. 1 and V. 2
These 2 comps were put out by the Australian label, Vicious Kitten! Two pretty cool comps featuring songs by Kevin K, the Road Vultures, Jeff Dahl, Freddy Lynxx, many Thunders-esque bands, and pretty much mucho bands from all around the world! Cool comps and I can't wait to see what's on vol. 3! 4 stars ****

Destroy All Monsters
This is the band after Ron Asheton leaves Ron Asheton's New Order! Has a hot chick singer, Niagara singing pretty much all the songs! One of my favorite songs on the cd is the song that Ron Asheton sings, 'Goin' to lose'! Also features on bass, Mike Davis from the MC5! 4 stars ****

The Lovemasters
Again, Ron Asheton kickin' up more rocknroll from Detroit! My favorite song on this cd was 'I'm a Ramrod'! Has a different singer than Destroy all Monsters, Mr. Bootsey X! Great rocknroll from Detroit! 4 stars ****

The Barracudas   This ain't my time 
This is an anthology of the Barracudas from 79-90!  Great garage/pop/surf!  They had the singer, Chris Wilson for sometime, who also sang in the Flamin' Groovies!  This is a great compilation of their best stuff!  Totally recommend!  4 stars ****

Witcherry Wild
Great band from France!  This band recorded as a 5-piece, some rocknroll tunes as well as 'Search and Destroy'!  Come to think of it, when I was in the Nightcaps, I was on the same 'Trash on Demand Compilation' as they were!  Pretty cool!  Great rocknroll from France!  Their new band is called, 'Born in Flames' and they totally rock!  Lookout for their upcoming album probably due out in 2003!  4 stars****

Freddy Lynxx and the corner gang     Bloodied up
Great rocknroll from the man known as the 'French Johnny Thunders'!  The corner gang seems to be anyone who backs up Freddy such as people like Kevin K., Mr. Ratboy, and others who played on this disc.  Very good rocknroll inspired by the great one, Johnny Thunders and the Rolling Stones!  Pretty much in the same vein of Kevin K. and Jeff Dahl!  4 stars ****

Jack Scott:  34 Biggest Hits
Oh Canaduh!  I think he was a big, big influence on Robert Gordon!  Very good voice!  Total crooner type rockabilly!  I did this very much!  For a canadian, it's really good!  The only song I really know is 'The Way I walk'!  Great stuff! 4 stars****

The Mad   We love noize
That pretty much sums it up!  I wasn't too into it!  I have nothing for them!  Nothin' moved me!  Never heard of this band!  Pretty much something you would've heard back in the Kings Head Inn days in between bands setting up!

The Del-Lords   Get Tough: the Best of the Del-Lords
I've heard of them, but never heard them!  It's like 80's loud casio drums and twangy guitars, but good sounding country rock!  More to me like a rocked up Flying Burrito Brothers with more of a country twist!  3 stars ***

Conway Twitty          The best of Conway Twitty Vol. 1 the rockin' years!
Alot of the country singers of the mid to late 50's and 60's or even some of the older ones of today, started off or at least did a rockabilly record or rocknroll at sometime of their lives!  It didn't quite sell, but they went on to do country and made millions!  Oh well, I reckon!  This Conway Twitty cd shows Conway doin' more of a late 50's Elvis rockabilly with drums and backup singers!  Great stuff!  I totally dig it!  4 stars****

Marty Robbins    RocknrollnRobbins   Marty Robbins sings
I was diggin' this cd!  Great rockabilly/rocknroll!  Pre-country fried Marty Robbins!  Great stuff! 4 stars****

Mink Deville                Mink Deville Collection-Cadillac Walk
I heard this guy on a DIY compilation many years ago!  Some latino guy singin' stuff in English and then he busts into some Espanol, por favor!  Some stuff reminded me of Cub Koda solo material and then ZZtop!  It was alright!  3***

The Vibrators     Punk Rock Rarities
This brit punk band has always been one of my favorite punk bands from the 70's!  Pure Mania was my favorite album by them!  This collection is a collection of songs they did after Pure Mania!  It's pretty good!  4 stars****

TSOL   Dance with me
This is the TSOL I never got to hear!  I never knew it existed when I was into TSOL back in my skateboard days!  The only TSOL I knew of was the Joe Wood era which quickly turned to metal for money and just dissapated!  Oh well, that was the TSOL I only knew of!  This TSOL is alot faster, more political, but not bad at all!  The lead singer is actually the brother-in-law of Joe Wood!  But this is pretty good for what it's worth!  'Dance with me' was the song I heard many years ago when somebody tried to expose me to the 'old' TSOL!  Not bad!   3 stars ***

Wreckless Eric    Greatest stiffs
Always heard of him, but never really got to listen to anything by him!  I don't even know what hit he had or if he had a hit!  He came about during the british punk scene in the 70's and I think most of his music is kinda poppy!  Not bad!  I especially like the song, 'Personal hygiene'!  3 stars***

Misfits                   Box set
I do believe this came in a coffin box set!  I've always been into the Misfits, but I wasn't like the biggest Misfits fan!  I wouldn't get all dressed in black and wear any makeup or something!  It was cool!  The only Misfits you'll ever need to know about, the Glenn Danzig era!  That other shit is pretty much what I said, shit!  Glenn Danzig is the Misfits!  4 stars****

DMZ     When I get off
Alrighty, DMZ!  Where do you find this shit?  I don't know!  It's out there!  Ya just gotta look!  This compilation contains many outtakes and live material from the band!  Great songs like, 'Do not enter', 'Lift up your hood', 'First time', and many, many more!  If you can't find the first album, then get this cd!  It fuckin' rocks!  5 stars*****

The Boys     1st LP
These guys came about in the 70's brit punk scene!  They kinda remind me of the Undertones and the Saints!  The song that they do that I like is 'First Time'!  Always liked that song!  4 stars****

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers     Thunderstorm  live in detroit 12/21/80
This was probably a reunion show with at least half the members and at least Waldo and Johnny!  Sounds like it!  There was mucho reverb on the vocals!  You could hear that!  And it's not really the heartbreakers at their best!  I guess because it was the end of the 70's and end of the NY punk scene time!  This gig was probably for some cop money!  Entertaining I might add!  4 stars****

The Germs    MIA
I never really got into this band back when people exposed me to it!  Not really big on the LA punk scene!  There are some good LA punk bands!  But I never quite got into them!  Some of the songs the Germs do are borderline noise/garage/sloppy punk songs!  Some are ok and then....      3 stars***

Adam West    Mondo Royale
Great use of the wah-wah pedal!  Sounds good!  Jake has just a great voice!  Balls to the wall vocals!  More use of the wah like a 70's 'Starsky and Hutch' dock scene behind some wooden crates!  Liked the songs, 'Speedbump', 'Electrified', 'Wrong way Ronnie!'  Oh yeah, I really dig the chick on the cover!  They needed to show her ass and legs!  I would've really been sold!  4 stars****

Gary Glitter Greatest hits
Glam music from the pre-child porn freak!  Yeah, before the allegations were true, Gary Glitter played glam music in the early 70�s!  He wore the silvery glitter outfits and played songs like, �Leader of the gang�, �Shakey Sue�, and many other songs that I can�t really remember right now!  Not bad stuff!  I dug it!  4 stars ****

The Dogs Fed up!
Michigan rockers with a song I can totally dig, �John Rocknroll Sinclair!�  Guitar playin� at it�s best!  Fuckin� rocks!  The other songs were alright, but JohnRNRsinclair was worth the whole cd!  4 stars! ****

Ultimate Rascals
Blue eyed soul at it�s best!  White boys soundin� like they�ve got some soul!  Great songs and hits you all probably know already!   4 stars! ****

Crabby Appleton
I stumbled across this band and found that it�s some rockin� poppy british pop music from the mid to late 60�s!  Not bad!  I dug it!   3 stars!  ***

The Testors
Sonny Vincent�s 70�s punk band!  Pretty cool stuff!  Very underground because I�ve never heard of this band!  Great stuff though!   4 stars****

The Waldos Rent Party
What do you do after all the junkies have died in yer band?  You keep playin� rocknroll and put out rekkids for the kids to listen to!  Walter Lure did or as we may know him as Waldo Ramone!  Great album and long overdue!  4 stars****

Suzi Quatro   (I don�t know the album name!)
What�d you expect?  Hot chick and she plays bass and she sings and she wears tight black leather and she plays rocknroll!  4 stars ****

The Rubinoos (I don�t know the album name!)
This is American pop at it�s best!  You had Stiv doing his pop stuff and other bands like the post Real kids/Taxi boys and the Knack and other bands, then you have the Rubinoos!  Great pop songs, more like love songs!  But great voice and everything else pop has to offer!  4 stars****

The Donnas    Spend the night
Hey, these hot chicks have come a long way!  They are big time now and the cowbell proves it!  They have made it!  This album is very good!  This is definitely driving music!  I think there should've been more guitar overdubs personally!  But it's rock!  What'd you expect from these hot chicks!  I especially like the drummer and the guitar player!  They are hot!  I saw a video from one of the tracks!  Very energetic chicks who know how to rock!  Hmmmmmmmmm.......  4 stars****

The Who live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
Great live double cd of the WHO at their best!  4 stars****

The Who BBC Sessions
Cool rarities and obscure WHO!  4 stars****

The Jet Boys     single  Black lung
Great speeded up rocknroll from Japan!  Songs like 'I shit my pants'!  Depends!  4 stars****

Lord Sutch and his heavy friends     Smoke and fire
Great rocknroll/rhythm and blues from UK circa 60's with all-star cast such as Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page and many others!  4 stars****

Humble Pie   Smokin'
Pretty cool post-Small Faces Steve Marriott stuff!  4 stars****

Black Sabbath   Heaven and Hell
I've always been into Ozzy era Sabbath, but I was blown away with this Heaven and Hell era, pretty rockin'!  4 stars****

Molly Hatchet      Best of
Great southern rock at their best!  Mullets galore!   4 mullets****

Link Wray is someone to talk about!  He played many instrumentals and sang from time to time!  He is known for 'Link Wray's Rawhide', 'Rumble' and many other instrumental tunes!  It is believed that he was one of the first pioneers of guitar amplifier distortion by poking holes in his speakers to make them rattle while he played and it made a distorted sound.  And with one fuckin' lung and as fuckin' old as he is, this fucker is still alive and doing shows!

Duane Eddy is another guy who did instrumentals!  He is known more as the 'twangy guitar' guy!  Used mucho reverb and is known for 'Rebel Rouser'!  I think he also did a version of 'Peter gunn theme'!

Dick Dale is the King of the surf, surfers, surf guitar!  He had many hits!  And he played left handed.  Basically, a right handed guitar he played upsidedown!  He had many soundtrack hits such as 'Miserlou', the Eliminator and some other ones I can't think of right now!  

The Trashmen!  Why do I bring them up?  They weren't really an all-instrumental band, but when they did instrumentals, they fuckin' ruled!  They were pretty much a surf band from the midwest!  They pretty much did many of the songs that Dick Dale did!  Their hit was 'Surfin' Bird'!

The Ventures!  They've been around a long time and I think they're still alive and playin' out!  They did mucho soundtrack songs.  They had many albums!  They did surf, Link Wray songs, Dick Dale songs, other instrumentals and their big hits would probably be 'Walk don't run' and 'Hawaii 5-O' to name a few!   I heard that one guy in the band had a heart attack in their later years and he recovered and still was able to come back in time to do the show!  Amazing fuckin' grace!!!

Davie Allan and the Arrows were a band from the 60's who played instrumentals in the vein of the garage fuzzed out sound!  I think they even used Mosrite fuzzrite pedals!  They did the soundtrack to the biker film, 'The devil's angels!'  They also did many other soundtrack albums!  The only song I can think of that is really memorable would be, 'Blues Theme!'

69 charger      From Ideal son to low life scum    The first few years
This stuff reminds me of the singer from Adam West/9 Pound hammer with the power from the Hookers.  9 songs of great American rocknroll done in the style of Hollandaise sweat and tears!  Songs like, 'Bad Motherfucker' and 'Wanna get some action' and you can't go wrong.  There is alotta energy with this band!  Check these guys out!  4 stars****

Rocketdog Sessions
This is a compilation cd sent to me by Roulette records.  I take it all the bands recorded at the same studio.  I'm not quite sure if all the bands are from holland.  You have lotsa garage bands and punk rocknroll bands.  This band, Lo-lite sounds real dirty garagey!  Lo-fi vocals!  Link Wray sounding guitars!  The Berserkerz have energy like that of the New Bomb Turks, not as fast as them, but it reminds me of them.  69 charger has a track on there called, 'Sweet Mary Jane'!  I've heard some shit about this other band, The Stilettos, they do a song called, 'Rock and Roll'!  It's pretty cool!  There is also this band called The Ragin' Hormones and they do a song dedicated to Marky Ramone called 'Marky wears a wig'!  There is alot of energy with all the bands on this comp.  4 stars****

Q-65  the life I live
Finally, I get a cd of these guys!  Special thanks to ROXA from Roulette records and 69 Charger of Holland!!!  I had a Q65 cd years ago, but I think I might've sold it for cash.  This particular one is one which has the song, 'From above' which the Tell Tale Hearts cover.  I've always wanted to hear the original version and it's killer.  Along with some other killer 60's songs they do.  Q-65 were to me, like Holland's Pretty things!  This cd is cool!   4 stars****

The Riots/69 Charger      Split 10"  Big fat music for sleazy men
The Riots, I assume, are from Holland or somewheres in Europe.  They had 6 songs with some dirty vocals which kinda reminded me of Brothers of Conquest.  The songs did rock though.  On the other side, 69 Charger had 4 songs of rocknroll which was along the lines of Gluecifer.  The songs were rockin', but I think the leads weren't really loud enough. Sounded like the lead guitar player needed more sustain with the leads.  They sounded really thin sounding!  But the songs rocked!  I got the limited edition silkscreen printed poster sleeve.  4 stars****

Stevie and the Secrets/Sonny Vincent  10"
I've had this for a couple of months, but just finally got to a turntable to hear it.  The Secrets side basically had 2 songs off a single and the song, 'Good Head'!  I've heard 3 versions of this song and I think the Vikings do it the best!  The other side was Sonny Vincent and members of the Pleasure Fuckers.  The music kinda reminded me of Electric Frankenstein.  Not bad!  It's a pretty cool 10"!  I was kinda hopin' to hear more Secrets songs other than what I've heard already.  4 stars****

The Rolling Stones    Black and Blue
This was a time in the Rolling Stones era whereby they didn't really care about the music anymore, at least in my opinion.  You can tell by the music.  They just didn't seem into it!  A lot of slow songs.  Not really rockin' anymore.  I didn't hear much from anybody about this being a good album.  Alot of my friends didn't even have this album.  I knew it existed, but didn't see or hear a song I really like.  I never owned this album, but I had a friend make me a tape and I wasn't really impressed.  But they have all the other shit they've been doing and will continue to do.

The JAM!
The Jam!  Always heard of them, but never got to hear them.  Until finally!  I just remembered seeing pictures of them in suits holding Rickenbacker guitars and basses!  As most of the British bands in the 70's punk rock era came out playin' what was in, Punk, most of the bands turned to pop, British pop.  That was the future of this band and more suitable for the Rickenbacker guitar and bass sounds.  I finally got to hear them and I think they are a good British punk/pop band!

The Bobby Fuller Four!
Who could forget these guys?  Wait, who are these guys?  The song they played which The Clash redid and probably made it a hit for them, 'I fought the law'!  They had some other songs probably nobody else knew like, well, probably nobody my age would know what the fuck I'm talkin' about, but they are a rocknroll band in the vein of surfy, Buddy Holly, clean guitar sounding/Beach Boys type music!

RON 045- HOREHOUNDS "No time for you" (Lp, 500 copies... same songs on side A and side B) The new punk'n'roll band leaded by Sambone (Big Bobby & the night caps), this is their 1st amazing album, after a 7" on Rapid Pulse, produced by Steve Baise (Devil dogs) who played also piano in few songs... amazing artwork by Luca Tieri!!! TRACKLIST: The Ex-Sex thing (is the best thing), No time for you, Slicked back hair, Used abused and confused, Oh yeah!, She's all mine, Death by the gun, Rock out!, Love it or leave it, One-handed love affair, The beast!

Mick Ronson
I didn't discover Mick Ronson until I heard that he played with David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust years!  I didn't learn to actually appreciate his guitar playing until I saw the Ziggy Stardust movies as well!  He's a kick ass guitar player!  He also had a solo career after the Ziggy Stardust era!  I loved the cool Gibson Les Paul Custom in the Natural Wood Finish!  That was fuckin' cool!  I always wanted to get a natural wood finish Les Paul, because of him!  If you don't have any of the Ziggy Stardust material, so get it!  It fuckin' rocks!  He was also in Mott the Hoople for a short time as well!

The Unabombers- On the go
This is their latest cd in one of many!  I haven't heard any of the previous ones!  I heard that they recorded this one at the ever-famous, Steveland Studios in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, Planet Earth!  And when you have recordings from this studio, you can't go wrong!  You've got the driving force of the guitars and vocals from Trey, the danelectro bass playin'via Greg and the backbeat by the hardest working drummer in history, RockOut Greg!
The first time I saw this band, they had a drummer named Carlos!  I didn't catch their show until about 4 years later with the new drummer, RockOut Greg! 

My favorite track has got to be 'Blood Stains'!  I thought it was an Agent Orange song, but it wasn't!  Still a cool song!  I was expecting to hear that cover they do, 'Tears on my pillow'!  There should be a Little Anthony and the Imperials tribute band!?!  Just a thought!  If you don't have this cd, go out and get it!  I've heard it and seen their live show!  You can catch them at Cruzers, I mean, Matt Malloys, I mean, Chicho's, wait, Cogan's, you can catch their shows somewheres in Norfuck!

Loco Diablo Underground Sampler
I wasn't too into this!  There was just alotta metal, new metal that I ain't into!  Sounds like music they would play at the King's Head Inn in between bands!

Hodge Podge Volume 4 CD Compilation
This kinda comp is more my style!  It's got bands from all over the world, mostly Japan and the US, I think!  These bands are playin' rocknroll in the styles of garage, punk rocknroll and shit like that!  I dug it!  There are some tracks by Fifi and the Mach 3, The Horehounds, and many other bands I've never heard of!  But they rock!  At least to me they rock! 

No Time For You
LP - 2003 Rockin Bones. The Stalker / The Ex-Sex thing (is the next best thing) / No Time For You / Love me like before / Oh yeah! / Used abused and confused / Death by the gun / She's all mine / Rock out! / The Beast / Love it or Leave it / Slicked back hair / You tore me down / One-handed love affair / The Stalker (alternative version) / No time for you (live)

Produced by Steve Baise, this baby really kicks lots of ass. The spirit of the Devil Dogs is alive and kicking in this slew of killer tracks! The opener "The Stalker" is a fine rocker in the tradition of The Dead Boys. I love each and every line of their lyrics. The titles say it all: "The Ex-Sex Thing", "Death by the gun", "Used abused and confused" - it's the kind fun lyrics the white bread preacher next door will hate you for while you just sit in your room, turn up your stereo and wail. My personal favorite is "One-handed love affair". It's about a guy whose girl left him, but he doesn't care because his right hand's still there ;-) Anyway, I couldn't find a single boring song on the whole cd. All of them are great songs that sound as cool as can be. You can even hear Steve Baise play the piano on some tracks. Without doubt, this great sounding pack of killers is recommended! Excellent!
My first show @ The Reef
Yeah, this was my first show with a band!  I was there at this bar and talked to the bartender and asked her if they had bands and she asked me what type of music and I told her rocknroll.  She told me that we would have to play for like 4 hours.  That's pretty fucked up!  But they were gonna pay us!  And they did.  But let's go on with the story.

This was my first gig, and the bass player's first show and the drummer's first show anywhere.  We were all kinda nervous and I just kept remembering The Blues Brothers' movie with the chicken wire.  It was kinda like that.  We were a band who used to practice in my parent's garage, but we were not a garage band.  We played mostly Ramones covers and had some originals.  It was cool.  You had me on guitars and vocals, Chris on bass, and Steve on drums.  I had to go rent a PA for the show as well as buy a guitar amp.  So Steve had his own drumkit, but wanted to use mine and there was no carpet for the drumkit at all at the Reef.  The drums kept sliding.  We opened up with Pipeline and they kept tellin' us that we were too loud.  We did do like a 20 minute set and it was horrible.  We sounded alright, but it was just a bad first experience.  We were pretty much in a beach bar that usually had karaoke and country music.  So after our first set, they asked us to leave and they still paid us.  So we left.  The Catholics, as the band was called, left and played some other shows. 

Open mic night @ Tony's, 1995
This is a good way of practicing, live!  In front of people.  We pretty much found this place.  It was more of a classic rock joint as most open mic places are!  Everybody at the bar had 106.9 the fox comin' out their asses.  Some people thought it was cool that we did Ramones covers.  They even considered it classic rock because it was from the 70's!  I remember a bass player came up to Chris while he was playin' and turned him up.  Note: Chris was the bass player, but he didn't know how to play and he had really bad timing and he was tone deaf!  He knew it as well and in his mind, he really didn't wanna be turned up at all!  So we did the Tony's circuit for awhile and the band who hosted the open mic moved to another bar and we followed and just jammed out some tunes!  But they would always put us on very late, I mean, the host of the open mic would say shit like, "hey, we got this local band, the Catholics, they're gonna play some rock music like the Ramones'.  And while he's sayin' this, there's this trailer trash waitress yellin' , 'Last call for alcohol!'  Oh well.  What can you do?

The Crums, Dottie and Ernest @ Coyote West, Norfolk, Virginia, Friday, July 18, 2003.

Alright, it's friday night, it's July, and it's gonna rain like a motherfucker and it did!  So I get a call from Johnny askin' me to come to the show down in Norfuck.  I met him and Angela and Holly at some parking lot on 21st and we all rode together in Angela's car.  I'm not really that tall at all and I felt like a fuckin' giant in her car.  So we get to the bar and there's every fuckin' beach meathead and yuppies in Norfolk in the bar. Yeah, the beach meatheads support the beach talent which come to Norfolk to play and the yuppies come out because it's in Norfolk, it's a yuppy bar to begin with and it's non-threatening music.  As a friend called it, 'The Crums are like Candy Snatchers Light'! 

So we get in there and every fuckin' person in the bar is either a midget or a fuckin' giant!  I think every single giant there was Collin's cousin!  Which brings us to the first band, Dottie and Ernest.  I take it, Collin is Ernest!  Well, Frankenstein was playin' acoustic guitar and singing and there was a drummer I think who played with the Crums and there was this hot, hot, hot chick, Ginger singing!  I didn't quite know what to expect.  It started off really folky!  Not really my cup of tea!   Collin needed some slapback delay on his voice.  It comes with the kinda music he was doing!  I also think they needed a fiddle player as well and probably a banjo player and the band would've been complete.  Probably a mandolin player would've helped.  So we have this chick, Ginger singing and I think the beer sales would've gone up if she would've shaked her ass a little more!  She had such a nice ass, what a fuckin' waste!  And then you have Collin, his fuckin' head was almost hittin' the ceiling.  I kept yelling and telling him to read the menu that was hanging down from the ceiling!  Then, Tim from the Crums got up on bass and it got better.  And then the Crums guitar player got up and it got more rockin' and then the Crums got it and that was the end of Dottie and Ernest.

Okay, the Crums, I hadn't seen them since Collin was the drummer for the band.  Now that was years ago, like 1995 we're talkin'!  But it was cool.  They started off with some surf instrumentals which was pretty much predictable with a beach band!  They pulled them off alright.  My favorite was 'The Eliminator'!  Then, Larry came up to sing the songs!  I knew it was gonna be a long night when I saw the set list!  WHOO!  They did a lotta songs!  It was pretty much alot like a Non-threatening Candy Snatchers!  As if the Candy Snatchers did power pop/rock!  It was cool!  I think I got my 5 dollars worth!  I didn't drink any beer because I'm kinda over drinkin' beer in bars, well, at least buying beer, if someone buys me one, then I'll drink it!  Which was the case, because I paid five bucks at the door, the beers were 3 bucks and I didn't buy one and this guy bought us a round of beers and you figure, 3 bucks for the beer, and that left 1 buck per band that I spent!  Not bad!  It was well worth the money!  Call me cheap, no, poor!  I don't care what the fuck you think!  I'm a poor motherfucker with bills!  I can't afford to go to many shows and drink my ass off!  I was there to hang out with Johnny and Angela and Holly!  I hadn't talked to Holly in a long time, but when we were together at the show, we were jokin' the hell outta everybody as we do!  Well, back to the Crums, there were a bunch of chicks at the show, shakin' their asses and gettin' into the groove!  It was cool!  Just the drive home sucked!  It was all fuckin' flooded everywhere in Norfuck!  WHOO!  That sucked!  But I had a great time!

The Grunt and 12 eyes @ FJD's, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1995.
Why the fuck did I bring this up?  I don't fuckin' know!  This is a piece of Sambone history.  A show that never got reviewed.  A show at the former FJD's which used to be Fins back in the day.  This was a last minute show in which we were asked to open up for the Grunt.  There was no money, just beer and exposure.  This was pretty much my friend, Steve's solo music career happening.  We played mostly his songs whereby he would sing and play drums. 

Well, we got there and there weren't many people in the bar at all, but I just remember Willy Johns hecklin' us while we were playin'!  Me and Steve traded off on vocals.  It was cool.  Nothing special.

The Grunt was a guitar driven, fast skate punk band which did some Agent Orange covers and their own material.  It was cool and there were more people in the bar at that time. 

Shock Me/Appetite for Destruction, The NorVa, Saturday, February 14, 2004.
I'm not big on tribute bands.  Shock Me was the Kiss tribute band from this area and Appetite for Destruction was the Guns N Roses tribute band from North Carolina.

So I'm over there and there are all these kids and their parents who couldn't quite afford to take their kids to see KISS or the GunsNRoses. There were older women still tryin' to flaunt their titties to pickup some local cock.  I think there were more people at this tribute show then there were when Motorhead played there.  Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

First up, you have Shock Me, the local Kiss tribute band.  It was cool. I've never seen Kiss before and wasn't really a big fan of the music until recently. I think they did a good job, but they kept fuckin' up the songs left and right.  Would I go and see them again, probably not!  And no pyro! 

Next up, Appetite for Destruction.  This was pretty good.  I think they did a great job with the whole outfit and entourage.  The singer sounded just like Axl.  I would go see them again.

JRSS & Born in Flames + Freddy Lynxx @ Bubba's Beach Club, Virginia Beach, Saturday, February 22, 2003
Okay, Kitties! It's Saturday night and I'm on vacation and these cats from France are here to play rocknroll! And where else? I don't know! Oh yeah, down at the BBC! Bubba's Beach Club that is!!! So I'm on vacation hangin' out at Steveland Studios in Chesapeake and Stevie has this French band, Born in Flames as well as French Rocknroll Superstar, Freddy Lynxx! It was very nice to meet them all and finally get to hear them play some rocknroll!

Well, in light of the whole band disasters from this week alone, the show wasn't a total disaster! None at all, NO PYRO at all! I wanted to have a video of stuff playin' on the big screen tv while we played, but that was a no-go! All it was was some bondage video! Oh well!

First off, we have the band of the night, Born in flames! These guys play some american rocknroll from a french perspective! Very good rocknroll, I might add! Lots of energy! Great guitar playin', drumming, singing, in English, I might add and great bass playing! If they rocked as hard as they did last night, then they probably rock harder in France and Europe for that matter!!! The sound was more of an AC/DC sound to me! They did a Motorhead song and a Vibrators song which totally rocked! Totally nice guys and great rocknrollers!!!! They are recording an album at Steveland and it rocks! Viva La France!

Next up, I was asked by Freddy Lynxx to do a couple songs with Steve Baise on bass and Frenck, the drummer from Born in Flames! We belted out 4 Johnny Thunders' songs with ease and no cheese! Freddy Lynxx is like the French Johnny Thunders! There are many Johnny Thunders fans, but there are very few who capture the Thunders mystique! Very great guitar player from France, Freddy Lynxx! It was great for me to jump back on guitar for the first time since the Horehounds Final Fiasco show in August of 2002! We belted out songs like Pipeline, I love you, Pirate love and Chatterbox! Great set and an honor to play with Freddy Lynxx!

Finally, we have the JRSS runnin' thru the setlist like everybody's gotta shit hot wings out their asses! They didn't play the whole setlist but they sounded great! Well, I play in the band and I was drunk off my ass! But I think we kept it together as much as possible! I didn't have to shit hot wings! I felt great! I managed to record the whole show which came out pretty good!

In conclusion to this review, I have realized that I have recorded in the studio with Born In Flames and Freddy Lynxx and when I was in the Nightcaps, we did a song which was on a compilation along with Born in Flames' other band, Witcherry Wild and Freddy Lynxx! Amazing Fuckin' Grace!!!! Who knew this would happen?!?! Oh well, ROCKNROLLMOTHERFUCKERS!!!! WHOO!

The Deviltones and Thee Apostles @ Cruzers, Norfolk, Virginia, Saturday, March 15, 2003
This was Thee Apostles last show due to the fact that the bass player, The Rev. Darbe Warner found a new job up north makin' more money!  I don't blame him at all, but there shall be no more Apostles for the time being!  Oh well, what can you do?  Not much, everybody seems to be settlin' down and havin' kids and gettin' better jobs!  It was a very emotional show and many people showed up to support the last show ever!?!  I don't think they came to see the Deviltones!?!

Well, speakin' of, this 5-piece barrel of monkey crap in a 2 pound bag did their set after they showed up late.  Well, you know what?  I spoke of these guys and said that they were pretty much tight with what they did and pretty I didn't like what they did!  And someone said they sounded like Kiss and I can pretty much say, 'Kiss my ass, Lick my balls and go back to fuckin' Richmond!!!'  I would never compare them to Kiss at all!  Anyways, they played an extended fuckin' set for like a fuckin' hour!  They pretty much did their box set of hits and misses and mostly misses!  And then the lead singer tried to start a fight with one of the audience members!  I think it was staged!!!  Oh fuckin' well!  That was over with!

Next up and hopefully not least, but the last show for Norfuck's own, THEE APOSTLES!  Or as 9Vault would call 'em, Three Apostles, but they have Billy England on second guitar!  It was the last show for them and the second show for Billy and what was to be Billy's last!  Oh well!  But it was a great set and they also pulled out some BottleBabies songs for good measure!  They pulled off some Thunders' songs and 'Surrender' by Cheap Trick!  The only thing I was disappointed about was that fact that they didn't do 'Suspicious Minds!'   That would've been the icing on the cake!  But for what it was worth, it was a great show!  Take care, Darbe!  and Rock out wherever you go!  And in Holly's own words, 'Get some gotdam equipment!'

The Deviltones and Dragstrip Syndicate @ Bubba's Beach Club, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Friday, April 8, 2003.
It was a rainy, dreadful friday night with nothin' to do!  My buddy, Greg calls me askin' me if I'm goin' out to the BBC to see the dragstrip syndicate and after 2 beers, I decided it was something to do!  We're talkin' pouring down rain!  The rain sucks!  I get into the bar and I know this band, Control Council was there because their lame asses were wearing their own t-shirts in the bar!  If that ain't fuckin' gay, I don't know what is!  And that is!  But this fuckin' review about that gay ass band anyways, it's about the gay ass band from Richmond and that other band we'll be gettin' to soon!

Now, first up, we have the Deviltones from Richmond!  I'm gonna keep this short and sweet:  They're good at what they do, I don't like what they do and it ain't rocknroll!  End of story!

Secondly and lastly actually, we have the Dragstrip Syndicate!  Okay, I met one of the 20 fuckin' guitarists they have and he's actually pretty cool!  They have good guitar players, don't get me wrong, but you don't need 3!  And these guys are an American band, right?!?  Well, they are an American version of the Scandinavian band, The Hellacopters!  I actually like the Hellacopters!  Well, their early shit was cool!  But this review ain't about the Hellacopters!  Anyways, you've got this band the DSS which is the exact mold of the Scandinavian band and the Scandinavian band is a direct mold of american rocknroll!  Does this make any sense?  Like a copy-copy cat!  I think whatever era or stage the Hellacopters are in, the DSS copies it!  Pretty fuckin' lame and in a friend's words, pretty fuckin' gay!  If you wanna be Scandinavian, move to fuckin' Scandinavia!  Nobody gives a shit about it here!  Well, very few, I might add, like the girlfriends and roadies of the band who rode up with them! 

This part of the review is a commentary of the BBC (Bubba's Beach Club).  Alrighty, Rich, the drummer of the JRSS, my band, never promotes this band at all!  We've played there 3 times and never had a camera crew come out like he wouldn't shut up about, never had anybody record the show on tape, and many other things he wouldn't shut up about.  I just think it was lame that it was the DSS first time playin' there and they got videotaped and we've been there 3 times and nothing!  Now, that's gotta be the lamest thing in BBC history!  Or probably Rich is the lamest thing in BBC history!  And I'm not gonna bring up his "record label" or his Mickey Mouse towels!

JRSS, The Unabombers @ Matt Malloy�s, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Saturday, November 23, 2002
Saturday night and I'm doin' drunken interviews for my zine, The DIRT! and there's a show at Chips Ahoy and we've got 2 bands on the bill, JRSS and The Unabombers!  First up, we have the JRSS pullin' out a rockin' set in the dark in front of Drummer Richie Rich Ramone Radzinsky's workplace, the BBC, Bubbamint Beach Club with the best hot wings on the east coast or in Richie's words, THE WHOLE FRICKIN' WORLD!  Richie's got this thing about world dominance for the Hampton Roads area!  Hie Hot Wing Hitler!!!  When he's not drummin' or deejayin', he's shovin' hot wings down everybody's throat with some fuckin' tabasco sauce from the BBC scorchin' everybody's colon with the wings of death!  Yeah, I think the wings range from mild, medium, hot, super hot, hot to trot, gotdam mama is hot, to nuclear bloody colon cotton swab!  Well, this same show will be there at the BBC in 2 weeks on a Thursday night, the eve of Sambone's 30th birthday on December 5th, 2002, so be there if you weren't at this show and if you were at this show, get some hot wings and stuff 'em down yer fawkin' throat!!!  Why?  'Cause Richie sez so!!!  Anyways, back to the JRSS!  Well, we had to change up the set list because we didn't want it all to sound like the same shit everytime we play out!  But that totally threw off the J in the band, AKA, 'Jay Dub'!  But when you get lost, you've gotta either stop or look at where everybody's at and then recover!  Stevie managed to cut himself on his guitar strings and bled all over his new 2002 Gibson Flying V Faded Cherry Guitar!  All in all, the set was great!  Lotsa fun and support from the BBC!  They could've at least brought us some wings!  They had their whole staff there supportin' Richie!  That was cool!

Well, the Unabombers started up and the BBC was gone and that was pretty much half the crowd!  But they still rocked out some tunes!  Always my favorite, 'Tears on my pillow!'  Trey's Marshall kept cuttin' out on him and that's gotta be a real pisser!  That's my worst nightmare!  Oh fuckin' well! 

I did manage to get some good audio footage for the 1st audio version of The DIRT, so the tape is a keeper!  But be sure to join us again, the very show in 2 weeks at Bubba's Beach Club on 17th st across from the Underground on December 5, 2002, thursday with the JRSS and the Unabombers!  HOT WINGS!!!

JRSS, The Unabombers @ Bubba's Beach Club, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, December 5, 2002
The last day of my roarin� fawkin� twenties!  The last day of being twenty-nine!  The eve of my thirtieth birthday!  And where do I get to celebrate?  Bubba�s Beach Club!  Oh, no!  No hot wings for me!  I noticed in the restrooms that there weren�t any cotton swabs to wipe my ass if I did want to get the hot wings!  Fuck it man!  I had a Bubba�s Beach Burger!  It was pretty good!  It was a crabcake on top of a burger with cheese!  I ain�t really into crabmeat, but it wasn�t really that bad at all!  Great service I can tell ya that!  The waitress was almost pourin� the fuckin� beers in my mouth!  Well, Bubba�s never had bands to my knowledge of the place being in existence since the 40�s and wherever the place has been for that amount of time!  So we were the guinea pigs, well, actually, the Unabombers were the guinea pigs!  They helped us, set the levels for the vocals when the JRSS had to come up!  Which brings me to the fuckin� show review! 

The Unabombers were up first and the first to test Bubba�s on this memorial Thursday night and b-day bash!  Yep, no vocals, or there were vocals, but the drums were too loud, or no real soundman, or you had a drummer running the sound or who the fuck knows?!?  And on top of that, they blow a fuse!  Right on, now that�s rockin� like Dokken with some high voltage rocknfuckin�roll!!!  Finally, after pretty much their whole set, the vocals came back, I think after Stevie got in the sound booth and tweeked some knobs if not his own nipples!  It was very dark in there as well!  They had every tv on in the place and I think that�s what overloaded the circuits!  They finally turned off the tv�s as well as the big screen one which was just in time for Elimidate, this show which has this guy who has to pick one chick outta...fuck it, we didn�t get to what it!  Oh well, they did their set and we had some G. Wise commentary in the key of Vinnie Barbarino!  Always entertaining! 

Next and hopefully not least, the JRSS!  They did their usual rocknroll set with the Hot wing Hitler on the drums, J-dub on the bass, Sambone on the vocals and tamborines and maracas and Stevie B on the guitars and backup vocals on �Golddigger�!  It was also dark for our set as well!  The JRSS did played a new song entitled, �Nothin� to lose� which they had just learned 2 days prior and it came out pretty good! 

Well, what can you do?  It was a cold Thursday night on December 5, 2002 and I wanted to get drunk on my b-day and I got free food and beer and played some rocknroll with a PA in the tune of Cogan�s and Cruzers!  These kind of venues need a soundman!  But when the bands ain�t gittin� paid, then there ain�t no money for the soundman!  That�s what I boils down to!  But there will be more rocknroll shows here in December and the new year to come, so look out and rock out with yer cock out, motherfuckers!!!!

The GoNoWheres & Nancy and the Knockers @ Bubba�s Beach Club, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Friday, December 13th, 2002
It�s Friday, nothin� to do in this borin� fuckin� town!  Except to go to ODU to watch some fawkin� pro wrasslin�!  Yeah, I never seen so many fuckin� rednecks in my life!  I thought I was at some NASCAR or a WalMart clearance sale!  Geezus!  Yeah, it was pretty cool to watch some pro wrasslin�, but it wasn�t as exciting as what you seen on the television!  Yee-haw!

Oh well, I was with Stevie and we left outta there and went to the local rocknroll show at the local BBC, Bubba�s Beach Club!  We got there kinda late, but we just caught the tail end of the GoNoWheres set and by gawd, I didn�t miss, SUPER VEE-EIGHT!  Yeah, I ate alotta candy at the wrasslin� match and I probably needed a V-8 to clean out my system! 

Next up, we had Nancy and the Knockers playin� some rocknroll from Richmond!  It was cool!  Drink, smoke, fuck, fight!!!!  Yer gotdam right!  Of course, with Nancy and her band, a great set of Knockers� music again and again!  To see them in person!  To see them in my hometown of the tidewater area!  To see them on stage!!!  To see them up close and personal!!!  So close, you could almost touch them!!!   WHOO!!!  Those knockers!!! You gotta love� em!!!  You could almost taste the���great hot wings at Bubba�s!!!  You can�t go wrong with �em at all!  Great food as well! 

Anyways, I did get some good audio recordings for my upcoming The DIRT audio zine #2!  The DIRT audio zine #1 is out now and I have some copies left!  I made a limited supply, but just ask me for one if you don�t have it and want one!  The DIRT audio zine #2 will be out shortly!  I just need more audio footage and you motherfuckers can hear what goes on at the bars and what kind of DIRT I get for my zine!  Plus, I will be puttin� out a music compilation of bands, probably between 6-10 bands and it will be part of The DIRT series of DIRT!  Stay tuned!!!

Jimmy and the Teasers, Buzzsawyer, The Strap-ons @ Cruzers, Norfolk, Virginia, Saturday, Dec 21st, 2002
Alright, it's Saturday night and no fuckin' flyers up in town for some local rocknroll.  If you ain't got a computer, you're pretty much fuckt as to know when there's gonna be some fuckin' rocknroll because there's like 3 places in this fuckin' area that has rocknroll shows and they don't fuckin' advertise worth a shit!  Yeah, this show just so happen to be on a night whereby there wasn't any fuckin' DJ night for 2 bucks playin' some EMO rave shit!  Fuck that!  We already had to pay 4 bucks to listen to the Strap-ons!

First up on this Saturday lovely fuckin' evening, we have Jimmy and the Teasers from North Cakalacky!  There's something about hot ass chicks rockin' out!  The only ugly chick in the band was Jimmy!  But it was some rockin' shit!  I wanna fuck the guitar player chick and the bass player and titfuck the drummer!

Next, we have Buzzsawyer also from North Cak!  They are a 3-piece biscuit dinner of rocknroll which pulled off a set much like that of the Supersuckers!  I thought they were a pretty tight band, but I also thought the songs were just too fuckin' long!  Great metal playin' guitar!  And the drummer was some Lurch lookin' guy who reminded me of the tallest man in rocknroll playin' behind a K & K toy drumkit!

Last but least, we had the Strap-ons, but I didn't catch much of the hot lesbian action due to the fact that my ride was leavin' and I had to drive!  From what I caught, it was a very slow down syndrome set unlike that of the past Strap-ons carnival shows I may have caught beforehand!  No more Norman Bates Psycho Bill on the gits, I think they gave him the boot!  Not only does this suck, now it really sucks!  Bill gave the band that edge!  He was the fuckin' co-founder of the Strap-ons glory!  Brian, I mean, Rodney Dangerfield, I mean Dr. Idle is the only living member of the Pimps/Strap-ons empire!  Well, I guess Bill is off the web page!  Wait, I think he's the one who does the web page!  I guess there ain't a Strap-ons web page!  Oh fuckin' well!  No loss there!

The Dirty Fingers, JRSS, Thee Apostles @ Cruzers, Norfolk, Virginia, Saturday, February 15, 2003.
Alright, it's a shitty day here in the Tidewater area because of the fawkin' rain! Yeah, well, it was snowin' in some other parts of the Virginia, like Charlottesville to be exact and to be exactly exact, that's were the drummer and bass player from the Dirty Fingers are from and due to the fact that it was snowin', they didn't wanna come down for the show due to the fact that they would have to drive in the snow! Well, I heard otherwise, but what the fuck can you do? Pretty much nothin'! So it was a no show for The Dirty Fingers! Scotto showed up at least! Yeah, I came to the bar early and discover Norfolk's forgotten guitar hero!?! drinkin' the free beer on the Dirty Fingers tab! Dirty Fingers? Exactly! He's got the dirtiest fingers in the book! 

Oh well, so the JRSS came up and played a set for the lovely people of Norfolk who actually came out to the show! Amazin' fuckin' grace! Yeah, I play in this band and I thought it was a great set! The band hadn't played out since Dec 5th at Bubba's Beach club and it was high time to play out again! Rich even had his work staff from Bubba's out there supporting him or giving him an intervention or whatever! I was just upset due to the fact that he had his work staff there, from the Bubba's Beach Club and it's known for the best hot wings on the fawkin' planet and they couldn't even bring us a 6-piece, something! Oh well!

Next and hopefully, not last, we have THEE APOSTLES! I hadn't seen them in awhile and they had the show with Billy England who was an ex-Strap-on/Pimp, the man who helped start it all with those band and he was playin' second guitar to E-rock! They played a great set in memory of the late great Johnny Thunders, belting out 'Seven Day Weekend' and 'Born to lose'! I still missed the Elvis Presley cover of 'Suspicious Minds'! You can't go wrong with a little Elvis! Sounded great with the 2 guitars!

Memories of a Nightcaps show!
Big Bobby and the Nightcaps, The Steel Miners, and The Candy Snatchers @ 31st st Pub, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1997!
This was back when Serge was a drum whore, well, actually, THE drum whore in the rocknroll scene! He played with the Nightcaps and then with the Snatchers! This show, I�ve never seen Bobby drink so much, especially the Iron City free beer we got!  

Well, first off, we have Big Bobby and the Nightcaps. I recall playin� my new old Epiphone Coronet I got from Rippers� music and it sounded great.

Secondly, we have The Steel Miners on their Own Turf playin� out a killer set off their �Irony� album!

Last, but not least, we have the Candy Snatchers! Okay, Rockstar or Boxstar Willie, you decide, had An amp, a Peavey amp that was beat up to hell and was what to me and Bobby to be a decoy. Well, he was tryin� to borrow the bass rig that the bass player used in the Steel Miners.  He said this, �hey man, yer shit�s already set up, why don�t you lemme play thru yer shit!�  Yeah, and Matt was playin� his brand new Gibson Les Paul Special that his girlfriend bought which was fuckin� up on him! I was to understand that the Mighty Bosstones were Playin� some show down the street from us due to The fact that one of them or some of them were Watchin� our show in their suit and ties! Afterwards, Bobby was  too drunk to drive, so we Had to leave the rental car at the bar.  We hitched A ride from Matt and the Snatchers over to Max�s House!  Actually, we went to some bar down the Road and some people in the band decided to Burn one and the bouncer of the bar says, �Whoever�s Smokin� pot better put it out or I�m gonna kick Yer ass!!!�  Needless to say, we left and continued On our journey to Max�s house in Matt�s van! Well, In Matt�s van, the Candy Snatchers� touring van, Matt, well, I guess us as well, happened to sideswipe Many cars on the street, parked cars while tryin� To pick up chicks on the sidewalks!  Well, we finally Got to Max�s house and it was party central, coke, pot, You name it!  I�m on the couch passin� out from Mucho Iron City beer and actually I do pass out and the chick From the bar, Max�s girlfriend, woke me up and said, �Hey, do you wanna go to bed?�  And I replied, �with you?�  And she said, �No, there�s a bed upstairs!� So I get upstairs and Bobby�s layin� face first on the Floor snoring away!  So I found a place on the floor And fell asleep!  The
next morning, we had to drive to Ohio to play somewhere and me and Bobby had to Walk back to the rental car which was still at the bar. Yeah, Bobby drank mucho beer!  I�d never seen him This drunk since I�d been in the Nightcaps!  Well, We�re walkin� like 3 miles to the car in the Morning And Bobby�s pukin� like every 20 feet. We finally get In the car and he�s still feelin� like shit and he started Pukin� in record sleeves from the records he�d scored the day before.  It was a bad scene!
Great Show though!

Jimmy and the Teasers, JRSS, Roper @ Holy Chow, Richmond, Virginia, Friday, October 4, 2002
Okeydokey, kiddies, here's another review from yours truly, motherfuckers!  First up, I play in the JRSS and we were chattin' in the Chesapeake before we rode up to Richmond for the show.  Everybody was talkin' about the bass player from the Horehounds and that they see him everywhere and wish they didn't!  And I responded, "he's everywhere you don't want him to be!" and Rich, the drummer says, "yeah, he's the Anti-Visa!"  So we get up to Richmond in yer one way, you can't turn here/you can't park here fuckin' town, I hate fuckin' Richmond!!!  We see the sign for the show and it reads SSJR!  Whatever the fuck that means!!!?!?!?  So we're in the bar and the band only gets 2 pitchers of beer and free food!  Geezus man!  The 2 pitchers were gone in like 10 minutes!  So that was my drunken escapade!  Fawk it, I mean, Fuck it!!!

Well, first up, due to this last minute show, we have Richmond's own, Roper!  Don't ask!  I don't know who the fuck these guys were and at the same time, don't care!  Enough said!  But I did talk to the drummer and due to the fact that they were shitty in my book, they had been playin' for 2 years or probably more and it was pretty shitty, what do you expect from Richmond?  I didn't expect anything more!  I tuned them out when I was drinkin' beer!  I had Pabst blue ribbon on my mind!

Secondly, we have the JRSS or in the dyslexic-ass Richmond, SSJR or what I called the fuckin' SS Minnow, whatever you call it, it was rocknfuckin'roll!  Too rockin' for Richmond because we scared everybody outta the bar!  Pretty sad because it rocked and it was our second show!  Richmond sucks!

Thirdly, we have Jimmy and the Teasers from North Carolina!  All I have to say is there's this guy with 3 hot chicks in the band!  Okay, the drummer wasn�t really that hot, but when she got behind the kit, whooo, all I can say is that when you see some 38C big boobies shakin' and blonde hair, hey, she was hot!!!  And the rhythm guitarist and bass player where hot with their cheerleading outfits!  MMMMM....MMMMM.....GOODNESS!!!

At the end of the show, the Teasers were puttin' on a show for the last drunks in the bar with the hullahoops!  OH YEAH!  If my zine was Hustler, I would've given this show a FULL-ERECT rating!
Nancy and the Knockers, JRSS, The Runarounds @ Cruzers, Friday, November 1st, 2002
Drink, Smoke, Fuck, Fight!!!  As stated by Nancy from Nancy and the Knockers, the band from Richmond!  I can dig it!  Punk rock from Richmond with the Knockers belting out some tunes at the Cruzers joint!  They played many songs in such a short time almost like a Ramones� set!  Kinda like Joey Ramone startin� off the set like this, �It�s great to be back in NOOOOR-FOLK!, take it Dee-Dee, (1,2,3,4!), Thank you, Goodnight!�  They played a fast and tight set!  I was in front of the bass player, Tammy, checkin� her out and getting� her revved up while she was playing!  I also caught up with them recording in some studio out in Chesapeake the next day and interviewed the band.  Great set of some of knockers music from Richmond punk rock!

Next up, we have the JRSS or if yer from Richmond, SSjr.!  Oh well!  Great set of some parts unknown rocknroll from the ex-strap-ons/gonowheres + ex-man, Stevie and the other ex-man, you add beer and then you rocknfuckin� roll!  A great rocknroll set!

Finally, you have the Runarounds from North Carolina!  Johnny Psycho finally brought back the Gibson Les Paul Junior!  Nice to see the someone playin� one again!  Keepin� the Thunders tradition alive!  They had a new drummer keepin� the beat in the back (he mentioned to me that it was his 3rd show!)  I told him that it was the JRSS� 3rd show as well!  And with that in mind, the Friday night show at Cruzers was great!  Not many people, but at least 30 of them paid!  Oh and we can�t forget the bass player of the Runarounds, the hot and sexy Angela with her new Gibson Nikki Sixx bass!  She looked so hot with the blonde streaks in her hair and her, her�.lemme stop! 

Nancy and the bangs, Big Bobby and the Nightcaps, & The Hillbilly Werewolf @ the Tokyo Rose, Charlottesville, Virginia, September, 2001
Ok, this is a show that never got reviewed and I was fuckin' there and I'm gonna fuckin' review this fuckin' show!!!  Well, I was hitchin' a ride with the Ashleys and we were following Stevie and the Nightcaps up there!  We went a whole other way which seemed to take a long fuckin' time!  Stevie even got  a fuckin' ticket on the way up!  Well, I made the assumption that Stevie  was drivin' thru all these fuckin' back fuckin' roads tellin' Bobby all these stories about being on the road!   I even made up some dialog which I think Stevie was sayin' to Bobby: "Ya know, Robert, these fuckin' roads back heya were fuckin' dirt roads!  When I used to play in that fuckin' band, da fuckin' Rat Bastards and PT-109, all this fuckin' shit was fuckin' farm fuckin' land!  None of this shit was fuckin' here!  And right there, (Stevie pointing) Robert, there was a fuckin' hot dog stand, they had some fuckin' coney island dogs, bratwurst, cheesedogs, you fuckin' name it, they fuckin' had it!  You put mustud on it and fuckin' eat the shit!  Unbelievable!" 

First off, we have Nancy and the Bangs and I think we were told that the band was gonna be Nancy and the Knockers, but it wasn't that band and she did or she does have some big fuckin' knockers!!!!  She told me that she's a 36-D! Now that's a mouthfull!!!!  OH YEAH!!!!  Anyways, their guitar player was the clean cut version of Witt.  Dude, if you were there, you would think the same as well.  Fuckin' Goose, (Doug) even walked up to the guy and thought he was Witt, no lie man!  It was hilarious!!!  These guys were playin' some garagey music from Richmond!  It rocked!

Next off, we have Big Bobby and the Nightcaps! Bobby had a curly ass wig on for awhile and he told me that it's his Larry May wig!  That was hilarious as well!  They rocked as usual!  Amazingly enough, I provided the guitar equipment for Witt and at the end of their set, I sat in on the song I helped Bobby write, "Goin' nowhere fast"!  It was cool to be up on stage again and playin' that song!  That was alotta fun!

Lastly, we have the Hillbilly Werewolf!  Rockabilly from Charlottesville! Creepy Scott dressed in his misfits outfit and makeup and all and a labcoat! This music reminded me of very early Misfits!  He had a killer fuckin' Supro! Great voice!

Ok, the after hour party was at Goose and Creepy Scott's house!  They were spinnin' records and drinkin' whoo!!! PBR!!!!  Yeah!!!  I love it!!!  Well, we had been drinkin' all night and it seemed like the night was a relationship rescue retreat!  The fuckin' guitarist and bass player in the band, Nancy and the bangs were a couple and they were fighting!  The Ashleys were fighting as well!  But fuckin' Creepy Scott's chick was just gettin' naked in front of us!  I remember this very well because she's got some nice boobies and I remember Girl ashley talkin' in the kitchen with the drummer from the Bangs about fake boobies and here's fuckin' Scott's chick gettin' naked and exposin' the goods!  ROCKNFUCKIN'ROLL!!!!  I also remember she was tryin' to get Scott to fuck upstairs and Scott was just pushin' her away so that he could play some records!!!  GEEZUS!!!

This was a great show and great after hours party!

The Horehounds, The GoNoWheres, The Unabombers @ Cruzers, Norfolk, Virginia, Friday, August 2, 2002
Alrighty, I had a bad week at werk, actually at both jobs!  One job was just kinda shitty and the other job fuckin' cut my hours because they hired some new motherfuckers who'll end up fuckin' quitin' anyfuckin' ways!  Oh fuckin' well!  But I get home on Thursday due to the fact that I didn't have to work the part time night job and I go to take a nap and my phone rings off the hook and I didn't answer it because I didn't wanna get charged for usin' my cell phone because I get some free time after 7pm!  Ok, cheap, no, I'm poor! There's a fuckin' diffrence between cheap and poor, poor means you ain't got the fuckin' money to begin with and cheap means you've got the fuckin' money, but yer cheap ass don't wanna spend it!!!  So I get the call from the drummer and he tells me we're playin' this show at Cruzers with the Unabombers and the Grownohairs!  Well, originally, Lostribe was suppose to play the show, but I guess they cancelled!  They would've fit right in at Cruzers! 

Okay, first up we have Norfolk's own, The Horehounds!  I'm in the band, once again and I'm reviewin' this band and show, why, because I'm in the band and because it's for the zine, my zine and because I can, fawk it!!!  Well, it was a proud day, night, rather for the Horehounds, because this was the fuckin' best I've heard 'em sound in years and it's like the year anniversary of this band and we've stopped practicing in February 2002!  The songs sounded great, very few mistakes, but I'm totally pleased with this fuckin' show!  I didn't get totally shitfaced like I did last friday!  Good job, Horehounds!

Secondly, we have The GoNoWheres, from Virginia Beach, as I have heard them called the Grownohairs and the lead singer/bassist called them, The Gonadhairs!  Well, they pulled off a great set!  Songs were very tight and the drummer sounded like he needed to get some frustrations out because he was beatin' on the drum set like he was tryin' to kill somebody!  I especially like the song, 'Super V8' because it's the only recorded song of theirs that I've heard and it's catchy, "Super V8, Super V8"!!!

Lastly, we have the Unabombers from P-town, I take it!  They pulled off a great set as well!  The best part was hearing the in-between-songs dialog! It killed me when they went into the whole 'Vinnie Barbarino' stint!  That was great!  And they went into an oldies tune, 'Tears on my pillow' which was in my opinion, pretty cool!  Did I mention that Greg Wise sang backup vocals with the Horehounds on the song, 'Rock out'?  Well, he did and I'll quote him on this matter, Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, 'Rock out' is my jam!"  Well, I wrote 'Rock out' because I was tired of hearin' this chick at work sayin' 'Rock on' all the time like she fuckin' had a Beta tape of Wayne's World shoved up her fuckin' ass and it made her cool!?! 

All in all, it was a good night for me and I hope for anyone else!  Rock on, I mean, Rock out motherfuckers!  Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!!!

JRSS, The Horehounds, The Dirty Fingers @ Cruzers, Norfolk, Virginia, Friday, August 30, 2002, The Dirty Fingers Record Release Party!
Alright now, it�s Friday, it�s raining and it sucks, but at least it wasn�t scorchin� hot for the next to last day of August!  Who gives a rat�s ass!?!  Anyways, we have the another show at the Cruzers which I have dubbed, �Cruzers is for boozers!�  Another night at the flip bar and suckin� down some free beer as I was DJ�ing, if that�s what you wanna call it due to the fact that the regular �DJ� was outta town!  My first experience at this shit!  I guess it was alright, I played some good rocknroll from my burnt cd collection as usual!  Well, this night was suppose to be special due to the fact that it was the record release party for the Dirty Fingers from Charlottesville!  It was also the one year anniversary for the Horehounds and it keeps getting worse with time!  And also, we had the JRSS debuting their first show ever with the comeback of ex-band members of the Strap-ons, GoNoWheres, Nightcaps and Secrets, fuck, let�s put the Devildogs, Vikings, Pearl Schwartz, Waldos, Sonny Vincent, and the GoToHells!

Anyways, first up, we have the debut band from Norfolk and Virginia Beach which was my lead singing debut and this band practices in Chesapeake!  That�s a happy medium!?!  Hey, what do you expect?  Rocknfuckin�roll baby, that�s what you get!  We have Justin on the Fender Jazz Bass and Rich on the Pearl export drum kit, Stevie on the Hot Pink Gibson SG thru a Marshall Lead Series 100 watt head and then there�s Sam on the vocals and maracas!!!  There was a song dedication to the dead Ramones, Joey and Dee Dee called �The End of the Ramones� which the lyrics also happen to be in the first issue of The DIRT!  The cover of the Dead Boys tune, �Caught with the meat in your mouth� was also a crowd pleaser as well!  Due to the poor lighting at Cruzers, the guitar player, Stevie had to use a lighter to help him see his tuner as his guitar went outta tune and he had to tune up!!!  The JRSS finished up with a song dedicated to every chick who is a golddigger, hence the song, �Golddigger�!  Maracas were used in this song, but probably not heard at all!  Hey, the good thing about this show, I just so happened to record the song on my 4track and so far it sounds pretty good for using one mic! 

Next up in the Cruz joint, we have the Scorehounds from Norfolk and I also had to play with these guys!  I don�t have much to say, NO PRACTICE = SHITTY PERFORMANCE!!!  Nuff said!!!

Last, but not least, we have the Dirty Fingers from Charlottesville!  They put on a great show!  They did a cool cover of the Joneses song, �Pillbox�!  You�ve got the badass bass player, Goose and Scotto on the gits which by the way, he has come a long way, he fuckin� rocks, Josh on the drums keepin� the fuckin� beat and Tony on the vocals and bottlebreakin�!  My two favorite songs they do will always have to be, �Only Perverts� and �She�s a slut�!!!  Their debut single is on Black Lung records, go buy it!!!
The Final Fiasco, The Unabombers, The Horehounds, Thee Apostles and The Candy Snatchers @ Chichos, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Monday, September 3, 2002.
Alright, Chicho�s, Monday night, last show rocknroll show!!!  I ain�t too crazy about Crazy Charlie�s meathead mansion takeover for beach meathead/college/ surferduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes!  Fawk that!!!  I�m really gonna miss the beer and pizza and the pushed up bra boobies of the waitresses!!!  WHOO!

In this event, I was callin� around to see who had any equipment due to the fact that my amp was at Steveland Studios!   So I was callin� around to Erico and Larry to see what the deal was and to no avail!!!  I was told by Larry that the Gonowheres, Apostles, Unabombers, Horehounds and Snatchers were on the bill!  Yeah, fuckin� right?!? 

There were no GoNowheres and we were all waiting there patiently for some equipment and whoo, let there be drums!!!  You�ve got 3 drum whores in the area and nobody communicates, but to some avail, geezus karyst, Serge had a drumkit!  Holy fawkin� gawd!  Every guitar player played thru the Unabombers equipment!  Thanks, Trey and Greg and Greg!

First up, we have from P-Town, the Unabombers playin� a tight set with the �Tears on my pillow� song played and also a tribute to the dead Ramones, �Blitzkrieg Bop�!  You can�t go wrong with some Ramones!!!!

Secondly, we have the Horehounds playin� a couple tunes off their EP on Rapid Pulse records!  A better set after the Cruzers chaos!!!

Thirdly, from the sewers of Nawfuck, Thee Apostles with Greg Wise on the skins again previously on the Unabombers set!  Greg is a hard hitter with so much soul and passion with every drum he beats!!!!  Erico was playin� some cool slide guitar and it�s been a long time since I�ve seen the Three Apostles!  They still fuckin� have it!!!  When�s that Black Jesus reunion show happenin� Erico???

Lastly, we have the band of the hour, the Candy Snatchers playin� a rockin� set as expected!  They played many songs and rocked Chicho�s as every band did before them!!!  Matt with the Double neck Danelectro behind the head was fuckin� great!  They played a Stones� song, �Jumpin� Jack Flash� and I had to tell Willy that it was in the key of B! 

Anyways, goodbye to Chicho�s!  Goodbye to the pizza, Goodbye to the free beer, goodbye to the fuckin� meatheads that run the fuckin� joint and goodbye to rocknroll because the fuckin� beach ain�t gonna see or hear rocknroll again!?!
Quang-T    April 12fth, 2002, friday @ Planet Music, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
OK, I've never heard these guys and girl!  But a couple of people told me that they were pretty good.  Kinda like a cross between the B-52's and the Sweet.  Note: (The Sweet, one of my all-time favorite bands!!!)  By the way, they did a version of 'No you don't' and slammed right into 'Cherry Bomb' by the Runaways!  It was pretty cool and kinda predictable being that they have a hot chick singer!  Well, I first walked into the store and I see Collin Coates gittin' ready to start beatin' the drums, as the 'tallest man in Rocknroll!' I come in and call him 'Loser Frankenstein!'  Anyways, he looks like a fuckin' giant playin' drums on a little bitty ass K&K toy drum set for 2-year olds!!!  I also caught this band doing a cover of 'Saturday Night' by the Bay City Rollers.  I couldn't tell at first, but it was the song and I thought they were spelling Saturday wrong and I was tryin' to spell it with them and I ended up spellin' it wrong, go figure.  But I think the highlight of the show for me was when the chick singer grabbed the tamborines and started banging on them!  Well, of course, me, the man who wrote a song like 'BFT' would notice tamborines and big boobies on the chick singer!  Yeah, being that we were in a place like Planet Music, it was like a toned down set due to being in a "music store" and there were kids sitting on the floor! Well, I didn't wanna sit on the floor only due to the fact that if I was sittin', I would probably expect a lap dance from the hot chick lead singer and I was fresh outta ones!!!  But all in all, it was a good set with one guitar, no bass, hot big boobed chick lead singer and Frankenstein on drums! They really needed some bass lines for the songs and I would've probably thought it would've been a better set!  But big boobs and rocknroll helped to give this a rating of a thumb up and a D-cup squeeze!!!

The Horehounds and Runarounds @ Cogan's Instant Art, April 13, 2002 Saturday
Alright, it's Saturday night and there's nowhere to go but to Norfolk's big rat hole I call Cogan's Instant Art!  Where else can you go to hear some rocknroll fuckin' music with no soundman, yep, you gotta it, Cogan's!  Anyways, first up we have Norfolk's own, as Larry says, "Norfolk's last hope for rocknroll!" The Horehounds!  Okay, I'm in the fuckin' band, but I'm gonna review it as if I was actually watchin' the band!  Well, I was watchin' the band and listening to them and they sounded like shit in my opinion!  But for the amount of practice, NONE and the equipment they bring to the show, NONE, they pulled off the set list of some tunes off their upcoming ep on Rapid Pulse records and album coming out in cd format on DUI records and vinyl on Rockin' Bones records this summer!  Enough of the band plug!  Anyways, they did two songs that weren't on their usual set, but the boys were ready to play them and were very shocked and still managed to pull it off!  Songs like "Used, Abused and confused" which they hadn't played in awhile and the Outsiders, "Time won't let me" which was kinda brutal.  But for the amount of practice, NONE, that they have, they managed to pull off a mediocre set of rocknroll fuckin' tunes!

Next off, we have all the way from North Cakalakey, The fuckin' Runarounds!!!  They fuckin' rocked the fuckin' place as they always do anywheres!!!  I just don't know how Johnny Psycho can see when he plays the guitar!!!  He is truly amazing!  And they have a new bass player added to the line-up, Johnny's girlfriend, Angela, who in my opinion fits the band better than Robert Katherman AKA Big Bobby or as Johnny refers to him as "Big Bopper!" Well, Angela can play her ass off and she's a whole lot easier to look at than Bobby!!!  Short skirt, she's sooo hot!!!  Lemme stop!!!  The band played some tunes off their album, Easy action and rocked out some more new tunes I hadn't heard that also rocked the fuckin' place!!!  I had heard a tune they recorded at Steveland called, "Out drinkin' again!" and I kept yellin' at Johnny to play this song and they did and I think beer sales went up about 20 percent!!!  Actually, I think beer sales went up about 30 percent when the Horehounds got off the stage and Angela got up on stage!!!!  The Runarounds then busted into the Ziggy Stardust tune, "Suffragette City" and it fuckin' rocked!  This is all I have to say about the show as a whole, "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!!!!"  This show gets a 2 thumbs up and a $30 bar tab!!!

Fujiwar, The Horehounds and The Gonowheres @ Matt Malloy's in Virginia Beach, Virginia, May 11th, 2002
Alright, it's Saturday night, nothin' to do and there's a show in Virginia beach off of Virginia beach blvd behind some trailer park called Matt Malloy's formerly St. Pat's which was formerly O'leary's which will probably end up being a fuckin' Eckerd's someday if this name change keeps up!  Well, I get to the bar and with this place I've never been to, there's no free beer or discounted beer for nobody!  Which makes for a real shitty night, if you ask me!  That really sucks!  It should be complimentary for bands to get free beer!  They had some cheap brew that they had in this refrigerator of all this imported shit that probably fell off a truck!!!  Some beer called Shiner which looks like it from a different country, but it's made in Texas!!!  It's got a label on there that tells you how to pour yer fuckin' beer!!!  It's already sad that the bands ain't gonna make jack shit for cash in the first place and the splittin' the door between 3 bands and then ending up tryin' to split taco bell money to the band members!  Anyways, let's get to the fuckin' music here!

      First off, we have this band from Nags Head, North Kacalacky, called Fujiwar.  These guys were very tight and had their shit together.  Real fast songs which reminded me of NOFX and other Fat Wrecks or Lookout bands.  The lead singer and bass player were tradin' off on the vocals which in my opinion to play this kinda music, everybody should sing like the gang chorus parts for your back up vocals!  They had many songs very short and very fast!  I'm not really into their music, but it was very fast and tight and together!

      Then you have the Mighty ighty Horehounds from sewers of Norfolk!  What can I say about this band?  Well, many fuckin' things!!!  Well, first off, the bass player shows up with nothing in his hands and jumps up on stage!  This makes for NO loading and unloading of equipment!  ROCK STAR!!! Well, at least the music sounded alright for a band that never practices!  At least in my opinion!  Well, the Horehounds didn't really fit the bill that night due to the fact that most of the crowd was there to see the band, Fujiwar!  It just didn't fit, Punk, then Rocknroll, and then Punk again!  But for what it was, hey, what the fuck can you do?  Yeah, it was hard tryin' to work the crowd and nobody really seemed into it when the Horehounds were up on stage, except for this guy who comes out to see the Horehounds pretty much all the time and he's right up front stage rockin' out at every show!!!  But the show was recorded live on tape and hopefully it comes out! Oh well!?!

      Last, but not least, the Gonowheres from their hometown of Virginia Beach!  Well, these guys I've never heard before, but on a compilation put out by Steveland whereby they performed the song called 'Super V8'!  I waitin' through their whole set to hear this song!  They band kinda reminded me of the Supersuckers with the bass player singing the songs!  Great songs and the band was tight and altogether!  All in all, it sounded to me like that first and last band actually have rehearsal space and practice alot and have equipment! 

The Horehounds, The Dirty Fingers, and The Candy Snatchers @ Swingers, Richmond, Virginia on Saturday, June 1st, 2002
Ok, big city Richmond, the fuckin' capital of Norfolk, I mean, Virginia!  Who gives a fuck!?!  Trendy town, USA!  How do you get a fuckin' beer here if you ain't got a tattoo on yer neck or yer fuckin' scrotum sack pierced!?!  Who cares, right?  Well, there was a cooler filled with some Milwaukee's Beast awaiting my arrival!  Ok, there was a Nashville Pussy show going on around Richmond at the same time!  Ya know, a band with this name and a hot redhead chick with big boobs, hey, where is everyone gonna be at?  Who knows?!?!
First up we have the Horehounds out of Norfolk, Virginia playin' the first set!  Yes, this night was better than the night before at Bennigans with a fried PA system!  The only difference tonight, we had some beer, free beer unlike that of Bennigans (Batterson's, if you ain't got the clue yet!) 3 beers per band!  That's so fucked up!  Anyways, the Horehounds blasted into a 3 song medley of with the opening song sung by Josh, the Stalker, the song! And then immediately going into the 2 songs off of their brand new fuckin' single on Rapid Pulse Records!  The set was quick and to the point due to the fact that the soundman was so fuckin' lazy and horsedickin' around with his own mic like he was gonna start rappin' with the fuckin' bands or something! All in all, the set was quick and to the fuckin' point and honest rocknfuckin' roll!
Second, we have the Dirty Fingers out of Charlottesville, Virginia!  This show for them was a redemption song of some sorts due to the fact that they played the night before at Bennigans with no PA!  Their set seemed to be really short as well, but I especially like the songs I've heard before Suck as 'She's a slut' and 'Only perverts'!  Now, these songs are like anthems to my fuckin' life!  Because only perverts dig rocknroll!  I remember back in the day when Scotto, the guitar player, was first startin' out on guitar And now he's a bad motherfucker! 
Last but not least, we have the Candy Snatchers of Norfolk/ Virginia Beach, Virginia!  These guys usually put on a great show and they did! It's always nice to see the band in the most original form as it will ever become with Willy Johns back on bass!  And of course, the back beat beatnik on the drugs, I mean, drums, pounding away a beat and then lookin' like he's gonna pass out from heat exhaustion!  Great show, I think whenever the Candy Snatchers play, the beer sales go up about 15%!
All in all, the show was great and it was a great bill to have these 3 rocknroll bands last night!  I'd also like to mention that there were many hot Richmond chicks last night as well!  WHOO HOO!  Boobies!!!

Cobra Spa, The Horehounds, The Strap-ons @ The Seaman's club, Norfolk, June 7, 2002!

Ok, it's Friday night and there's no Cogan's and we've gotta go out to the Seaman's Club and hear a band play, just as they would at Cogan's!  Well, it was like we were in another country like in south east asia and some chick was gonna serve me up a beer in a rickshaw!?!  But it was a great show due to the fact that it wasn't like Cogan's, but there still wasn't a sound man!  What can you do?  Pretty much nothing!!!  Oh fuckin' well!!!!  

First up, we have the local band, Cobra Spa, led by what I've been told, 'Rocknroll Joe', but I don't think he even likes to be called that!  But there was alotta original rock songs with some wah pedals reminding me of some Supersuckers to my mind!  It looked to me that the drummer was sitting very high on his stool and like he was just too big for his drum kit almost like Collin Coates on a K&K toy drum kit!!!  But they rocked out some original tunes as a Norfuck band should!!!  It would be better to hear some vocals on a better level, but they still rocked!

Second up, we have the lone lost los Horehounds from Norfolk, fuckin' Virginia!  This band never practices, but still manages to pull off tunes from their up coming album and 45 release on Rapid Pulse records which can be found and purchased at Skinnies records in Norfolk.  These guys can belt out shit like it's going outta style and still have time to suck down some fuckin' beers and sound alright in their set!!!  The all time kicker was the dedication song to the late Great Dee Dee Ramone, known to his mother as Douglas Colvin!  The band played 'Chinese Rocks' in honor of the only reason why the Ramones ever fuckin' existed in the first fuckin' place!  Oh well.  'Chinese rocks' is a fuckin' hard song to screw up, but we had the Apostles' choir and Vic Demise and even Fresh Rags' hardcore Holly on the vocals with the tribute to the king, Dee Dee king that is!  

Last but not least, we have the Strap-ons featuring Ash Horehound on drums due to the fact that the Strap-ons own drummer or drummer(s) flaked out on them at a show!  Pretty fucked up if you ask me!!! How can you have 2 drummers and not one of those loser motherfuckers can show up to a show!??!??!?!?!  What are they the fuckin' grateful fuckin' dead or something?  Who the fuck knows?  Ash pulled it off as he does with all his drumming!  But Kate was lookin' good!!  I must say!!!  OOOHH WEEEEE!  

Pleasure Fuckers, Granny's 12 gauge, Nightcaps, Nashville Pussy @ Nyabinghi, Morgantown, West
Virginia, Summer 1997.
My summer vacation weekend to West Verginya! Whoo hoo!
Yeah, all I can remember is that it was hot, not
Verginya hot, but hot enough and I remember Surger
drinkin' some warm ass beer in my car the next morning
before we left Morgantown! We'll get to that later.
This was a big show due to the fact that the night
before, The Pleasure Fuckers played at RT. 44 in VB
with no PA and it pretty much sucked! Here's a band
from Spain and 44 couldn't get a fuckin' PA for the
fuckin' band! I think the Nightcaps were scheduled to
play, but it never happend. Let's get to the fuckin'
show review, shall we!?!

First up, we had the Nightcaps with Erico Verdrive on
Rhythm guitar! Up for the trip was ex-Candy Snatchers'
drummer, Barry Johnson! I remember we all got this
hotel room and we all partied all thru the night! I
don't remember sleeping! But the Nyabinghi was
probably the coolest club I've ever played at with a
cool ass jukebox! Any bar that has a jukebox with the
Stooges is pretty cool to me! There was a big turnout,
but not until Nashville Pussy and the Pleasure Fuckers
started up! The Nightcaps pretty much played their
normal set!

Next up, we had Granny's 12-gauge! It was their home
turf and I'd seen them before and I still wasn't
impressed! I really pretty much tuned them out!
Then we have Nashville Pussy, I'll sum it up in 4
words, chicks, tits, fire and rock!

Last but not least, all the way from Spain, the
Pleasure Fuckers!  They were fuckin� great!  I was
totally impressed with them!  They had synchronized
moves to the tune of Rod Stewart�s, �Hot legs�!
Fuckin� great!  All the guys were tryin� to hit on
Nora, the rhythm guitar player!  She was hot!  A lot
of loud guitars and a big fat guy who belted out some
rocknroll in a Spanish way!  It was fuckin� cool to
see them!  I�ve never seen a lead guitar player play a
Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman hollowbody and
play some fuckin� rocknFuckin� Roll!  I was amazed!
Great fuckin� band!

The B-Movie Rats, Chicho�s, Virginia Beach, Virginia,
Fall, 2001
This was probably one of the better shows I�ve ever
seen at Chicho�s!  The only thing that place had going
for them was the pizza and it was only good because
you were drunk and hungry!  I�m always impressed with
bands with 2 guitar players who both share the lead
guitar playin� duties!  It fuckin� rocks!  They had
the whole Southern rock guitar licks going!  More like
Angus Young chops!  It was fuckin� great!  They even
had some chick dancing on the bar!  Yeah, I hooked her
up with my Harris Teeter VIC card!  I had no money!
They fuckin� rocked the place!   One of the very few
shows I�ve seen at Chicho�s I really dug!  Yeah, these
guys haven�t been back to this area yet!  Oh fuckin�

Big Bobby and The Nightcaps, The In-sect, & The Cowslingers @ The Union, Athens, Ohio, Spring 1997
This was the second time I had played at the Union!  Probably the second time with the Cowslingers as well!  I think we played first.  At this time, we were a 3-piece band.  I can�t really remember playin� because I was drinkin� my beer thru a pitcher!  It�s all a blur!  All I remember is that the stage was on the second floor!  That sucked!  Hiking all the equipment up the stairs!  Whoo!  

The In-Sect played a garagey set doing songs like, �Talk, Talk� and many other songs I can�t really remember!  Man, it was long ago and I was really drunk!

The Cowslingers did there usual rockabilly set and I don�t remember there set as well!  I was drunk!  I know this may be a piss poor review, but I had a drunken great time and all the bands were great!   It was a great bill!  This was also the same line-up at the Columbus, Ohio gig! 

I think the after hours party was more exciting!  Probably more like the ride to the after hours party!  We had this hippy chick, Beth drivin� a van for us and she was from Ohio!  She was the drunkest one and she was driving!  Go figure!  Well, she knew where to go and we were all along for the ride!  I remember she was takin� a right turn and she caught the bumper of a parked car.  She was draggin� the car and wonderin� why we weren�t moving at all!  She probably dragged the car about 30 feet from the parking space!  I just remember she was tryin� to gun the van and we were all yellin� at her, �Dude, stop the van!�  So we had to get out of the van and we had several guys pick up the car, a cutlass, and we picked up the car about 30 feet and we put the car back where it was!  That was fuckin� hilarious when you think about it!  Beth was fuckin� drunk and high as shit!  It was funny!  I had heard several stories that she was being chased by the cops one time and she drove her car into the forest hiding from them!  That�s too hilarious!  Beth, if yer still around or if you�ve been caught, yer my fuckin� hero! 
Oh yeah, I can�t really remember the party as well!  All I knew was that I wasn�t driving and I drank a lot!  I think also before we left there was an episode at the buggies outside the bar!  The food buggies!  There was a pizza buggy, a sandwich buggy, and a burrito buggy, wait there was also some Indian food buggy as well!  Some ali-ba-ba buggy!  I don�t fuckin� know!  These outta town shows were cool!  I had a blast!

Iggy Pop, October 31, 2001, Norva, Norfolk, Virginia
I had hear that Iggy was coming to town! It was halloween and decided to check it out! This was a great experience going to see one of my all time heroes! He had a good back-up band! They played some songs off of his new album at the time and then he played what people came to hear, Stooges material! They even played, 'Death Trip' which totally took me off guard and it was the last song! That was fuckin' great! He had people from the audience come up on stage for either the 'Passenger' or 'Lust for life'! It was cool and a great experience! Long live Iggy!

The Cult, 1999, The Boathouse, Norfolk, Virginia
I hear these guys for many years and only got into that one song off of the 'Love' album, 'she sells Sanctuary'! And I've always loved the 'Electric' album! It was very powerful! They played most of the songs off of the 'Electric' album! There were only 2 original members, Ian and Bill! Bill was lookin' pretty rough! The drummer who played with them also played with GNR! It was cool and a good experience to see Bill Duffy play his ass off with the strip finish Gibson les paul! that was sooo cool! One of the very few great shows I've seen at the Boathouse!

Big Bobby and the Nightcaps, Peabody's, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Summer 1997
We were tryin' to get shows due to the fact that we didn't have a practice space anymore! Surge was also playin' in the Snatchers, so he was always up to par with his drumming! So we get this show at Peabody's and we're playin' at a fashion show! It was fuckin' lame as hell! I remember Matt hookin' us up with the show, but the Snatchers weren't gonna play the show at all! I think as I remember, that we were the only band from Norfolk! So we had some people there from Norfolk giving us some support! Yeah, in between each set, there would be the band breakin' down their equipment and the next band setting up and in between, there would be a dj rappin' his ass off! Bobby wasn't too enthused, neither was the punk/rocknroll crowd! Well, the place was packed with surfers/beach meatheads! It was our time to play and I had a Mesa boogie half stack that was loud as fuck! And Bobby was talked into playin' the transistor bass rig that was already on stage! It was a piece of shit! So I'm all set up and Bobby's on the mic sayin' shit like, 'He get this rap shit off the stage!' while tossing the dj's records! So we start playin' our set and as we're playin' the crowd of meatheads and probably the dj were tryin' to pull Bobby off the stage! I'm thinkin', 'wow, this is like a candy snatchers' show!' And we're like 3 songs into our set and Surge has a drumstick and half a drumstick and he's like, 'What song are we doing next?' As we are waiting, the crowd of meatheads pull Bobby off the stage and pull him away! Surge pretty much gets off his drumkit and dives into some meatheads! So I didn't wanna be left out, I took my guitar off and I dive for the meathead who pulled Bobby off the stage! If you've never been to Peabody's, in front of the stage, there is a dance floor and around the dance floor there is this wooden railing! As I was diving off the stage like a football tackle, I hit the guy and tackled him and the we hit the railing and the railing just comes down like a bulldozer running over a sign! There wasn't a big riot, but we only played for 20 minutes and we got kicked out of Peabody's! We still got paid, but I had to come back another day to get the money!

The Horehounds at Chicho's, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Fall 2001
This was a fuckin' disaster! The key is, never play a show booked by Larry if he ain't gonna be at the show dj'ing! It was sketchy to begin with! We get in there and it's dark as fuck! Mucho beach meatheads! And it was early, like 9pm! I knew it was a bad scene when I didn't even see Larry there and when the multitude of beach meatheads outweighed a possibility of like at least one person I would know! Well, the Strap-ons were gonna play, but they discovered the same shit! So they stayed for the show, but they backed out of playing! The other bands were fuckin' rap bands with band behind them! It was kinda weird playin' behind them! We got up there and every time we finished a song, it was either quiet in the whole fuckin' bar or there were like fuckin' golf claps! It was pathetic! On top of that, I had parked my truck behind the bar because I was going to park in a lot whereby I would pay the fee and the chick in the lot told me I could park behind the bar! Fuckin' whore! My truck got towed and my friend's truck got towed! Yeah, we borrowed this chick's truck because it was a 4runner and it was rainin' like cats and fuckin' dogs! So we had to get money outta the bank and get out cars outta hock! I was furious as well! The tow truck guy was tryin' to do the paper work and I was tellin' him shit like, 'I bet yer gonna have a great fuckin' meal tomorrow, towin' all the fuckin' cars! I gave you the money and you need to move this fuckin' tow truck motherfucker!!!' I was pissed! I swore never to play Chicho's again! Or the Beach for that matter!

ZZTOP and Ted Nugent, Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Sunday, May 11, 2003
Alright, I got the phone call from my buddies, Johnny and Angela about the big rock show at the Amphitheater, ZZTop and Ted Nugent!  They had free tickets to go see them!  I couldn't turn that down!  And why not, I've never seen either one of the bands!  And plus, I've never been to the amphitheater!  Well, I got off work and picked up Holly and we went down to Johnny and Angela's place to drink a few due to the fact that we weren't gonna pay 6 bucks for a beer!  Fuck that!  So we got tanked up before we left!  And the opening act was Jonny Lang!  I think we could miss that shit and we did!  Well, we finally got seated and I don't know about you, but we had every motherfucker in our row of seats gettin' up to get more beer and we had to stand up so they could go thru and it fuckin' suck major monkey balls!  Everytime we had to do that, I would turn to Johnny and say, 'Nice fuckin' seats!' He knew I was just jokin' though!

Well, this Sunday was an experience within itself!  It was like the nightmare trip to fuckin' Busch Fuckin' Gardens!  We parked so gotdam far, I was waitin' for the Trolley or some monorail!  I don't know, I've never been there!  So after the fuckin' hike!  I realized I should've drank some fuckin' water during the day to compensate my fuckin' thirst for oxygen from the water I drink!  Oh fuckin' well!  Yeah, I think I was the only asian guy there!  There were so many bikers and white trash, I thought I was at a flea market or Wal-mart superstore!  I thought for sure there was gonna be a lynching!

First up, we had Jonny Lang!  Anybody who spells their name J-O-N-N-Y is a total fag to me!  We didn't see him, didn't care! 

Next up, the Nuuuuuuuuug!  Ted fuckin' Nugent!  The All-American motherfucker!  Great fuckin' show!  Very entertaining!  He had the American Flag with Ted Nugent on it!  Really fuckin' big!  He had the combat get-up going on stage!  The drummer was up on risers so fuckin' high as well!  I don't know about the bass player!  This motherfucker was going for the Billy Duffy look, but he was playin' bass!  I don't know, but I think it's really hard to rock out on bass!  He was just tryin' way too hard!  They played some hits like, 'Cat Scratch Fever', 'Wango Tango', 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang'!  I didn't care much for the backup vocals on that number!  I'm sure Ted had back up singers in the past when he was really big!  But it's time to save up on money when you ain't the headliner, sell some shirts for $50 bucks, play as a 3-piece, and play with the sound equipment they provide, like some Peavey amps!  Yeah, pretty much, if yer a big act and you ain't gettin' any younger, the key is to manage yer fuckin' money!  He did bust out the bow and arrow and shot an arrow at a cardboard cutout of Saddam!  That got the crowd all hopped up!  That was very patriotic!  I remember Ted was bustin' out some leads on his guitar and said something about to the nature of, "you can't do that with no Jap guitar!"  Holly made the joke that wheh Ted said that, everybody in the crowd looked at me!  That was funny!

Last, we had ZZTOP!  They did play their hits, but 90 percent of their show was pretty much long and draw out 15 minute blues songs!  The hits were great to hear!  I didn't think it was complete until they played, 'Sharp Dressed man!'  It was cool, but very long! 

It was a great show and something to do on Sunday night!  But with the price of the tickets, I probably wouldn't've payed the price and special thanks to Johnny and Angela for hookin' me up!

Big Bobby and the Nightcaps, the Empty Glass, Charleston, West Virginia, 1996
Charleston, West fuckin' Virginia! I don't know how he got this show at all! It was in the capital of West Virginia if that meant anything! We didn't have the white rental cargo van! Bobby rented a mini-van! We traveled in comfort and style! So we get to the place and it's a little dive just a few hairs bigger than Cogan's! I didn't know what to expect for West Verginya! So we're wheelin' our equipment into the bar and the soundman was there and he saw my Mesa boogie halfstack and by the squeakin' of the wheels, he was already tellin' me that it was gonna be too loud!
The bar had a place for the band to stay, right up above the bar in a section they called, The crib! Whatever! The Crib consisted of many mattresses on the floor and another stairway up for more partying! Yeah, it was just hard to try to sleep on mattresses with pecker trails everywhere, so I found a chair and slept there! Bobby slept in the van with all the equipment! He said that there was some drag racing going on all night! Well, lemme talk about the show!
Well, there was another band, but I didn't know who the fuck they were! There was this couple at the bar and the West Verginyan lady kept askin' me, 'Hey, are you fillerpeener?' 'Where are you guys from?' 'Verginya?' 'You mean East Verginya?' Yeah, there was this hillbilly who kept askin' us if we were a 'thrash band!' I left the bar and just laughed my ass off and told the guys! We finally started playin' and I remember people actually dancing to our music! Freaked me out!
Yeah, these people had no clue of rocknroll! Or at least the rocknroll we played! Silas was not wrong to say that this bar should've been called, 'The Empty Skull!' I think it's safe to say that I will not be going back to West Verginya any time soon! Or at least to Charleston! Yee haw!!!!

The Candy Snatchers and the Shunts @ Mango's, Norfolk, Virginia, Spring 2001
I had heard that Witt had a band called the Shunts and I wanted to check them out! I was tryin' to get back into the rock scene! I took a chance! I got to see people I hadn't seen in years since my 4 year absense from rocknroll! The Shunts reminded me of punk rock in the vain of the Angry Samoans with more guitar leads ala Witt! They even did an Angry Samoans song, 'Right side of my mind'! It was cool! It was good to see Witt back on stage again!
The Candy Snatchers were up next with new bass player, Voss! He was from Seattle and was a big fan of the band and knew every Snatchers song! What a dork! That's not a fan, he's a fanatic! Well, they got up and played some songs and I think Surge fucked up many songs and Matt gets all pissed off and punches Surge in the head! And throughout their set, Matt is just frustrated and gets off the stage in a fit and rage and heads to the bar in the middle of the set! Larry is on the mic sayin' to Matt, 'Yer a baby, Matt is a little baby!' It was too funny! They got back on stage and finished the set!
It was cool to see the guys again after my 4 year absense!

Date Bait, The Nightcaps, and Monsters from the surf,
Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, Maryland, 1996
I think this was the second time the Nightcaps played
here!  It just sucks to have great equipment and then
you can't really use the fuckin' equipment to it's
full potential!  That's the whole fuckin' point of
havin' great equipment!  Well, I had a Mesa Boogie
Halfstack and I couldn't really blast the fucker!  So
I wasn't that happy!  Oh fuckin' well!
First up, we had Monsters from the surf!  Great surf
guitars and Trashmen sounding 3-piece band!  I was
impressed!  More impressed with a 3-piece band playin'
this kinda music than the Cowslingers! 
Next, the Nightcaps took the stage and I was playin' a
Hamer White Dawg prototype guitar with a humbucker and
a single coil wrapped around each other!  The guitar
sounded great, but it was a Hamer!?!  Great twangy
single coil sound!  Good set!  There were people
dancing to the stuff!  Fuckin' amazing!?!
Last, Date Bait!  Great rocknroll set from the former
Slickee Boys, Kim Kane and the rest of the guys!  They
had some long-haired Stryper lookin' guy on lead
guitar!  It was kinda weird!  He didn't fit the band's
image!  Total 80's metal rocker!  Short guy with long
brown hair, tight blue jeans with white high tops
pretty much screamin' I love 'Monsters of rock!'  But
they played a great set!

The Candy Snatchers, Pearl Schwartz, The Polyplush
Cats @ Kings Head Inn, Norfolk, Virginia, Summer, 1995
Whoo!  It was a hot summer!  Another night at the
Kings Head Inn!  I got word that Steve Baise of the
Devildogs was coming into town with a new band, Pearl
Schwartz!  This band was put together on the fly as
the japanese chick from the 5,6,7,8's, Ono ching from
the Jet Boys, and Dave from The Stallions!  But we'll
get back to them in just a minute!
First up, we'll start with the Polyplush cats!  I
think they're either from Richmond or northern
virginia or DC!  I don't fuckin' know!  I just
remember the bass player/singer looked like a hoochie
with a big ass!  She could probably pass for a go-go
dancer!  I can't really remember what they sounded
like!  Oh well!
Up next, Pearl Schwartz!  Steve Baise played bass and
sang, pretty much everybody sang except for the
drummer!  Both japanese guitar players had Greco Les
Paul Juniors in TV yellow!  I was pretty cool!  I
remember meeting Steve before the show and he was
tryin' to get rid of some Devildogs/Vikings merch!  I
used to have a tape of this show, but I let someone
borrow it and now it's gone!  It was pretty cool!  I
remember they did a Stones' cover, 'Stupid Girl' and
AC/DC's, 'Girls got rhythm'!  It was cool!
The Candy Snatchers took the stage and played their
usual set with Barry Johnson keeping the beat, Larry
singin' his ass off due to the fact that the PA system
was fuckin' up and you know the rest of the story! 
It was a great show and I got to meet a Devildog!

The Nightcaps and The Plungers, The Continental, New
York City, New York, 1997
Alright, the Nightcaps were recording on the weekend
of this show!  We played on a sunday night!  The
Nightcaps were finishing the tracks for the Screaming
Apple album!  I had never been to the Continental
before, but I had planned to go there once with a
buddy of mine back in 1991, never happend!  It was
cool!  A typical New Yawk rat hole!
There were many fuckin' bands playin' all fuckin' day!

We pretty much played next to last!  I don't even
remember the band before us!  I remembered that the
beer was expensive!  Pretty much everything was!  We
rocked out though!  We weren't really practicing much,
but Surge was already playin' with the Candy
Snatchers!  I was able to record the show and it came
out pretty good!

Next up, the Plungers!  This band was comprised of the
guitar player and bass player from the defunct
Stallions!  It was a 3 piece of rocknroll with white
guy hippy lookin' drummer!  They rocked!  Reminded me
of the Stallions, imagine that!

The Horehounds, The Dirty Fingers, & The Candy Snatchers @ The Tokyo Rose, Charlottesville, Virginia, October 2001
Okay, back up to Charlottesville to the Tokyo Rose!  This time I rented a car and we drove up in style!  I had to take the Scorehounds up to the U of VA to play a show!  Well, we got there and I played my clear Ventura Dan Armstrong Copy!  It sounded killer!  We pulled off some old songs I used to do with the Nightcaps, such as "My First Car" and "Big Fuckin' Tits"!

Next off, we have The Dirty Fingers, Goose, a former Nightcap who formed a band with Scotto Blotto who played with the Halfways of Richmond, Josh from the Hillbilly Werewolf and Tony from Richmond!  They pulled off a great set! They did an encore of the same set as well!

Lastly, we have the Candy Snatchers!  Steve Baise filled in on the bass! They pulled off the Stones like Rocknroll as they do every time they play! They even did, 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'!

Let's get to the after hours party, shall we!!!   Well, here we are drunk in a city in virginia and in a rental car following some people to a party by which the chicks in the house wouldn't let all these fuckin' guys in the house!  There were many people outside and it was fuckin' cold as shit outside!  GEEZUS!  I said, 'Fuck this!'  Me and Ash just fell asleep in the car!  Hours later, everybody was fuckin' gone!  Here we are, in fuckin' Charlottesville and drunk in a rental car and we don't know where the fuck we are!  So fuckin' Josh calls me on my cell phone cussin' me out for leavin' him in Charlottesville!  We finally come to Goose and Creepy Scott's house and pick up those losers!  So we leave and we're approachin' Richmond and we're all hungry and I agreed to take the Scorehounds to, where else?  THE GOLDEN CORRAL!!!  Yeah, we got there at 7am and we were like the first fuckin' people to get there!  So were all eatin' there and I had to take a shit real bad and Ash sez, "Where are you going?  to take a shit?"  And I said to him, "You ain't never been to a buffet before?"

The Factory Playboys, The Horehounds, & The Candy Snatchers @ CRUZERS,
Norfolk, Virginia, Friday, July 26, 2002
Friday in hot ass July, but it wasn't really that hot that night!  On the Cruzers flyer for Friday night, July 26th, Factory Playboys, Horehounds + Guest!  Any fuckin' ways, this place was formerly called the Seaman's club! Now it's called Cruzers!  Whatever the fuck that means!?!?!?  I don't care, my beers were free and I got drunk!!!  And dude, I'm not even into asian chicks and I was totally diggin'  the Asian persuasion chicas!!!!  Oh yeah!

First up, we have the Factory Playboys, 2 of them of which were part of Big Bobby's flyin' circus and formed this stint.  Actually, come to fuckin' think of it, every fuckin' band that played tonight had 2 nightcaps!!!  But in this band, you have the original nightcap, Gordo and the rhythm guitar player, Jim Buck!  They have hooked up the two guitar attack with many many many covers such as my favorite Sonics song, "Dirty Robber" taught to them by, of course, Big Bobby!  They also pulled off many Kinks covers as well as a Chocolate Watchband song, "Are you gonna be there (at the Drive in?)".  It was cool to hear that song!  It was amazing to see Gordo with a pedal board of effects for his guitar sound when Big Bobby used to tell me stories on how he would never even step on the Fuzzface pedal that Bobby purchased for him!  Well, the chick from Quang-T came up to me and told me that she liked the review of the show they did one time and I put 2 and 2 together and came to realize that her man who plays bass for Quang-T also plays drums for the Playboys! Well, when I saw Quang-T, he was playin' guitar because their guitar player quit and they were lookin' for a guitar player and then Collin quit on drums! But I do think they're still lettin' this thing go on, sound familiar to you?  Sounds like the fuckin' Strap-ons carnival of freaks!  Nobody stays in that band!  You try it, you get on the webpage and then you quit!  Like a bad habit!

Secondly, we have the Sambone and the Diabetics, I mean, The Horehounds!  Okay, hey, I'm in this band and I'm reviewing the show!  Hey, I'm a blind motherfucker and I couldn't see shit!  Well, I was also a drunk motherfucker and I couldn't play worth a shit as well!  But what can you do?  I don't know, yer askin' the wrong person!  Hey, I was there to get drunk, play music and have a great fuckin' time as I do every time I go out and play music!!!  We had Greg Unapostlebomber on the back-up vocals especially on his jam, "Rock out" and "She's all mine!  Hey you guys, The Horehounds single is out on Rapid Pulse records, go out and buy the motherfucker, it's at Skinnies Records store on 21st street in Norfolk!  Or if yer a cheap motherfucker, I'll make you a tape and if you want a burnt cd, just ask me and I'll hook you up for a small fee of course!!!   Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Ash played drums for the Nightcaps!

Finally, we have The Candy Snatchers and before I forget, Matt played Guitar in the Nightcaps after I left and Serge was the original drummer for the Nightcaps!  Okay, "we the people from Norfuck, have no equipment, we borrow and share equipment, drink to get drunk, play music and rock the fuck out!!!!"  It was fuckin' cool to see Matt play his double neck Danelectro! It was like fuckin' seein' Jimmy Page play 'Stairway to heaven'!?!  It was cool!  Light a fuckin' lighter!  It looked to me that fuckin' Serge was dyin' on the skins!  But they pulled it off!  I think they did some new songs as well, I couldn't tell, the PA wasn't that loud at all!  It's great to have Willy Johns back on the bass!  Now they are about 3 quarters the original

All in all, the show was great!  I had a great time!  I played, got drunk and made it home alive!  And I woke up this morning and had a fuckin' headache from hell and that only means that I had a great fuckin' time the night before!!!!  WHOOO!!!!!!

Nancy and the bangs, Big Bobby and the Nightcaps, & The Hillbilly Werewolf @ the Tokyo Rose, Charlottesville, Virginia, September, 2001
Ok, this is a show that never got reviewed and I was fuckin' there and I'm gonna fuckin' review this fuckin' show!!!  Well, I was hitchin' a ride with the Ashleys and we were following Stevie and the Nightcaps up there!  We went a whole other way which seemed to take a long fuckin' time!  Stevie even got  a fuckin' ticket on the way up!  Well, I made the assumption that Stevie  was drivin' thru all these fuckin' back fuckin' roads tellin' Bobby all these stories about being on the road!   I even made up some dialog which I think Stevie was sayin' to Bobby: "Ya know, Robert, these fuckin' roads back heya were fuckin' dirt roads!  When I used to play in that fuckin' band, da fuckin' Rat Bastards and PT-109, all this fuckin' shit was fuckin' farm fuckin' land!  None of this shit was fuckin' here!  And right there, (Stevie pointing) Robert, there was a fuckin' hot dog stand, they had some fuckin' coney island dogs, bratwurst, cheesedogs, you fuckin' name it, they fuckin' had it!  You put mustud on it and fuckin' eat the shit!  Unbelievable!" 

First off, we have Nancy and the Bangs and I think we were told that the band was gonna be Nancy and the Knockers, but it wasn't that band and she did or she does have some big fuckin' knockers!!!!  She told me that she's a 36-D! Now that's a mouthfull!!!!  OH YEAH!!!!  Anyways, their guitar player was the clean cut version of Witt.  Dude, if you were there, you would think the same as well.  Fuckin' Goose, (Doug) even walked up to the guy and thought he was Witt, no lie man!  It was hilarious!!!  These guys were playin' some garagey music from Richmond!  It rocked!

Next off, we have Big Bobby and the Nightcaps! Bobby had a curly ass wig on for awhile and he told me that it's his Larry May wig!  That was hilarious as well!  They rocked as usual!  Amazingly enough, I provided the guitar equipment for Witt and at the end of their set, I sat in on the song I helped Bobby write, "Goin' nowhere fast"!  It was cool to be up on stage again and playin' that song!  That was alotta fun!

Lastly, we have the Hillbilly Werewolf!  Rockabilly from Charlottesville! Creepy Scott dressed in his misfits outfit and makeup and all and a labcoat! This music reminded me of very early Misfits!  He had a killer fuckin' Supro! Great voice!

Ok, the after hour party was at Goose and Creepy Scott's house!  They were spinnin' records and drinkin' whoo!!! PBR!!!!  Yeah!!!  I love it!!!  Well, we had been drinkin' all night and it seemed like the night was a relationship rescue retreat!  The fuckin' guitarist and bass player in the band, Nancy and the bangs were a couple and they were fighting!  The Ashleys were fighting as well!  But fuckin' Creepy Scott's chick was just gettin' naked in front of us!  I remember this very well because she's got some nice boobies and I remember Girl ashley talkin' in the kitchen with the drummer from the Bangs about fake boobies and here's fuckin' Scott's chick gettin' naked and exposin' the goods!  ROCKNFUCKIN'ROLL!!!!  I also remember she was tryin' to get Scott to fuck upstairs and Scott was just pushin' her away so that he could play some records!!!  GEEZUS!!!

This was a great show and great after hours party!

Memories of a Nightcaps show!
Big Bobby and the Nightcaps, The Steel Miners, and The Candy Snatchers @ 31st st Pub, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1997!
This was back when Serge was a drum whore, well, actually, THE drum whore in the rocknroll scene! He played with the Nightcaps and then with the Snatchers! This show, I�ve never seen Bobby drink so much, especially the Iron City free beer we got!  

Well, first off, we have Big Bobby and the Nightcaps. I recall playin� my new old Epiphone Coronet I got from Rippers� music and it sounded great.

Secondly, we have The Steel Miners on their Own Turf playin� out a killer set off their �Irony� album!

Last, but not least, we have the Candy Snatchers! Okay, Rockstar or Boxstar Willie, you decide, had An amp, a Peavey amp that was beat up to hell and was what to me and Bobby to be a decoy. Well, he was tryin� to borrow the bass rig that the bass player used in the Steel Miners.  He said this, �hey man, yer shit�s already set up, why don�t you lemme play thru yer shit!�  Yeah, and Matt was playin� his brand new Gibson Les Paul Special that his girlfriend bought which was fuckin� up on him! I was to understand that the Mighty Bosstones were Playin� some show down the street from us due to The fact that one of them or some of them were Watchin� our show in their suit and ties! Afterwards, Bobby was  too drunk to drive, so we Had to leave the rental car at the bar.  We hitched A ride from Matt and the Snatchers over to Max�s House!  Actually, we went to some bar down the Road and some people in the band decided to Burn one and the bouncer of the bar says, �Whoever�s Smokin� pot better put it out or I�m gonna kick Yer ass!!!�  Needless to say, we left and continued On our journey to Max�s house in Matt�s van! Well, In Matt�s van, the Candy Snatchers� touring van, Matt, well, I guess us as well, happened to sideswipe Many cars on the street, parked cars while tryin� To pick up chicks on the sidewalks!  Well, we finally Got to Max�s house and it was party central, coke, pot, You name it!  I�m on the couch passin� out from Mucho Iron City beer and actually I do pass out and the chick From the bar, Max�s girlfriend, woke me up and said, �Hey, do you wanna go to bed?�  And I replied, �with you?�  And she said, �No, there�s a bed upstairs!� So I get upstairs and Bobby�s layin� face first on the Floor snoring away!  So I found a place on the floor And fell asleep!  The
next morning, we had to drive to Ohio to play somewhere and me and Bobby had to Walk back to the rental car which was still at the bar. Yeah, Bobby drank mucho beer!  I�d never seen him This drunk since I�d been in the Nightcaps!  Well, We�re walkin� like 3 miles to the car in the Morning And Bobby�s pukin� like every 20 feet. We finally get In the car and he�s still feelin� like shit and he started Pukin� in record sleeves from the records he�d scored the day before.  It was a bad scene!
Great Show though!

Jimmy and the Teasers, JRSS, Roper @ Holy Chow, Richmond, Virginia, Friday, October 4, 2002
Okeydokey, kiddies, here's another review from yours truly, motherfuckers!  First up, I play in the JRSS and we were chattin' in the Chesapeake before we rode up to Richmond for the show.  Everybody was talkin' about the bass player from the Horehounds and that they see him everywhere and wish they didn't!  And I responded, "he's everywhere you don't want him to be!" and Rich, the drummer says, "yeah, he's the Anti-Visa!"  So we get up to Richmond in yer one way, you can't turn here/you can't park here fuckin' town, I hate fuckin' Richmond!!!  We see the sign for the show and it reads SSJR!  Whatever the fuck that means!!!?!?!?  So we're in the bar and the band only gets 2 pitchers of beer and free food!  Geezus man!  The 2 pitchers were gone in like 10 minutes!  So that was my drunken escapade!  Fawk it, I mean, Fuck it!!!

Well, first up, due to this last minute show, we have Richmond's own, Roper!  Don't ask!  I don't know who the fuck these guys were and at the same time, don't care!  Enough said!  But I did talk to the drummer and due to the fact that they were shitty in my book, they had been playin' for 2 years or probably more and it was pretty shitty, what do you expect from Richmond?  I didn't expect anything more!  I tuned them out when I was drinkin' beer!  I had Pabst blue ribbon on my mind!

Secondly, we have the JRSS or in the dyslexic-ass Richmond, SSJR or what I called the fuckin' SS Minnow, whatever you call it, it was rocknfuckin'roll!  Too rockin' for Richmond because we scared everybody outta the bar!  Pretty sad because it rocked and it was our second show!  Richmond sucks!

Thirdly, we have Jimmy and the Teasers from North Carolina!  All I have to say is there's this guy with 3 hot chicks in the band!  Okay, the drummer wasn�t really that hot, but when she got behind the kit, whooo, all I can say is that when you see some 38C big boobies shakin' and blonde hair, hey, she was hot!!!  And the rhythm guitarist and bass player where hot with their cheerleading outfits!  MMMMM....MMMMM.....GOODNESS!!!

At the end of the show, the Teasers were puttin' on a show for the last drunks in the bar with the hullahoops!  OH YEAH!  If my zine was Hustler, I would've given this show a FULL-ERECT rating!