Neyland Stadium,   Knoxville, TN   Largest football stadium in the South, and 3rd largest in the Nation.
I grew up in the South, and therefore respect the traditions of the Southland.  I AIN'T  racist, the Bible says there is only one race, the Human race,   And the "X" on the battle flag stands for the St. Andrews Cross, the 1st disciple of Christ, who didnt feel worthy enough to die on the Latin Cross, so he talked his executer into putting him on a X shapped cross.
Favorite Band
Favorite Song
Favorite Movie

Favorite Burger place
Favorite Food
Favorite Trout Fishing Spot
Favorite Colors
Favorte Guitar
Favorte College Teams:
Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Simple Man"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Forrest Gump
Burger King  
(McDonalds just sucks)
Southern Fried Chicken
Gatlinburg, TN
Orange, Chrome and Black
Fender Strat
U.T.  and  U.S.C.
(Thats S. Carolina), 
I do not have very many hobbies, but I do like to go fishing, hunting, bowling, ride around, watch t.v. and movies, listen to music, and play guitar; which I suck at very badly
I live here in the Southern Appalachain Mountains, and absolutly cant stand people pronouncing Appalachian wrong.  dont pronounce it like the yankees on T.V.  Say it like your from northeast TN, southwest VA, or western N.C.
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Dont make fun of the dudes, they are cool, and if you come across something simular with a moonshine still, tell me where to find it please.
Hi, my name is Jonathan , I'm 20 years old.   I live just outside of Kingsport, TN  ( about 85 miles northeast from Knoxville, TN )  I'm a third year college student at Northeast State, I reckon I'm going to be an electrician or something like that.   I do have two requirements while your here:   Theres a pic at the bottom , with link to more pics
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Cligmans Dome,
Highest point in Tenneessee, Great Smoky Mountains N.P.
Ripley's Aquarium
Best spot to go Trout Fishin, right in front of the aquarium, in Gatlinburg
Rainbow Trout
My State Flag
I love football
Reasons why Burger King is better than McDonalds:
1. Burger King cooks thier burgers on a fire
2. Burger King throughly cooks thier fries, thats why they dont bend over when you hold them
3. Burger King doesnt have stupid commericals like McDonalds
4. Burger King's food tast much better than McDonalds
5. Burger King doesnt mess my order up near as much as McDonalds
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