The principle of Pirking is much the same as Jigging. In fact the only real difference is that your lure must be bounced off the bottom in order to catch anything.  The lures however account for more big Cod each year than any other and they definately tend to pick out the bigger fish. Pirkink is predominantly a wrecking strategy and does not really have much success anywhere else. Pirks are used wilst drifting over wrecks. When setting the boat up for a drift the skipper should first tell everyone to drop their lines to the bottom of the sea bed and then reel them in counting the number of turns it takes to get the lure to the surface. then the same procedure should be repeated over the highest part of the wreck. these two figures should then be subtracted from each other. your result is the number of turns you must give your reel handle while passing over the wreck in order to prevent you getting snagged. Some anglers swear by the fact that your Pirk has to actually bounce off the side of the hull of the wreck in order to catch fish and then some don't. As always with fishing try and see what works for you.The Pirk should be bounced off the bottom when approaching the wreck and then quickly raised an bounced off the wreck. Then as you pass over checking for the wreck height dropping on the sounder you should drop down the other side and continue the process.  Try to keep an eye on your Fish Finder and exactly where you start to hit the fish as after a few drifts you should start to build up a mental picture of where the fish are and hit them each time and not miss a shot. Some anglers like to mount a red Muppet on their trebble hook beneath the Pirk and can be used to good effect.
How to Pirk a Wreck
A Pirk with Redgills for Jigging
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