The Bonito
   A Bit About The Boat
The Bonito Fishes out of Downings Co Donegal on the North West coast of Ireland. Although not strictly a small anglers boat, as a Charter she does cater for anglers who like to travell further afield without towing their boats. Species targeted over reefs vary but in particular it is the Mighty Bluefin Tuna that draws most attention. Why not give them a call?
Boat Model: 33 ft Cygnus Cyfish
           Local Knowledge
I have co-ordinates for the following wrecks which are from a reliable source (not from the net). Although I have not confirmed their location up till now:

I also have
Confirmed co-ordinates for wrecks I have been out to myself:

Propulsion: 325 HP Turbo Deisel Catterpiller Engine
Auxillay Power:
Instruments: VHF Radio, Fish Finder/Sounder, GPS, Radar.
Angler Capacity: 10 fishing comfortably
Skipper: : Personal best fish- ?
Usual Crew: Obviously this varies...

VHF Call Sign:
Boat Moored: Downings
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The Legendary Bluefin Tuna
Common Skate
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