Billy's Bouy
A Bit About The Boat
Brendan normally fishes out of Cork harbour and is a member of Cross Haven Angling Club. Regular catches include Thornback Ray, Blonde Ray, Conger, Codling. Cod, Ballan and Cookoo Wrasse, Ling, Pollack, 3 Bearded Rockling, Coalfish, Whiting, Dogfish, Plaice, Dabs and Flounder. The very very ocasional Turbot.

All four lads are members of Cross Haven Sea Angling Club.

The best fish to folllow!
Boat Model: Mitchell 24
Propulsion: Billy's Bouys is powered by                          a 45 HP deisel engine
           Local Knowledge

Cork harbour and surounding area.


'The Ling Rocks'
Auxillay Power: 15 HP Outboard
Instruments: Gps/Chartplotter/Fishfinder,                          VHF Radio.
Angler Capacity: 4 in comfort, 6 at slight sqeeze
Skipper: Brendan Kenneally (Big Bren): Best Fish- ?
Usual Crew:

Chris Lipinski (Billy the Bass): Best fish- ?

'Damned Dave Desmond' : Best Fish- ?

Tom (Spider Crab) Murphy
VHF Call Sign: Billy's Bouy
Boat Moored: Cross Haven Boat Club Cork Harbour
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Big Bren Damn Dave
The Infamous 'Billy The Bass' and daughter Eileen
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