Wow you're reading this... that means you want to read a fanfic... and that means you want to read the fanfics The Bush and I have written. ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY INSANE? You must be, because apparently you're still here... well, if you're sure you want to read our crap... fine with me. If you don't like my one about Rini being evil... DON'T SUE ME!!! You couldn't anyway because I have no cash... but that's besides the point. Read and enjoy!
I have three fanfics, one serious, one not serious, and one Completely stupid. read if you want but I'm warning you... They can cause problems in the area of the brain that thinks and could cause severe damage in the insanity part of your mind. The stories aren't up yet, but they will be in a little bit. Seeya later!

I heart Draco

Evil Conquers ALL!! (That's a story... click to read...
The Ditz's very first stupid fic... Sigh... I'm remembering the good old days... Oh, never mind. Read this anyway, if you have absolutely NOTHING else better to do.
The ESWA info