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The Dirty Stayouts!!!
Welcome to our lil' web-site!!
This site will tell you a little about us & also when and where we are playing in the near future, so you can plan your decadent evenings!

Our fun-luvin' band was conceived by James Quigley(keyboards/vox) to be the House Band for Peggy O'Neill's at Keyspan Park in Coney Island.

He recruited his friends and Peggys regulars Sean on guitar and vocals, Janice on lead vocals, and Brian on drums. Bass is aptly being handled by sound man Fred till furthur notice!
The catch: All members must love playing live music and be rather thirsty...The bastard!!

So we threw together a few practices and
wha-La! We were born.
We play a wide variety of rock & party songs everyone luvs(unless you're an unlikeable monster).
If it makes you wanna sing, dance, or exclaim
"Aye, Chupacabra!!", we wanna play it!

We have been met with enthusiasm from friends old and new and look forward to many more late evenings with you!(That wasn't supposed to rhyme)

Sign the Guestbook!!(See below!)
We wanna hear what you have to say! I think!
Suggest songs or sumthin'!!

The Wicked Monk
Peggy O'Neill's
Hell or High Water
Sisco Kid Kareoke
Black Death
The Salty Dog
Bally Bunion
Two For The Road
The Stayouts exclusively wear Gucci Fashions and drink pretentious, imported Vodkas!!
Shane1V@verizon.net JGQuigley@hotmail.com
Sean or James:
Want us to play your party or establishment??
We'd like that! Contact us:
*Saturday April 7th
@ Bally Bunion!

*Saturday April 14th @
Private Party!!
*Friday April 27th @ THE WICKED MONK!!
May 12th
Benefit for the Troops @
Peggy O'Neill's in
Coney Island

8 bands!!
We go on at 6:15pm

From left: Brian, Sean, Janice, Sal, James
Sign the GUESTBOOK!!
Comments, Song Suggestions, Iraqi Dance Moves!!