Stone Bass
The Stone Bass or 'Wreck Fish' as it also sometimes called, is not a common caught species and since they seem to be solatary,thus very little is know about it. Its capture is limited to a few spots around the West and southern coast with its record size being very low at 10 lb 13 oz caught in Kinsale by 'Sefano D'Amico' in 1989. This is extreamely low since it is beleived that this very much larger cousin of the Atlantic Sea Bass can grow to 200 lb!
Habitat: Most catches abound form deep sea underwater caves and at the heart of deep wrecks. This is where the biggies are renowned to dwell. The more common and actual relalistic sized specimens have been found swimming under masses of brocken seaweed and floating flotsum out at sea.
Catches on the south coast have centred around late summer.
It would seem that the juvenile fish we get in our waters feed upon small bait fish that would seek out flotsum on the surface as shelter or a place to lay their eggs. Large crustaceans are also said to be part of their diet.
Tides and Weather:
Most cases of catches have been the result of simply dropping a baited hook over the side of the boat in around the floating debris. Fish have also turned up on Wrecks and rough ground to a simple running ledger rig with Mackeral baits intended for other fish. It seems due to their rareity that Stone Bass are a by product of fishing for other species. Somewhat like the Turbot or Brill, they simply sometimes turn up when dragging a bait along the scour of a wreck...
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