A little about Darius or "Will"
Place of Birth: Newport, Washington.
Date of Birth: 12 June 1942.
Education Grades 1 through 12:
1948 - 1949  Clark Fork, Idaho
1949 - 1950  Osborne, Idaho and Clark Fork
1950 - 1954  Clark Fork, Idaho
1954 - 1955  Winchester, Idaho
1955 - 1956  Lapwai, Idaho and Lewiston, Idaho
1956 - 1960  Lewiston, Idaho

Military Service:
U. S. Air Force
31 May 1960 to 25 February 1964

Upon graduation from high school I joined the air force.  Uncle Sam, with his infinite wisdom, determined that I should be a Hungarian (Magyar) Linguist.  I received my training at the Air Force Language School at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. 

It was there that I met the girl who would become my friend and partner in life.  Glenna Rae and I were engaged in the summer of 1961 before I was sent overseas to Hof, Germany.

At that time, Hof was located on the border of Eastern Germany and Czechoslovakia and was basically surrounded by the two countries.

Upon completion of my duty tour, I returned to Bloomington and married Glenna Rae White on 30 May 1964 in Michigan City, Indiana

Employment History:
Sarkes Tarzian - Stock Clerk
Bloomington, Indiana
March 1964 to June 1964

Bloomington Herald-Telephone
Bloomington, Indiana
July 1964 to February 1967 - Advertising Salesman

International Business Machines
Chicago, Illinois, Palo Alto, California, and Santa Teresa, California
March 1967 to July 1978 - various positions

Itel Corporation
Palo Alto, Califorinia
July 1978 to August 1979 - Technical Support

The Happy Couple
30 May 1964
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