Welcome to the Ditz's page of endless lists!!
LIST ONE!!! Hottest guys! (1 being best!)
1. TOM FELTON!!!!! Come on, duh.
2. The person I will NEVER TELL THAT I LIKE!!! *laughs evilly*
3. PROBABLY Kayln, haven't seen him tho.
4. This one guy I constantly see around school and have no idea who it is
6. Aaron Carter (In my dreams)
7. That one guy
8. That other guy
9. And yeah, Seth. *Squiggy's Sk8ter boi*
LIST TWO!!! Best book serieses! If you read...
3. Replica by Marilyn Kaye ? books 3 stars. Not as good as Fingerprints, but is still good.
2. Fingerprints by Melinda Metz ? books 4 stars!! If you like murder, kidnappings, fingerprint mind reading and evil best friends (and boyfriends).
1. Circle of Three by Isobel Bird 15 books and it's awesome! Well, it is if you would like to know what wicca is. It's not a bad thing!!
LIST THREE!! Really good comic books!
5. My brother says Nausicaa of the valley of Wind is good, but I haven't read it all yet.
4. Dragon ball... It's hilarious... boyish humor but funny anyway. Made me laugh out loud. (really LOUD.)
3. Sailor Moon... Well no DUH this is gonna be here... Die Serena! DIE DIE! (read my fan fic... the one where they all die in a high speed car chase)
2. Ranma 1/2! I love the one dude that wants to kill male ranma but loves the "pigtailed girl". #6 is the best... or maybe thats #7? Oh, whatever...
1. Magic Knight Rayearth! OK.... Me and the Bush agree.... UMI ROCKS!!!! And Hikaru should roll over and DIE DIE DIE...
LIST FOUR!! Things that rock but have no place...
1. Squiggy! (The squirrel)
2. Sanrio thingies.
3. Batz Maru
4. the color pink
5. Zoisite and Kunzite
6. those electic scooters in the princess diaries
7. GUYS!!
8. movies that have GUYS in them
9. Fuu, Umi and Fuzzy, Bush, Squiggy, Mondocracker, Twizzler, all my fellow wierd people that don't have nicknames on this site (and I'm not allowed to mention anyone who doesn't have a nickname! (For their sake...) Boo hoo.)
10. my web page (am I the only one who thinks this?) Yup, probably.
LIST 5!!!!!! Things that are fun to do but no one really understands
1. My rendition of the Baloney song!
2. Writing insane fanfics with Tori and Kameko in them
3. Chasing people down and sitting on their laps (That only happened to poor, poor Barret)
4. Bugging my mom about... Dumdumdumdum....MENOPAUSE!!!!! (She's going deaf)
5. Running into walls
6. Updating my story
7. Updating my website
8. Getting a life probably would be fun. I DON"T HAVE ONE AS OF NOW!!!!
9. Giving myself countless muses (2, ok so I can count) Umeko and Yuki!
10. Please Your welcome Thank you excuse me goodbye! That's manners.
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