The Turbot is one of the most highly prized fish in the angling world. A great culinary fish and a rare catch. Turbot can be found all around the Irish coast but are sadly not as common as they once were due to commercial pressure. Cork harbour can ocasionally throw up some decent fish as well as inshore sndbanks in the Dublin and Wicklow areas. Many of the beaches around South Kerry are also noted to produce fish. The Turbot is capable of reaching huge sizes of 40lb and up!
Turbot love sandbanks and areas where mixed or rough ground lead onto sand. Like many flatfish The Turbot likes to lie on the lee of the sand banks out of the flow of the tide where small baitfish seek shelter. Trenches around the bases of large features such as boulders and wrecks are also hot spots. Turbot have also been know to be found in rocky areas where there are small patches of sand as these areas provide a bowl effect where the Turbot can use the same tactics. 
Unlike most other flat fish, the Turbot primarily feeds on fish. Sandeels, small Dabs, Gobies, and pin Whiting and small Pouting all feature in their diet. A side of Mackeral often proves to be a good bait as does a sandeel.
Tides and Weather:
Small tides often suit Turbot better when the tide run is not as strong. But it is when the tide is running that chances are best as the fish will be holed up in their typical spots and give you some chance of catching them. At slack water the fish tend to move around more and thus are more spread out decimating any good chances.
Unfortunately, Turbot are often caught only by accident while targeting other species. This is often the case due to their habitat and can turn up when you least expect it while wreck fishing when using fresh baits aimed at Ling etc. When targeting them on sandbanks however, Turbot like a moving bait. It is rare to pick them up while anchored and a spinner dragged along the bottom while drifting can pick them up sometimes. A baited spoon with a side of Mackeral flesh cut in a triangle shape just nipped through the corner is the way to go. snood lengths should be kept shortish as the turbot is a bottom feeder and you litterally have to drag your bait right in front of them in order to catch them. For this reason catching them is rare.
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