The Turbot Bank
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Turbot Bank  :
Cork harbour is the second largest natural harbour in the world. The huge expanse within the harbour offers some of the most diverse fishing fish rich waters available to the angler.Because of its sheltered nature, the harbour nearly always has protected parts that are fishable in all but the worst weather. The diverse range of species has made Cork harbour something of a Mecca for both Irish boat anglers and anglers from abroad alike!

Roches point marks out the outer reaches of the harbour. between the twin forts of Camden & Carlisle and Roches point, near bouy No. 6 lies the Turbot bank. The bank is well reachable by most craft and a popular spot for Ray anglers.
The bank holds a wide array of species. The current Irish records for Blonde ray, Homlyn Ray, Turbot, Dab and Grey Mullet were caught in Cork harbour and most of these fish were caught on the Turbot bank. Each year specimen Bass and Plaice are taken on the bank. Big Whiting also feature here with good numbers to size available throughout the winter months. Cod are also on the cards though their numbers not as strong as they once were. Sadly the Turbot for which the bank receives its name have become extreamely rare and are never caught with any regularity if at all. The Ray fishing can be fantastic all year round with specimen fish regularly on the cards. Note that there is an unofficial catch and release policy were Ray are concerned that seems to be followed by most if not all anglers.
The fishing can be good at both states otf the tide as long as it is running and positioning yourself on the bank should be set up accordingly. Boats should be anchored downtide of the bank where Ray will sneak behind the slipstream created in the water by the sand. The Ray fishing seems to slow during slack water probably due to the scent of bait not traveling as far to attract the fish.
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