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       Noooooooooooooo halls gone hes out finito no more he was fired only a couple of days ago, well that just proved to me that my theory was wrong about stone colds return. So there is no more Scott hall how will wresteling be without him who knows. I think he was fired because of that asshole goldberg, i hope nash avenges him and smashes the shit out of that berg. Speaking about nash he was vsing sting it started off sting way by laying the scorpion deathlock but nash powered out but sting came back again and thaught that nash was knocked out (stupid mistake by sting) then he went fore the stinger splash but JJ wacked him across the head with the guitar (this all happend while the ref was out cold) but then when the ref woke no one was there except for nash pinning sting for the win GO NASH.
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