Mr. Jeff Dahl is XXX's pretty much only active artist by far. In his solo career, Jeff has released many records that remain true to his three chords. This guy writes, records and plays his own music and then he gets whomever to do tours in parts of America and pretty much Europe and wherever else in the world!
Jeff Dahl's life!
1955 Jeff Dahl's mom's crotch in some hospital bed in a hospital, I believe in Born Stuttgart, Germany

1960 The Dahl family resides  in Hawaii.

1966 Jeff Dahl starts going to shows. He checks out bands such as The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Humble Pie, Jefferson Airplane, and perhaps one of the most influential band of this 60's era, Blue Cheer.

1969 Jeff Dahl purchases his first Stooges & MC5 albums and begins playing drums in local, lame teen bands!

1973 Jeff Dahl graduates high school and joins the United States Army so that he could get out of Hawaii!

1974-1977 Jeff Dahl is stationed at the Pentagon heliport in Washington, D.C. Jeff Dahl purchases first guitar and a week later records the first song he ever wrote, "Rock N Roll Critic," at a Virginia $4/hr. 4-track studio. Jeff Dahl played all the instruments himself because everybody else he knew were into jazz and shit like that!

1977 Jeff Dahl sez 'adios' to the United States Army and goes to L.A. A label from the Washington, D.C. area called Doodly Squat issues a single of "Rock N Roll Critic" from the first sessions.

1979 Jeff Dahl forms Vox Pop with (then) future/current members of bands such as The Germs, 45 Grave, Dream Syndicate and Nervous Gender. Germs vocalist Darby Crash sez that Vox Pop is the worst band he's ever seen.

1980  Jeff Dahl joins the Angry Samoans as the lead singer.

1982  Jeff Dahl quits the Angry Samoans and forms a metal band, Powertrip.

1982-1984  Powertrip tours the US twice, plays up and down the West Coast.

1984-1986  Jeff Dahl becomes straight-edge and writes some new songs!

1988-1990  Jeff Dahl forms the Jeff Dahl Group and has 7" singles and LP releases.

1990-Present  Jeff Dahl disbands the Jeff Dahl Group and moves to the Arizona desert.  Starts up his own personal studio, writes, plays and records his own music, playing all the instruments and then gets various rockers, nobodies or washed-up has-beens and tours!   Also has a zine called, Sonic Iguana!
All his shit!
Solo Singles

* Rock 'n' Roll Critic +2 (Doodley Squat 77)
Recorded in '76 a couple weeks after I bought my first guitar. Very raw, with me on all instruments.

* Suicide City +1 (Bomp 87)
I still play the A-side live on occasion. And the flip, Whatever Happened To Fun, has been covered a couple of times.

* I'm In Love With The GTOs +1 (Dog Meat Australia 90)
This was with the Jeff Dahl Group and Amy Wichmann's lead guitar is still one of my favorites. We actually contacted former GTO Miss Pamela about having her talk over the break, she politely declined.

* Pretty Blond Hair +1 (Triple X 91)
Thus begins my long association with Triple X Records. There was actually a video made for this tune, which features some rather graphic, gratuitous female nudity.

* Lisa's World +2 (Triple X 92)
Note that the B-side tracks are not released elsewhere. I cover the Adverts and Neil Young (One Chord Wonders & Cinnamon Girl), who both got messages to me saying that they liked my versions.

* Third Generation Nation +4 (1+2 Japan 92)
This was recorded in Tokyo on my first visit there with the American Soul Spiders backing me up. They later became Teengenerate. This double-single is long outta print.

* Leather Frankenstein +1 (Triple X 94)
It's been pointed out to me that this tune is totally autobiographical for any number of individuals. You can add me to that list.

* Helium Brats +1 (Jukkim Finland 95)
This tune is only available on this Scandinavian release. The lyrics were written in Helsinki following a show where it occurred to me that when drunken Finns speak English, they sound like they're suffering from the effects of helium. Helsinki rocks!

* Satisfaction +1 (Ultra Under 95)
This is actually a demo dating back to the first RnR Critic single. It's been called "bizarre" in reviews. The other side is an all-star (Don Bolles, Paul Cutler, Todd Homer & Janet Housden) Stooge fest rave-up recorded when I split the Angry Samoans. Long out of print.

* Out Of Time (DIS France 96)
A split single with a great band called Thee Eklektiks. This was just a cassette demo of the Stones standard, and it's really rough, but I'm fond of it.

* Heart Full Of Snot EP (Ultra Under 98)
5 trax of the most venomous, bilious skree I could produce. Abrasive.

Solo LPs & CDs

* Vomit Wet Kiss LP (SFTRI 87)
This is with the Jeff Dahl Group and really a collection of different singles & sessions. Contained are the original mixes of the Bomp single and several songs which are not released elsewhere. The cover photo was taken in San Francisco the last time I played with GG Allin.

* Scratch Up Some Action LP/CD (Dog Meat Aust. & 1+2 Japan 89)
I recall this was recorded over the course of 2 sessions and is probably as close to "live in the studio" as you can get. We cover Roky, Stooges, Velvets & Love on this one! How's that for taste?!

* I Kill Me LP/CD (Triple X 90)
The first true solo record and I called in help from Cheetah Chrome, the Angry Samoans, Lazy Cowgirls and a host of others. A real stooge-punk effort.

* Pussyfart KO LP (Triple X 90)
Recorded live opening for the Adolescents and Hard-Ons before a crowd who clearly hated us to the point of near violence. So we played everything at twice the normal speed whilst dodging all sorts of flying debris. I'll call this my comedy record.

* Ultra Under LP/CD (Triple X 91)
To my ears, this has a jazzy feel in places. It was a conscious opportunity to stretch out a little, musically. John Manikoff's sublime keyboards really add to the mood. Oh, during these sessions we recorded a version of Cherry Bomb with Dinah Cancer (45 Grave) on vox, which has never seen daylight.

* Have Faith CD-EP (Triple X 91)
It's acoustic. This was really just a couple hours in the studio with a borrowed acoustic guitar. I'm constantly writing new songs and usually have a large stockpile, think of this as "cleaning house", acoustically speaking.

* Wicked LP/CD (Triple X 92)
Call this one the L.A. pop-punk record. Real straight ahead and melodic, it's a fan and radio fave. John Manikoff again adds some rippin' ivory.

* Wasted Remains Of A Disturbing Childhood LP/CD (Triple X 93)
Recorded in L.A. during the riots! The city was in flames and we just rocked on. I also remember blowing up half the equipment in the studio throughout the sessions. Features the awesome axe-work of former Motorcycle Boy guitarist Mr. Ratboy. Check out his new CD, A Gift From Mr. Ratboy, it's fantastic.

* Scratch Up Some Action/Pussyfart KO CD (Triple X 93)
Both were outta print. Now get 'em together on one CD!

* The Best Of Jeff Dahl CD (1+2 Japan 94)
An interesting track selection with a few surprises. Notable for the beautiful traditional Japanese style artwork on the cover, depicting yours truly as a Samurai. Very out of print.

* Moonchild CD (Triple X 94)
Another acoustic offering, this time full length. A couple of these tunes appear in their acoustic demo form, and were later recorded electrically. Oh, by the way, I was born in July, hence the Moonchild title (it's also the title of a great Crowley book).

* Leather Frankenstein CD (Triple X 94)
I had felt that the last couple of records were really well produced and warm sounding. So just to shake things up, I wanted to go for a stripped down, raw sound on this. I had Robert Brock add some sweet keys and violin just for juxtaposition, adding a jazzy or soulful vibe in places. I had been listening, almost exclusively, to Hanoi Rocks in the months leading to these sessions.

* Bliss CD/LP (Triple X 95)
I called this my Glam record at the time. The songs and sound really reminded me of those old records of mine. Mott, Lou, Dolls... The tune Boom Willie was written about Willie Alexander. If ya don't know who he is, shame on ya!

* French Cough Syrup CD/1011LP (Triple X 96)
Along the lines of Leather Frankenstein, I wanted this one rough. I also wanted it not to sound remotely modern. The Sun Studio and Phil Spector sound is still my favorite. This is a throw back, the drums and bass are buried, just like my beloved rockabilly records from the 50's and garage skree of the 60's.

* Capturados Vivos CD (Roto Spain 96)
This was recorded live in Madrid while I was sick as a dog with what turned out to be pneumonia. This tour was 40 shows in 40 days, all over Europe, and sick or not, I didn't cancel any of 'em. The show must go on, even if it almost kills ya.

* Back At The Devil Tree Ranch CD (Triple X 97)
I'd been listening to the Robert Johnson box for weeks when I recorded this ultra lo-fi acoustic, bluesy set. I wanted to bury everything in a voodoo swamp. Laid back. Lyrically, some mystical stuff contained on this disc.

* Heart Full Of Snot CD (Triple X 97)
Abrasive, aggressive, obnoxious ... just a few of the words used to describe this punky release. I can't argue. I wanted it to sound like a bunch of 16-year olds who stole their instruments a couple of weeks ago. And I wanted the tone to be more harsh than Metal Machine Music or the original mix of Raw Power. I wanted to hurt your ears. I've been told I succeeded.

* I Was A Teenage Glam-Fag Vol.1 CD (Ultra Under 98)
This was a limited edition (500), fanclub release of rockin' out covers of my favorite 70's glam tunes that I grew up with. Some well known - Mott, Bowie, Alice Cooper, Dolls ... Some obscure - David Werner, Skyhooks ... I tried to nail the spirit and attitude of the era without resorting to note-for-note copies. I used the Sin City Girls as the rhythm section for this, Phoenix's finest all-girl, all-stripper metal band!

* All Trashed Up CD (Triple X 99)
Real '70s rocker feel to it. I've described it as Lou Reedish and real Stooge-like, as well. It is a rollickin' affair. You buy it, you decide.

* Pancake 31 CD (Triple X 2000)
My least punk record of all time. More straight up rock and glam influenced with a '70s production sound to match. Raunchy cockrock anthems a la Mott and Bolan. Are you ready to rock?!

* Julie Sessions CD-EP (Julie Records 2001)
Released by Julie Records in Marseilles, France. 4 new original punk flavored songs, including the immortal fuck you anthem, Kiss This!

* I Was A Teenage Glam-Fag Vol.2 CD (Ultra Under 2002)
Limited edition (500) fanclub release of a second volume of raunchy and wild covers of glam classics. This time on there are covers of Little Richard, The Sweet, T-Rex, Cockney Rebel, Slade and more glamtastic faves.