The Rants and Raves of The Ditz!!
It's my own special spot among the wierdos!
YAAAAAY! I haven't updated in SO long, GEEZ! I think the last time I did was... MAY... lol, That is sad. Not glad. hee! ^_^

Sooooo... what to TALK about! Amazing, I'm having to thik for this.... HEY! It is 11:04! Which MEANS... that in SEVEN MINUTES... IT'LL BE 11:11!!!!! *frolics around*

That reminds me... I WAS going to make another fun little quiz deal, but I forgot. And now that I'm remembering and I have time, maybe I should do that. Too bad I am no longer motivated to do so... ah well. I'm sure no one will care if I don't send them a quiz, lol.

MY GOSH! People are MEAN! I was TYPING, and an IM window popped up, and I was typing (as previously stated) and then THEY say "hi" and then log off, so I'm not able to YELL at them for getting off, and I don't even have their phone number and that makes me mad!! *sighs* *is fine* *frolics*

So now I'm just typing random things that come into my head... My Christmas tree is somewhat pretty. Yes, I thought you should know. I had to share... *feels special* look at THAT I feel special. hee ^_^


I like pie

SOO.... As I was saying... It is now 11:12. Dern it, 11:11 is over oh well, I'll live. And if I don't, I will have a pretty funeral, too bad I won't be there to see how pretty it is! *rambles* WOW when I am left to my own devices I can talk my HEAD off to NO ONE in particular! Funnyness.

You know what? (probably you don't, because if you did, either you've read this already or you're watching me type, which would be scary because there is no one here... *thinks* *looks around the room* YOU'RE IN HERE SOMEWHERE AREN'T YOU!?! Erm..hemm...) Well, I forgot what I was originally going to say, so i'll say something else, I was talking to my friend over the internet and then I said, "Yes, I am in your kitchen RIGHT NOW" And when I said that, her oven door fell open, and there was no one in the house... odd...

*wake me up inside* *don't fix me I'm not broken* *save me from the dark* *I'll drink your deadly poison* *give me a reason to believe that you're gone* *Screaming decieving and bleeding for you and you still don't hear me* *you're the one who cries when you're alone* *_* WOW Evanescence overload...

Well look at that! After about FIVE tries I get the purple font to work, and now I have nothing to say. Well I always have something to say... lol, this stuff goes on in my head, this is my internal monologue, YAY! lol, but really I end up thinking funny things and then I start LAUGHING and then people look at me funny, and usually it's during the worst times that I start laughing, like in the middle of kissing my boyfriend or while I'm taking a test... My geometry teacher had the Hallelujah Chorus playing while we were taking a test, because it's supposed to calm your nerves or whatever while you take the test, and it was ACCORDIONISH and it was probably the WORST arrangement I've ever HEARD! LOL! So I started laughing and then Jessica turned around and... yeah, lol. Hey.... I have run out of room talking about nothing, I must... stop... talking.... *leaves* BYEEEEEEE! ~Ditz
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