Things we don't think of...
There are a number of things that a potential buyer of a boat might fail to notice when first considering making that first purchase. You must understand that a boat is not just for christmass... It's for life! After you have parted with your hard earned cash there are other implications to owning a boat and there will always be ongoing costs, repairs and work to do on the vessel to prevent it from falling apart on you. Think of these points below as questions on a test. If you are willing to accept and understand these then you are ready to think of buying a boat. If not then think again.
1) Firstly you must accept thet boats are always HASSLE. That is what they are. Paying your money and leaving them there is not an option. There will always be something you have to do and fix. Things are always breaking. At the end of a season there will be a mountain of work to do on the vessel between painting it, serviceing outboards, replacing windows, fixing leaks etc. This is a fact! If you think you will have to do minimum work on any boat then you are wrong. Get used to it - BOATS ARE LOADS OF WORK and eat up your spare time
2) Boats cost money and a lot of it. You can expect to spend AT LEAST 300 on your boat each winter in order to buy replacement fenders, cleats or whatever mishaps befall the vessel over the previous season. Everything for a boat seems to cost 100. This is ongoing, you will continue to spend money. It will NOT be avoided.
3) When the winter comes anthe boat must come out of the water, where will you put it? In your driveway? Dry storage? This is fine if you have some how miraculously managed to get into a harbour mooring but you will need a good trailer which also will need constant attention after each dunking to keep it in good condition. There are very few places around that will allow you to put your boat up for the winter and those that there are will probably be already full up with current users. This is not an iffy situation it is dead serious...
4) When the boat is in the water where will you put the trailer?
It's not all doom and gloom however, boats are also a lot of fun and very rewarding. Those of us that are lucky enough to have one are usually quite willing to put the time in to 'their baby' and enjoy the rewards.
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