Mulditch Bank
Co-ordinates: N 053 08.364, W 006 02.110
The Mulditch bank is a small area just 2 miles off the coast of the North beach at Greystones co. Wicklow. This bank rises quite sharply to a depth of about 12 ft at its shallowest part. Much of the surrounding sloping bank lies in 70 ft of water. The whole area is covered in mixed sand and small rubble producing the odd rock here and there. Much of this area is scattered with whelk pots that are quite common here attract many species of fish. Anchoring here is easy and there is no trouble retreiving it later. It is actually an extension of the bray bank with an abundance of small invertibates living in its sands free from the poution of Nearby Dublin Bay. Southerly winds can stir the sea up a bit here at times and Spring tide runs are feirce.
Spring tides can be feirce flowing through this area sometimes requireing 6 7 oz leads even in the shallow waters of 35 - 45 ft. Springs tend to fish well as do neaps.
There are an abundance of species available on this bank. In summer the bank is home to Codling, Pin Whiting, decent  Red and Grey Gurnards, Small Pollack, Large shoals of Mackerel, and Dogfish. Bull Huss and large female Tope also frequent this bank. Winter also brings a big run of Coalies to 3 lb  and the usual Whiting, Rockling and Codling which seem to hold the interest of the Tope into even January!
There is a wreck marked on the chart for this area at:   N 053 11.264, W006 02.539 This is not the exact spot for the wreck but it should be found in this area...
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