The Ditz's distant freaky questions that can be answered with her OWN distant freaky knowledge!!
Why is the sky blue?
A: Because It's not and you're imagining it. Is that a good enough answer?

Why is sticky stuff sticky?
A: Because it's sticky!!! I think it has something to do with thin strong polymers, but I don't really care, so... there!

Why am I asking myself questions?
A: Well I dunno why am I answering?!?!

OKay this sucks. I don't like this page. It is 12:30 in the morning and I need to practice my cheerleading jumps.
Yes, I do practice my jumps when it shall disturb the neighbors mwahahaha!!! No, on second thought, the neighbors are nice.... So I'll just do my toetouches. Hehehe. I wanna have a party. YAY PARTY WOOOHOOOO!!!! *cough cough* Ok I'll stop now...

Why did The Ditz cross the road?
A: No one knows. They all just think she's an idiot. Which she is, as a matter of fact. Another question:
Why the heck am I still here? The quiz I took told me I was gonna die three days ago!!!

see ya,