Using your GPS to anchor a wreck
Step 1
First choose your mark taking into account the conditions. It will be much harder to hit if it's sloppy.  Steam out to your mark and then choose the 200 khrtz beam on your Fish Finder. Circle over the wreck using the sounder to check the tide as this will be the side you are anchoring.  Now you must decide where you are going to anchor. You will have to take wind, tide and the depth of water into account. It is a good idea to steam a tenth of a mile uptide of your wreck in order to give the anchor time to dig in at most wrecks. Arm the GPS units cursor and place it where you think feels right. Thi will usually be somewhere between the angle of the wind and the angle of the tide. Now just make sure you are not dropping the anchor somewhere you might snag it. If all is well drop the anchor and let yourself back into position.
Step 2
Whoops weve missed it but not to worry. We can use this as a template for aour next and final attempt.  The line from the vessel to the cursor will be the exact angle we will end with on our next attempt.
Step 3
We now know that the angle of the first attempt is the same angle the boat will lay in the tide when we try again. Now line the cursor up again with the first attempt and in line with the wreck and try again keeping the line parralel with attempt one. Now move to the position and check th bottom for snags and try again. now drop your anchor and let the tide take you back into position. you should now have hit the wreck with pin point accuracy.
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