The Bass or 'Salmon Bass' as it is sometimes called, is found all around the Irish coast. Although it is not found in the same numbers as it was once there are still areas that get their fair share of good fish each year. The surf beach areas of Cork, Whiting Bay at Ardmore and the famous Inch beach of  Kerry are particular hotspots. Bull Island in Dublin was once noted for its large numbers of fish but these seem now to have deminished due to overfishing and polution.
Bass are a very adaptable fish. On a flooding tide they are often found close in too the surf beach hunting among the stired up sand. They are however also found over reefs and over inshore wrecks. Indeed it is these areas close too known shore fishing marks noted for Bass that you should target while fishing aboard a boat. Particularly when the tide is going out. The bass will be heading for these marks to feed while waiting for the tide to turn again. The Bass is an ambush predator much the same as the Pollack and will work reefs hunting for baitfish. Other areas to target are sandbanks. Depending on the run of the tide, you should fish the side in the lee of the flow where the fish will wait to pick off food.
Smaller Bass can be caught throughout the year but the chance of big fish starts around April right through to November and even December in certain locations.
Bass feed on Crab, Prawns, worms, Squid and Shellfish such as Razorfish. Sandeels however, seem to be the mainstay of their diet. When targeting Bass from the boat however, it usually makes more sense to use lures as the Bass is a predatory fish as much as it is an opertunist and will hunt among the shoals of Shad, Mackeral and Sandeels.
Tides and Weather:
Bass like rough weaher. In the shallower areas a choppy sea will uproot worms, shellfish and crabs. This sort of weather does not lend itself well to the boat angler but in a sea with some chop it may be worth fishing the more sheltered beach areas. Only the high spring tides seem to fish badly for Bass.
Over reefs and sandbanks fishing with live sandeels can often be very productive. Redgilling over wrecks using silver eels and plugs can often produce fish. Trolling using redgills is another method at a speed of about 1-2 knots can also often be productive. Bait fishing is also an option.
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