AT LAST! The wine and cheese is brought together! (Along with the Sweets.... but who cares about her??!!)
I DOOOO!!!!!! *Teeheehee!*
Ditz: I love the title for my page!!! *I LOVED IT* Ok Now Sweets needs to talk, as does the wine, a.k.a. Amber!!!!

Sweets: I liked the title too...excluding the part about NOT CARING ABOUT THE SWEETS!!!!!!!!!!! Growl!!! ...Amber?

Wine: i guess your wondering why I have red letters, it's because I have red hair! It makes me special! Ok here is the Ditz! Hello(smiles)! hehehehehehehehehe!

Ditz: My hair is redder. Not naturally. But OH YES!!! YES!!!! I like it much. *Hello!*

Sweets: Yes they do have an obbsesive disorder about their HAIR!!!!!!  (Losers!!! LOL J/K) My hair is brown! So...there! hehehehehehe!!! :-)

Wine: hello again, pretty soon you'll be wanting me to go away because I can get sorta annoying after a while! Betcha you didn't realize that yet! ha! We were on TV! It's so exciting! I know your thrilled for us! Knew you would be! Ok, we'll have autographs later! You'll see us on Leno pretty soon, were scheduled for the 15th of september! Ok, I'll shutup now, I know how much you love listening to me! Here's the Ditz again! She'll give you more of the details! Hello!(smiles)! I love you!

The Ditz: Yes, Amber, we were on TV! So what, it was for about a second and you couldn't really see us, but-(Sweets: Don't tell them that!! They don't have to know!!) *(Stuffs Sweets in a random closet)* Anyhoo, We will be on TV from 2:45:12 AM (Hours, minutes seconds!) until 2:45:13.5 AM on channel 4367! YES! That is my favorite four digit number!! GO ME, I IS FROM THE FUTURE!!!! We have 78,240,000 different kinds of cheese! I like cheese! No, I don't like cheese, I LOVE cheese! I will profess my love to cheese as I did for Kyle! Which WAS kinda funny. (Clickie Here for that.)

Sweets: The Ditz has officially CRACKED!!! (The Ditz thinks that that was a pain in the butt...long story.) Anywho, now tho my future...(heheheheheHA!)...It is the year 74763975 and I RULE the WORLD!!!!!!!!!1 MEUHAHAHA! I live in the BIGGEST mall in the universe (located on Venus)!!! I built this mall with my own 5 hands and my own crew of HOTTIES!!!! Hehehe! I am also the most famous actress in the universe (even bigger than ZemeriaJasmineWing`a'Ding!!!). It's really cool to be me in the future...Back to u Wine!

Wine hits Sweets on the head with the magic frying pan.

Ditz: HEY! That's miiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!!

Wine (Rolls eyes): Well Sweets get back to reality! now you know why we are always telling her to get a reality check! She takes off on her own tangents sometimes!(Sweets: sometimes in her own fancy rocket ship!) Back to reality once again! We have our own little daydreamer right here next to us! We are very lonely! Nobody wants to talk to us! Oh but the ditz will talk to us!

Ditz: I think we might be making my mom mad by being on the computer at 12:30 in the morning! We must go sleepy now. Cause Ditzy is sleepy!!!!! OK Say byebyes now!!

Sweets: Bye-dee-bye-bye-bye!!!!!!

Wine: bye-bye everyone!Toodles! i love that phrase!