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Twix: Hello Ditz!!

Ditz: Hi.

Twix: oink-oink!

Ditz: Moo. Bahhh. lalala. Wait, that's no animal!!!

Twix: That popcorn might be poisonis

Ditz: If everything goes as planned, it will be! Then I won't have to go2 school!!


Ditz: Here, go ahead!!

Twix: how does it taste?

Ditz: It's a little chewy, but the amount of extremely fatty butter makes up for that fact!

Twix: Then in that case I'll pass

Ditz falls on the floor.

Twix: Ha Ha!  I mean uh oh!!!

Ditz: Stoplaughing!! You're so mean!!! Wahhhhhhh!

Twix: are you having a good day

Ditz: Um, no. bye.