IT IS..... YKYTFUW! You KNOW you're too fucked up when... yes... I'm sure many of you do things like this... I do... lol...

You know you're too fucked up when:

You can recite the entire script from The Music Man from memory
You commit to a history day project and then NEVER END UP DOING IT
You have never seen Monty Python until last week and then once you have seen it, you sporadically place every single Monty Python DVD that the library OWNS on hold
You have chapped lips but LOSE your carmex
You have been asked by several people if you have a sister because you look exactly like someone else, but this has only happened TODAY and never has before.
You go crazy about your friend's mom cooking you chicken

You love pie.
You love cheese.
Your boyfriend is going to marry your dresses.

You love triangles.
You are a cheerleader, and yet you are in math club.

Yes. All of these somehow are true about me. *sniff*