The Ada Clare Solva
   A Bit About The Boat
We normally fish Lambay island, the islands in Skerries and Rockabill lighthouse and are planning to make a few trips further afield in the season coming. We fish for anything that swims but usually the usual suspects such as hard fighting Pollack, Bull Huss and Wrasse. We also try for Tope every once in a while. None of us are members of any clubs at present
Boat Model: Orkney Fastliner 19
           Local Knowledge
I have co-ordinates for the following wrecks which are from a reliable source (not from the net). Although I have not confirmed their location up till now:

I also have
Confirmed co-ordinates for wrecks I have been out to myself:

Propulsion: The Ada Clare Solva is powered by a 60HP Yamaha Engine giving her a top speed of 28 Knts.
Auxillay Power: 5 HP Evinrude engine
Instruments: VHF Radio, Fish Finder/Sounder, GPS.
Angler Capacity: 4 fishing comfortably, 5 at a squeeze.
Skipper: Andrew Ferguson: Personal best fish- ?
Usual Crew:

Liam Kavanagh: Personal best fish- ?

Joseph Jones: Personal best fish- ?
VHF Call Sign: Ada Clare Solva.
Boat Moored: Rogerstown Estuary, Rush
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Liams Trace after a Blue Shark encounter! Four Sharks were hooked in Killybegs doing untold damage to Liams pocket no doubt!
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