The function of beads is twofold. Firstly their use in the construction of rigs as shock absorbers and securing snood lengths and also their use as attractors for fish.  This is a debate that puzzles anglers and which many disagree on. Some say they attract the fish, others that they deter them. If a fish is caught on a rig that has beads would the fish have taken the bait just the same if the beads had'nt been there? Many anglers swear by pushing a few red beads up a snood in order to catch flounders. Some also say the use of a 'booby bead' which is a bead with a rattleing ball bearing inside is a great attractor to many species. There are also floating beads out there on the market that in teory raise your snood from the sea bed and thus make it more accessible to the fish. There are also the glittery sequins thatare suposed to resemble the glittery scales of a fish. The truth is there is no real proof that beads do work or even put the fish off. It is up to you wether you are a beads man or not! 
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